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neekogo t1_j8xmw3r wrote

The same way I rank any Walmart: poorly


TimSPC t1_j8xshz2 wrote

They're all pretty rank.


newwriter365 t1_j8xu9ml wrote

Don't know. I refuse to spend money with corporate welfare sluts.


Ashleycarlin26 t1_j8xqn5x wrote

If you live in North Jersey, check out the one in Riverdale. That’s the best one in my opinion. Don’t bother with the one in Kearney, it’s a disaster in that store plus the fact that car jackings happen all the time in the parking lot


sgfymk t1_j8yarr7 wrote

Walmart is trash. They never hire enough workers, and they forced self checkout. Then they demand to see a receipt, and have the balls to charge a non refundable amount to use their carts.


JerseyMBA OP t1_j8ydkcz wrote

I never heard about the shopping cart thing?


sgfymk t1_j8ygmzg wrote

Apparently that’s a Canadian thing. I haven’t shopped at a Walmart in almost 2 years. I had an old guy sitting by the exit scream at me that I had to show him my receipt. I told him no and walked out. He followed me out of the store and watched me pack my car and leave. The thing is I actually went to a cashier to get rung up.


crustang t1_j8y1wvq wrote

I don’t even know where my local Walmart is


stickman07738 t1_j8xsfqr wrote

Walmart Neptune - wear Kevlar after 4pm, early morning marginally acceptable.

Toms River - be careful in parking lot - too many seniors.


imchasingentropy t1_j8xuiu2 wrote

I've been to 45-60 Walmarts over the past 2 months and can safely say the Cherry Hill Walmart is one of the worst on the east coast.


RGV_KJ t1_j8yon25 wrote

Why have you been to so many Walmarts? Is this part of your job?


imchasingentropy t1_j8yp01n wrote

No but I'd love to make it part of my job.

I'm on a long term road trip and I park/sleep in Walmart parking lots almost every night. Usually blow up their bathrooms in the morning too 😅


Ok-Membership-1556 t1_j8zhbpk wrote

Skip Secaucus/north bergen it’s a zoo everything is locked up you have to wait around and hit a button for everything and the lines are horrible parking is horrible -1 stars


SmeemyMeemy t1_j8y1uzx wrote

I am SHOCKED when I find ANYTHING in there. I live right behind the Audubon one and as scary as people can be there I still take my chances if I have to because it is at least nice,


beowulf92 t1_j8xzvpi wrote

The one in Hanover is wack. Simply because returning anything there seems to be impossible. At least it was for a while. I went in to return something last year and the woman was like, Nope. Customer service is closed. So I said, I can't make a return at all today? So when? And she was like idk but not today (mind you it was a Saturday or Sunday). Said whatever and went to check out and I asked the cashier if they could do a return by any chance. The answer was yes they can, and they did. No big deal, shit happens maybe a bunch of people called out and so they didn't have staff door customer service. Fast forward to the next several times I've gone there, I've overheard the same exact scenario play out with people with far less patience than I have unfortunately. That and I've been there so many times where the self-checkout line wraps all the way to the wall and up that aisle because there's maybe 1 cashier open.


why__tho_why__ t1_j8yhi1j wrote

Brick/Pt Pleasant Walmart has absolutely no business being as packed as it is on a Thursday at 2pm but there I was yesterday. Fighting for my life to make it down aisles around every senior citizen in ocean county. Do social security checks get deposited on Thursday’s? Every senior citizen had some aide or other person shopping with them. It was absolute madness and I left because I literally couldn’t get around the store without being slowed to a snails pace.


punicearana t1_j8yw46e wrote

Cedar Knolls one is awful. Employees all have attitudes and it's grungy as all get out. I like the one up in Hackettstown/Mansfield. Kearny one is ridiculous. I've seen throw downs there over a friggin parking space. Secaucus is big but grungy (I used to live out that way).


siamesecat1935 t1_j93bgdp wrote

I agree. The one on ledgewood is decent too, it’s fairly newly renovated, and bigger, well laid out and usually pretty clean. Hackettstown is ok but ledgewood is closer for me


DDDYKI t1_j8zbprm wrote

Teterboro is the biggest by me and has the nicest selection but that shopping center is a nightmare. We were just literally talking about going but I don't want to deal with the crowd.

When Lysol was hard to find I took a drive to Franklin (Sussex Co) and that one is fine. Similar to Saddle Brook in that it's a smaller store, but I'd rather go there sometimes than deal with the ones near me.


alohabruh732 t1_j8zyk5h wrote

Sayreville Walmart is a house of blue collar, white trash, Indians and Africans. Quite the eccentricity of cultures.


neekogo t1_j90j9l6 wrote

Hey hey hey . . . We dont have a Walmart. Old Bridge or East Brunswick do, but not Sayreville.

And they're both shit with the EB one being a tad less shittier


alohabruh732 t1_j90jbnm wrote

Old Bridge, whatever, still shite


neekogo t1_j90jnqk wrote

Just bustin balls. I knew which one you were talking about and you're spot on, it just feels so dirty. Only one Ive come across that's worse is Howell


WhoDatDatDidDat t1_j92t1am wrote

As I was reading this comment I was thinking “I didn’t know Sayreville had one but it sounds exactly like the Old Bridge one”


RafeDangerous t1_j8xtnva wrote

Riverdale - I guess it's okay for what it is. Seems to be in better condition than the other NJ Walmarts I've been in, but that's not really a very high bar. The only time I go there is if I have an immediate need for something specific that I can't get somewhere else.


gordonv t1_j91ge4a wrote


How would you rank these stores:

  • Walmart
  • Target
  • CVS
  • Macy's
  • Kohl's
  • JC Penny
  • Sears

JerseyMBA OP t1_j91luke wrote

It’s hard to rank them since a lot of them are completely different from each other. I was a fan of all of them at one point for the exception of Kohls.

Walmart is my go-to for packaged foods..if I need fresh produce then I go to a regular supermarket. For clothes I usually either go to Burlington or order on Amazon.


GaiaAir t1_j91xczm wrote

Whitehouse Station was the best but it was so dead they shut it down.


dsutari t1_j8zuu1h wrote

The rockaway one is lovely.


FriedHummus t1_j8zy3ml wrote

Go to Newton or Franklin. Not to shop, but to check out the people that go there.


srddave t1_j9011o8 wrote

We have fought hard in North Jersey to keep Walmarts out! I am so happy I don’t live anywhere near one. Only been to one in my life and it was fucking horrible. Keep them in the South.


Big_Philosopher9993 t1_j9255a3 wrote

Howell Walmart is a shithole and Freehold Walmart used to be the "nicer" Walmart in my eyes and now it's more of a shithole then Howell in my opinion


AdministrativeBall58 t1_j92w34b wrote

I hat all the Walmarts and the one in Old Bridge looks like it was put up there in a rush! Rhys being said I live Sam’s Club and the one in Freehold never disappoints!


domg1076 t1_ja7god3 wrote

Have to speak Spanish to get help shopping in Secaucus.


jaymon1974 t1_j8xqjmm wrote

I’ve been to 1,4, and 5 and agree with that order. Also 5 should be shut down.


JerseyMBA OP t1_j8xqxgw wrote

Yeah, the Saddle Brook one is ok for clothing but that’s really it..


I_Am_Skipples t1_j8yujih wrote

Succasunna consistently gives me expired bread on pickup orders. It’s magical.


whaler76 t1_j8zh30s wrote

I’ve found one in south jersey to be quite pleasant by Walmart standards and I’ll never tell haha