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I consider myself to be a good tipper. Minimum 20% in restaurants, always tip gas station attendants at least $5, etc. But I have no idea how much to tip in food delivery apps.

Some apps default to 20% but that seems insane to me. I generally do $10 if the restaurant is close to my house and a little more if it’s farther. Is that ok? Too low? How much do you tip?



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PickleLS10 t1_j9m6b5e wrote

I think the real question is why are you tipping a gas attendant?


redkemper OP t1_j9me9u0 wrote

It’s a service job and I’m fortunate in that I can spare the money to tip when people provide me with a service. It’s also a low-paid and thankless job, so sparing a small tip can bring someone a lot of joy.


bumpetyboo22 t1_j9mmatp wrote

I dig that. It’s just not common etiquette in nj

Obv no harm done


WakeRider11 t1_j9n8bz4 wrote

That was my first thought. In nj, attendants that work near the bridges and tunnels to ny get tips, but not really in other places. I guess that’s the problem with forced full service.


Rude-Bison-2050 t1_j9qaduu wrote

Lol suckers like this are why a tip screen is in your face at every check out now


vprufrock t1_j9pc4tr wrote

When I read that, I instantly panicked, thinking that I have done so many gas attendants wrong over the years...


WhileInternational41 t1_j9madwt wrote

I don’t do percentages for delivery. The driver has to drive the same distance and carry the same bag of food regardless of whether it’s a $100 sushi order or a $10 chicken sandwich. If the order is small and relatively close, I generally tip $5. If it’s bigger or further, I generally tip $10. If it’s bad weather, I will go higher.


trippillow t1_j9mxkno wrote

As a a dasher I can speak for all of us, ❤️


WakeRider11 t1_j9n7y37 wrote

Do you apply that same logic for dining in a restaurant? I think driving to deliver food is more work and comes with less guaranteed income.


polypcity t1_j9ob7ec wrote

No. A waiter has to memorize, converse (in the local dialect), clarify, analyze, repeat to the cooks, collect, distribute, refill etc. It’s much, MUCH more mentally and physically demanding than finding products on a list and driving them to a location.

Personally I don’t think tip culture is ever appropriate, but waiters IMO deserve more tips than drivers.


imchasingentropy t1_j9obd2g wrote

Your comment makes no sense, a $100 order could be multiple bags with multiple drinks. How is that remotely the same as a $10 meal?

This is the biggest problem with tippers today. You see the only work as the drive, while the driver actually has to change things up, manage space, protect drinks, etc. a whole lot more with bigger orders.

Tip your driver like you would a waiter.


lesbian__overlord t1_j9p481o wrote

they specified getting expensive food versus cheap food, ~100 dollars worth of sushi would 99% likely be less bags than ~50 worth of mcdonald's so i see the point there. i agree you should factor in more than distance and i agree $5 should be tip minimum even for something under 2-3 miles but i don't think food price is the perfect indicator.


WhileInternational41 t1_j9pc9tz wrote

You’re actually proving the point that order price is irrelevant to the specific job for the driver. If I ordered 20 burgers and 10 fountain drinks off a fast food dollar menu, you’re looking at a $30 order which would generate a $6 tip at a 20% rate for something you just said would be extremely burdensome for the driver. Meanwhile, a different driver would get a $20 tip for driving a single bag of expensive sushi (a hypothetical $100 order of 5 speciality sushi rolls). That’s what makes no sense.


imchasingentropy t1_j9pe0uv wrote

Sure when you make up numbers everything makes sense. Go ahead and find me some place where you could order 20 burgers for $30 that's not the year 2000


WhileInternational41 t1_j9ps3bq wrote

Ok. Say it’s $50 then. The exact figure is irrelevant. The point is that the price of a food order does not necessarily (and often does not) correlate with the factors you listed: number of bags, whether drinks are involved, whether there are pizza boxes, distance to drive, etc.


wizzy9122 t1_j9matu0 wrote

Tipping just needs to be illegal. This is getting out of control. Pay people a fair wage.


redkemper OP t1_j9mdmyp wrote

But people aren’t paid fair wages, so I try to be generous when and where I’m able to.


Mithmorthmin t1_j9me5iq wrote

Then they should change jobs?



interpretivedancing1 t1_j9mowtf wrote

Then who would do it


Bobby_Bouch t1_j9pnx34 wrote

Something something free market, if no1 wants to do a job for what you’re paying capitalism would dictate you go out of business. But in reality there’s always a sucker to take advantage of


bumpetyboo22 t1_j9mmg9o wrote

What’s difference for you the customer though? You pay more up front to cover their wage Or you tip to cover their wage


stvbeev t1_j9n45fh wrote

There’s no guessing and bad feelings involved. A person’s liveliness isn’t dependent on some random person being socially polite.


bumpetyboo22 t1_j9n7xht wrote

What guessing or bad feelings? Tip a standard amount and move along. Tip more if you feel like it. Easy


stvbeev t1_j9nbi4r wrote

I mean… literally what OP is asking. What is “standard” for food delivery apps? Is the “standard” at a chili’s the same as that of a fancier restaurant? At a bar?

And again, someone’s livelihood shouldn’t be dependent on random people’s social politeness.


AchingCravat t1_j9o71ok wrote

I’d rather see my money go toward better wages for workers than enabling the corporation to “increase shareholder value” through stock buybacks.


vprufrock t1_j9pcn3d wrote

Gas stations in NJ are a great example that giving people a wage WOULD NOT necessarily mean a big price increase for the customers. I go to another state a lot, where the gas stations don't have attendants, and the gas prices there are the same or higher than those back home in NJ. I am not saving money by losing the gas attendants' service.


Anxious_Web8787 t1_j9lzoq4 wrote

As someone who did doordash - I will tell you people suck. 2-3 dollars was norm - $5 was a lot l. On a personal note I usually do at least 5 depending on how far and how much


redkemper OP t1_j9mciuy wrote

Thanks for the insight, appreciate it


jimlaregina t1_j9ov2fa wrote

Five dollars was a lot? Damn, people either just don't get it or just don't care. Five bucks ought to be the least they give you.


Bobby_Bouch t1_j9pn335 wrote

I’m sure most people would if they didn’t already have $15 of fees added on top of the cost of their food.


timberswiss3 t1_j9qf6w2 wrote

Lol they’re fine with $5 dashers are often fulfilling 2-3 orders per trip depending on the time. Also if they don’t wanna drive for $5 they can just not accept the order and wait for another


KayakHank t1_j9mpfwt wrote

Never have I ever tipped someone at a gas station


TriggerTough t1_j9mh0qc wrote

You tip gas station attendants?

That’s some high roller ish right there.


Superb_Programmer127 t1_j9mfwlo wrote

No less than $5 per order, more based on location and honestly, how well I’m doing at the moment. The more I have, the more I tip. But never less than $5.


redkemper OP t1_j9miqtc wrote

Definitely sounds reasonable - thanks


tonyblow2345 t1_j9mdtpx wrote

Drivers don’t expect a percentage of your food bill. They don’t care what you’re ordering. They want money to cover their gas and make it worth their time.

If they’re picking up drinks, especially hot drinks, add a little extra. Some restaurants make them prepare the drinks if the machine is in the lobby, and drinks can make the physical delivery part more difficult. If you see they got to the restaurant right away and the restaurant is slow and making them wait, add a little extra. They’re missing out on orders waiting for your food.

Keep in mind that most drivers get a base pay of $2.75 per order.


zornucopia t1_j9mlk36 wrote

i always tip 20-25% but these comments have me second guessing if i’ve been wasting money


redkemper OP t1_j9mmwdt wrote

I wouldn’t call it a waste - you’ve probably been making a lot of people very happy - but based on this thread you’re certainly on the high end.


zornucopia t1_j9mnfjy wrote

yeah i guess waste isn’t the right word but i don’t have a ton of money so i should keep this in mind for the future lol


AdministrativeBall58 t1_j9mnr8b wrote

I did doordash and have to travel pretty far. Even though the amount doordash gives you seems low for an order, you’ll make like 20-45 in 1 hour, depending on the distance of course. Tipping does help especially when paying for gas. It sucks when you drive 15+ miles, deal with traffic and not get a tip tho.


redkemper OP t1_j9mo5or wrote

Appreciate your point of view - thanks!


[deleted] t1_j9m1xfq wrote



tonyblow2345 t1_j9mdztu wrote

Dude. Anything over $5 made me so freaking happy when I was delivering.


redkemper OP t1_j9md6ve wrote

I always try to be generous, so this insight is helpful. Appreciate it.


[deleted] t1_j9m95f7 wrote

Always at least 20% dining in a restaurant, we don't get a lot of takeout, but I do order Whole Foods from Amazon, so I tip above what the delivery charge is. Usually 15-20%, although during the holidays, especially right before Thanksgiving, I tipped A LOT...but this service kept me from having a nervous breakdown shopping, so it was worth every damn penny.


redkemper OP t1_j9megx4 wrote

That sounds very generous - I’m sure they appreciated it!


betcher73 t1_j9n3agf wrote

Do on a DoorDash or Grubhub subreddit and you’ll learn that you’re not tipping for the service. You’re bidding on a service. “Tip” a bid amount commensurate with the service you want.

I don’t agree with it. It’s not right, but the whole system is broken. That’s why I refuse to use those apps


Sad_Seaworthiness_ t1_j9ouup3 wrote

I always tip 8 but if I spend like 100 I will tip 10.


jimlaregina t1_j9ouw97 wrote

I tip delivery people $10. As for distance, I would not order from a restaurant too far away, as that means I get cold food.

I tip in cash. I don't trust apps to pass on the full amount to the delivery person.


jdizzle161 t1_j9oyekd wrote

I door dashed when it started just for some extra tattoo money, and to keep busy when my wife and kid would nap on sundays. I would not take any order that had less than a $5 dollar tip, and even the $5 had to be a smaller order, with short travel distance. I picked up a few that had less, hoping that it would be a cash tip and got burned every single time. It’s been a while, so I’m not sure how things are now, but I would rather sit and wait than take a low pay under $5. I don’t like to order through these services, because they feel like such a rip off. The food cost more, there are service charges, and then tip. If I am ordering out, I will just get it myself. Now, there have been days lately where I don’t feel good enough, or safe enough to drive (cancer treatments), so I will use door dash. I always put some extra on that tip. Drivers will jump on that order, and make sure you get it fast! A good tip makes their day, and they will push just a little harder for that order.


Rude-Bison-2050 t1_j9qa5ul wrote

Between $3-5 depending on how far it is. The only time it’s going to be more than $5 is if you’re bringing multiple things and you can’t carry in one trip to the door

This topic is always a magnet for idiots who like to pretend they tip $20 for take out lol


Individual_Success46 t1_j9n29uq wrote

This is all very interesting. Usually I always tip DD orders $10, unless it’s bad weather or a particularly far away restaurant, then I tip more.


ummha t1_j9ojizx wrote

The more I tip the faster I get my food. Usually I tip $16+ and all my orders are for 3+ people


Vinnie908 t1_j9omlh0 wrote

I tip 10-15% all the time. I appreciate the delivery driver picking up the food and bringing it to me. I’m lazy to go out and get it myself.


LaFleur412 t1_j9osema wrote

I usually tip 20% of the order. Recently I had one guy hold my order hostage because he saw that I didn’t include the tip before he picked it up. I had cash on me and I was gonna round the tip up to the nearest $5. But bc it wasn’t already on the app, he decided that I was a deadbeat and hold my order hostage even after I explained the situation to him via text. He held the order for 20min before telling me to fuck myself and dropping the order. The next person was 15 min away from picking up the order, so I wound up canceling the entire order.


Hrekires t1_j9qcso1 wrote

$5 or $1/mile, whichever is more; extra if it's a larger order, the weather sucks, or it's a holiday.

99% of the places I order from are within 2-3 miles of my house at the max.


BerryExpensive t1_j9qmhry wrote

If someone is delivering anything to your house the tip should be a minimum of $5.00and go up according to the bill.


lsp2005 t1_j9qxm2f wrote

$5. If bad weather or far trip $10.


F5x9 t1_j9v4ynr wrote

Nothing. Doordash, etc should pay them.


SeparateAddress9070 t1_j9vxrpp wrote

20% usually. These people are doing arguably the most dangerous low paying job in the country.