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cerialthriller t1_j8zuw8c wrote

Yeah we trim our cats nails like once a month but also you can get rubber caps put on their nails that last a few weeks that come in all different colors so it looks like they got a pedicure


iago303 t1_j903jt4 wrote

I'm going to look into those, I've got four boys and I love them to pieces and I want the best for them


cerialthriller t1_j905ccq wrote

The name brand ones are called Soft Paws but thereโ€™s also cheaper ones you can get


iago303 t1_j91yvxr wrote

The cheap ones I saw don't have a good rating but thanks ๐Ÿ‘


cerialthriller t1_j9293yg wrote

Yeah Iโ€™ve only used the soft paws branded ones personally


iago303 t1_j929ead wrote

Good to know, I will make a run to PetSmart and get some


metsurf t1_j921lm4 wrote

Saw them at PetSmart right by the brushes and clippers


iago303 t1_j921ud9 wrote

Then that's where I will buy mine, nothing but the best for my friends