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Hi all,

I have looked at a few posts like this, about finding a reasonable 1 bedroom apartment rentals in or around New Haven, CT and wanted to create a fresh post for myself. I’m looking to pay about 1,100 per month and open to opportunities/your ideas. Please let me know your thoughts.



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xxJeffFoxworthyxx t1_j03l0dy wrote

I’d be amazed if you found a 1BD for that price in most of New Haven. Better option is look for a studio.


boujeeFett t1_j04rr3u wrote

Avg. rent in New Haven is about $1600ish. You can find co-living spaces for about $1100 where you share a space with others like a dorm.

Definitely going to need roommates if that’s your price point. I was paying $1100 before I moved to CT. Now I’m at $1500. My search started at 1200 and reluctantly increased.

Also, don’t rent from Mandy Management.


kn0ck_0ut t1_j06qmwz wrote

DONT RENT FROM MANDY MANAGEMENT!! I should have head the warning but I didn’t. i’m currently living in one of their properties & in scared for whatever they’re going to do to me when I move out.


YankeeinNCandIhateit t1_j06cctx wrote

It's not impossible to find a 1 br for the 1100-1200 range, we did earlier this year in a nice neighborhood. Rents are going down after spiking this last year. The market is now being saturated with new luxury builds and the older stock owners which tried to raise rents to basically the same prices are now being forced to come back to earth.


HartfordResident t1_j07dqzt wrote

That's good to know rents aren't continuing to rise like they were last year, if that's true. Last year was just insane.


HartfordResident t1_j04y647 wrote

You could commute in from an outlying town like Meriden, but I would usually recommend getting roommates instead... or just spending a LOT of time looking really hard for a good place that's below the market rate.


Stezo45 t1_j06vtij wrote

DO NOT RENT FROM URBAN HAVEN. They are just another branch of MANDY


mpd763 t1_j081981 wrote

I have a decent size one bedroom on whitney for 1400 a month. they’re out there! just gotta search


Observant_Neighbor t1_j0bgj7t wrote

Possible but unlikely to find a 1 bedroom at 1100/month. If you do find one, check for red flags. Going rate for 1 bedroom is 1500 or so.