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TimSPC t1_j9gv9al wrote

There should be no place on the Jersey Shore from which you can't see a windmill.


Yoshiyo0211 t1_j9h6ss0 wrote

I would think viewing a windmill spinning off in the distant horizon while relaxing on the shore would be zen af but some ppl don't want any chill.


Cool_Cartographer631 t1_j9hg82r wrote

Nah man definitely obstructing my view. Much prefer atop a tree so I don’t gotta see it. Show it to aliens.


WeCanDoThisCNJ t1_j9h2dh1 wrote

They wanted oil platforms close enough for us to see from the beach. Why should a windmill be any different?


Salty_Handle_2736 t1_j9jtmfh wrote

Exactly trump lifted the off shore drilling ban everywhere on east coast except Florida…gee, I wonder why!


IrishGuyiNjersey t1_j9h3m5h wrote

I think that’s kind of their point, it’s just worded very weirdly.


Dux-Mathildis t1_j9h3pbi wrote

I don't think anyone really objects to oil platforms only because of the way they look.


WeCanDoThisCNJ t1_j9h429f wrote

They’re ugly, but they also utterly ruin beaches when things go wrong—and they do.


Dux-Mathildis t1_j9h4h8b wrote

You might think they're ugly, but I think they're cool-looking--so I'm not sure that point matters much at all.

What I do find really important is trying literally anything at all to wean this country off coal and oil! Wind turbines offer that opportunity; not saying they're perfect but I'd rather a dozen turbines over one more Deep Horizon spill.


toomuchoversteer t1_j9jnwp1 wrote

How would they ruin a beach? And how often do they do?


WeCanDoThisCNJ t1_j9jy3f5 wrote

There was a massive spill off Huntington Beach, CA, in 2020. Then there’s the Deepwater Horizon disaster that’s still impacting Gulf of Mexico beaches 13 years later. All you need is one accident and you could have billions in lost revenue from Sandy Hook to Atlantic City.


murphydcat t1_j9hy6wj wrote

I haven't noticed your objection to planes towing banners and boats displaying lighted billboards.


peter-doubt t1_j9i0cqu wrote

Why? You're already watching rusty freighters obscure the horizon as they float by... At least wind turbines look clean.