Submitted by bingbangbus t3_zmn0tn in newhaven

Hi all - I will be driving down from Maine next Thursday, staying in New Haven for a night. Prior to heading out on Friday, I was hoping to stop by a bakery or order something in advance to take to our family gathering in DC for Christmas. Any recommendations for bakeries in the area that are taking Holiday orders? Thanks in advance!



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TerpPhysicist t1_j0bx056 wrote

  • Atticus Market on Orange St in East Rock, seasonal pies for order
  • Sugar Bakery for cupcakes and sugar cookies
  • Lucibella’s for traditional Italian baked goods

flytweed t1_j0cpdnn wrote

2nd Lucibellos. Also Libby’s; right on Wooster St so u could say you were there even without eating pizza from Wooster St.


m11cb t1_j0c7x0y wrote

2nd Atticus, their baked goods are always wonderful


Clover_Jane t1_j0d2h9f wrote

Lucibello's in New Haven or Sugar


DeepSpaceSevenofNine t1_j0c09tc wrote

The chocolate babka from olmo is so beautiful and absolutely decadent!!!! I get one every week I’m super addicted


flying_unicorn t1_j0c18iv wrote

i prefer the cinnamon babka, but the chocolate is also great.

Olmo bagels are also fantastic, but bagels just don't seem worthy enough to bring from ct to DC.

I also second sugar bakery. as mentioned in another comment.


Formal-Boat-4466 t1_j0c3xpp wrote

Cloud Cakes at Tous Les Jours on Chapel St. 😍


perfectpencil t1_j0c1cel wrote

Bread & Chocolate make easily the best baguette in the area. They are in Hamden, but they destribute bread in quite a few markets nearby.


UnimpressedAsshole t1_j0c54wy wrote

Their ciabatta is amazing however it goes stale after 1 day


GBJGBJGBJx3 t1_j0dnfs2 wrote

Never been a problem for me, too damn good not to finish in a single day 🤣


perfectpencil t1_j0cxwjz wrote

Ya I think they don't put any preservatives in it. They are definitely a "that day" Bakery. Frozen and then toasted still works great for extra!


Fiberrrrr t1_j0caz2w wrote

Whole g bakery is good in new haven and if you're willing to drive to milford scratch baking is also excellent


rossiterpj t1_j0d5vm6 wrote

Marjolaine's on State St.


Mehkar17 t1_j0dud2f wrote

Pistachio Cafe on Whalley Ave is amazing


wrzosvicious t1_j0eaii0 wrote

Katalina’s!! They’re on the edge of downtown on Whitney Ave. Especially if anyone has dietary restrictions, they make the best vegan cupcakes. We order them for every birthday party and everyone loves them.


OpelSmith t1_j0d7guc wrote

We have several good options, but Lucibello's wins if you want some great Italian pastry(they do cookies as well)


GBJGBJGBJx3 t1_j0dnsx5 wrote

Lucibello's in New Haven is solid for all Italian deserts, but I probably have to rank Petonito's in Northford above it if you don't mind going a bit out of the way.


bingbangbus OP t1_j0cc6b8 wrote

Thanks all! Great starting point so appreciate all the recs!


Songolo t1_j0cgbrk wrote

Julia's bakery is the answer. Now, New Haven has many decent places to go to get some pastries. G bakery is brilliant, Atticus is good but hipstery expensive, lucibello is the classic old established place who's glory days are long gone. But if you drive a little outside the town you can find good places that don't have to jack up their prices to make up for impossible rent costs, and can focus on their products.

Julia's bakery.


dragonflytype t1_j0cpaq1 wrote

Get off 95 in Guilford and go to Hen & Heifer.


marshalltownusa t1_j0dcezx wrote

This place is phenomenal and right on your way. Also Sift in Mystic.


ksmit098 t1_j0eyo9o wrote

The carrot cake from Edge of the Woods is phenomenal. You would need to order in advance.


bingbangbus OP t1_j0gf60d wrote

This is awesome! My wife has celiac so edge of the woods may go to the top of the list. Thank you!


cobaltnine t1_j0chhvb wrote

Go through Old Saybrook and stop at Dagmar's - check holiday menu for holiday hours.


curbthemeplays t1_j1e7eco wrote

Italian - Lucibello’s
All around - Scratch Baking in Milford (on your way to DC)