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evilsbirth t1_j8xxymo wrote

Great news. If you feel you need to declaw a cat then a cat is not for you!


SquirrelEnthusiast t1_j8y3m5b wrote

I thought it was already illegal?


spo96 t1_j8yg7vg wrote

Same, I could have sworn this was the case.


waterfountain_bidet t1_j8yn387 wrote

So did I, I was very confused. I just looked it up. It passed the Assembly but it was never put up for a vote in the Senate. NY banned it in 2019.


SquirrelEnthusiast t1_j8yr2d4 wrote

No kidding. At least the places I've been to don't do it anyway, so yay for it being late, finally!!!!


BF_2 t1_j8yiri9 wrote

Agreed. The only folks I know who declawed their cat strongly regretted it later. (The cat lived a good, long life indoors.)

OTOH, what is needed is some research (even if it's only compiling what's already known) on how to keep cats from ruining furniture, wall paper, curtains, etc. They can be terribly destructive indoors.


Zhuul t1_j8ypc3p wrote

Step 1: give them other shit to scratch

Step 2, and this one’s the big one: anything your cat can reach, it will probably mess with at some point. And that’s okay.

It ain’t rocket surgery. Cats need to scratch stuff to exercise and shed their claws, otherwise they’ll become ingrown.


Fryceratops t1_j8ytnse wrote

Seriously if you get a cat expect it to act like a cat. This is like people who get rodents and are annoyed they chew everything


NMS-KTG t1_j8zfr20 wrote

Rocket surgery?


Zhuul t1_j8zgkut wrote

brain science


NMS-KTG t1_j8zh3xh wrote



lajih t1_j8zmmh0 wrote

Oh, you're not the sharpest bulb in the crayon box, are you?


NMS-KTG t1_j8zmzj8 wrote

I'm just confused what they mean by rocket surgery you fucking nonce. Has it ever occurred that not everyone uses the same backwards terms that originated in the slimy shithole of Bumfuck Yipee Kansas? No, just give vague answers and then call me an idiot will ya?


lajih t1_j8znqjr wrote

Ooch! and titchy temper to boot! New to the internet?


NMS-KTG t1_j8zpw8h wrote

Nah jus don't like assholes 🤷‍♂️


potatochipsfox t1_j95r9nv wrote

lmao buddy people have used that phrase as a joke for decades. you're the first person I've seen who not only lacks the tiny amount of reading comprehension needed to get it, but who actually is so dumb they're mad about it

next time plug it into google instead of looking like a dumbass, dumbass. this shit's easy, it's not rocket surgery


NMS-KTG t1_j95w6rv wrote

Well apologies ig I just never heard of it...


livejumbo t1_j927cfb wrote

Also you can and should keep your indoor cat’s claws trimmed, especially if you have a polydactyl/“Hemingway cat.” Their claws can get too long and get caught on things, which may result in injury to the cat. In the case of polydactyls, the claws that grow on their bonus toes can grow in funny ways, sometimes resulting in them being ingrown and again hurting the cat. (My polydactyl has one claw that would grow in a perfect circle if left to its own devices.)


[deleted] t1_j8zbnle wrote



BF_2 t1_j8zygqe wrote

Right. Tell that to my friend who has three devices like scratching posts for her cat but still it damages her furniture.


Belenias t1_j90362e wrote

Ok. @BF_2's friend:

Only three? Pfft. Cats are particular about how, where, and what they scratch. Get a scratching mat on the floor, a tall scratching post, and an S-shaped one. Sisal material tends to be the best, but not for all cats. Figure out which kinds your cat likes, then put one or two in every room. If it scratches a specific piece of furniture, wrap a sisal mat around the area that gets scratched.

Then check all the pictures on your phone. If 95% of them aren't of your cat, then cats are probably not for you, and you should get a goldfish or something instead.


BF_2 t1_j91gz47 wrote

That's good information, but now look online and notice that there are very limited choices available commercially. I recently had to buy a scratching post for my sister -- who knew what her cats preferred -- and I wasted hours looking for one.


214ObstructedReverie t1_j924txi wrote

> but now look online and notice that there are very limited choices available commercially.

You cannot be serious about that statement.


Extension_Health2522 t1_j91yrfc wrote

Cover what you don't want them clawing with aluminum foil for like a works, it's annoying that you're stuff is covered in aluminum foil for a week, but that cats gonna be around a lot longer


jersey_girl660 t1_j937t21 wrote

So aside from what’s been mentioned about cats being particular regarding scratching, the cat may need some training as well when you find the right scratching material.

If all that fails claw caps are a humane way to protect your furniture.


SchAmToo t1_j8z47dw wrote

No research needed. Put cat trees and scratch posts everywhere. Clip their nails. We have two cats and they barely do damage to anything.

Also get furniture cats don’t or can’t scratch.


TheFortyDeuce t1_j96rjlq wrote

The researching that needs to be done is before bringing home a cat, and knowing their nature. If a cat is destructive, and the owner has everything to try and focus the cat’s attention, the owner is the issue.


Jimmy_kong253 t1_j91kuvq wrote

Good when you get a pet you should accept that your furniture might get damaged. Just like a kid does the same also


kittyglitther t1_j8yoie0 wrote

But can we still give them gel manis?


cerialthriller t1_j8znzxt wrote

You can actually


iago303 t1_j8zra68 wrote

Took my boys to get neutered and they trimmed their claws while they were under anesthesia, and sure they still scratch but that's what all of them amazon boxes are for, they love to rip the whole dang things apart


cerialthriller t1_j8zuw8c wrote

Yeah we trim our cats nails like once a month but also you can get rubber caps put on their nails that last a few weeks that come in all different colors so it looks like they got a pedicure


iago303 t1_j903jt4 wrote

I'm going to look into those, I've got four boys and I love them to pieces and I want the best for them


cerialthriller t1_j905ccq wrote

The name brand ones are called Soft Paws but there’s also cheaper ones you can get


iago303 t1_j91yvxr wrote

The cheap ones I saw don't have a good rating but thanks 👍


cerialthriller t1_j9293yg wrote

Yeah I’ve only used the soft paws branded ones personally


iago303 t1_j929ead wrote

Good to know, I will make a run to PetSmart and get some


metsurf t1_j921lm4 wrote

Saw them at PetSmart right by the brushes and clippers


iago303 t1_j921ud9 wrote

Then that's where I will buy mine, nothing but the best for my friends


cerialthriller t1_j8zoc0k wrote

If you support this, check your vet for AAFP Cat Friendly Veterinarian certification, which you can’t get if you do declaws


Prof_Tantalum t1_j92tie3 wrote

It’s not hard to trim their nails.