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Hi everyone! Are there places to rent under $2300 in Central jersey? Looking for a one bed room and rent these days is super ridiculous. I went to a viewing of The Grande At Metro Park and I almost chocked on the rent prices there. Looking near Woodbridge, Edison, Metchuan etc since my work is near those places.



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WorldTravelBucket t1_ja2uyds wrote

What area of Central Jersey would you prefer to live? It’s a pretty wide area, so towns would help narrow it down a bit.


Simple_Dinoye OP t1_ja2zplc wrote

Edison, Woodbridge, etc. That area


xenaga t1_ja32dvq wrote

That area is in demand so expect a bit higher prices


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Brocktarrr t1_ja6jp84 wrote

Somerset and Piscataway have a good amount of places to be had for this price point and are pretty solid locations


brightsideofmars t1_ja2vy0f wrote

Plainsboro has a bunch of reasonably priced apartments. Definitely under 2000 for a single unless you're getting one of the newly renovated units.


corinna0815 t1_ja3osgz wrote

Can attest, I used to live in Addison Meadows. It’s still very affordable and pretty nice, although basic without many amenities.


BreadHead911 t1_ja2xzu6 wrote

I pay $2000 near New Brunswick in a “luxury” apartment complex. $2300 should be doable, but it depends on where in central Jersey I suppose…


Simple_Dinoye OP t1_ja30l01 wrote

Which place?


BreadHead911 t1_ja32rl3 wrote

Just search around the south bound brook area, there’s at least 6 complexes just like mine that are all renting. I think they are building 2 more also.


njdaveyray t1_ja2vn3x wrote

NJ Realtor here -

A few options:

Check out this place in Old Bridge on Apartments

Check out this place in Old Bridge on Apartments

Check out this place in Sayreville on Apartments


Antaine1916 t1_ja3rpi5 wrote

I highly recommend Madison Gardens in Old Bridge. Cost will be way less than that for a nice place with responsive facilities management. You'll also be fairly near to the work area you indicated.

I'm paying $1356 for the deluxe two bedroom unit. I've been there 10 years, so I'm pretty sure my price is somewhat grandfathered, but the new ones, even for the two bedrooms, will be way under your $2300 target


RivChk t1_ja2y0sx wrote

Hamilton Township has lots of decent apartment options under $1500.


outofdate70shouse t1_ja2zo3n wrote

Look in Old Bridge. You can find some decently priced apartments there and you’re only a 15 minute drive from Metro Park


Top_Ad5385 t1_ja3607m wrote

Look in Avenel - it's nice


JonWeekend t1_ja4uixc wrote

Perth Amboy has tons of cheap places. Then again….it’s Perth Amboy


term1nallycapr1c1ous t1_ja596dz wrote

Try Carteret because it's nearby the places you listed. Grew up there, it's not that bad but not sure on prices.


besct t1_ja2umyc wrote

Care to share the prices @ Grande At Metro Park?


BabyQuesadilla t1_ja2ygtr wrote

$2,940 for 1,000sqft 2 bedroom lmaooooo in fcking Woodbridge where the main attractions are the miles of chain restaraunts on rt 9. Insane.


outofdate70shouse t1_ja303zw wrote

To be fair it is EVERY chain restaurant you could ever want in a really short span. Plus two, count ‘em, TWO malls within like a mile of each other. What more could you want out of life? /s


The3mpyrean t1_ja2ycmb wrote

Take a look at “the crossings”. Their apts aren’t THAT good, but rent is very cheap compared to the rest of the area.

They finally got a decent manager so things seem to be going in the right direction now.


Simple_Dinoye OP t1_ja2ztvx wrote


Which "the crossings"? Also, what is it like if you live there.


The3mpyrean t1_ja3apk5 wrote

Edison, fords, i think they got metropark too. Any. They’re all the same. ~1800 i think.

Eh it’s ok. Don’t take the first floor. It’s like half basement so natural light is pretty limited. Otherwise, livable.

Neighbors are 50/50. Some are nice, some are jackasses. But overall, it’s alright. Good bang for a buck.

Fords is nicer. They got clubhouse, summer pool etc.

Just beware. It’s one of few “very pet friendly” places in the area. So tons and tons and tons of dogs. All kinds. From large to small to tiny.


RivChk t1_ja3b4x5 wrote

Plainsboro is a nice place to live. Surrounded by farms & open space on two sides, lively downtown Princeton very close by.


ohhiiiiiiiiii t1_ja4a3tf wrote

Treetops or forest Glen in highland park will probably be in your budget. There's some other complexes there also.


Beachboo07 t1_ja4u3gf wrote

Have you looked in matawan?


greenhippiecat t1_ja5hycn wrote

Green hill manor in Franklin park NJ


kube0308 t1_ja5rlt1 wrote

Lamberts Mill Village in Scotch Plains, 1 BR = $1800. Very safe area, unlimited parking, Washer/Dryer in each unit. 5 minutes to parkway entrance, 5 minutes to Clark Commons, and 5 minutes from downtown Westfield.


briancuster68 t1_ja6alzj wrote

Piscataway Middlesex Dunellen bound brook


Evening_Attention_45 t1_jaa1vat wrote

I just finished this. It was a very depressing experience. I was disgusted by all the new fancy places that charge $50 per pet per month plus a $400 non refundable pet fee. Plus another $450 for amenities you may not even use and you can't opt out. And they were like $700 square feet. And they make you pay a sewer fee.


Ok_Physics_1284 t1_ja30rtr wrote

Buy a house


KayakHank t1_ja3c6zu wrote

You getting a 2000/m mortgage payment on any house north of camden?


Ok_Physics_1284 t1_ja3cph1 wrote

You can yes, also if you want a more expensive house you could possibly rent out a room. I just hate throwing 2300 away on rent when it could be gaining equity.