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Pherllerp t1_j9ydszy wrote

Yes they’re rich a-holes who don’t want to build windmills because a) Phil Murphy is governor, b) drill baby drill!, and c) they’re stupid.

Edit: the luddites are getting to to this comment pretty late. Maybe they’ll appreciate clean energy by 2060.


theroguehero t1_j9ye3o4 wrote

also they don't want to spoil their million dollar ocean views with a couple windmills in the ocean lol


Lost_Sheepherder5090 t1_j9yh66v wrote

Am I the only one who thinks wind turbines are aesthetically pleasing and relaxing to watch?


DarwinZDF42 t1_j9yhead wrote

I think they’re great, don’t spoil the view at all. Right now it’s tankers out there. So symbolic that, ahem, some people would prefer the tankers.


dirtynj t1_j9yt6na wrote

Even worse are the boats that literally are hired to drive a billboard across your view. Nothing ruins a beautiful shoreline view quite like a big insurance advertisement banner on the horizon.


mdp300 t1_j9yhbco wrote

You're not, I think they're cool.


la_de_cha t1_j9ywa8u wrote

They are actual tourist attractions in other countries. We did a tour to see them off some cliffs in the Philippines.


HotConversation4355 t1_ja0a2mz wrote

It’s funny to listen to conservatives regurgitate whatever disinformation is said about wind turbines .. it’s generally from politicians who occupy seats of government they claim not to trust. But they will repeat it anyway


Ronin_1981 t1_ja2tuav wrote

Political operatives too lazy to grab Pickett signs usually end up On here pushing AOC talking points.


Complete_Passage_767 t1_ja4n186 wrote

Yeah, they should get on their feet and attempt to subvert democracy like troo muricans.


Lalaela t1_j9yr2az wrote

Did a cross country road trip... saw turbine farms. Got excited every time.


Snownel t1_ja04duf wrote

If you run across one with synchronized aircraft lights at night it's incredible. Just surrounded by hundreds of little red dots all flashing together in the middle of nowhere.


wasitme317 t1_j9z553r wrote

I do and love their sound good for sleeping.


Ronin_1981 t1_ja2tm33 wrote

You people are nuts over these wind turbines. Notice you bill falling?


mdp300 t1_j9yh8lj wrote

I remember when a guy sued Harvey Cedars because they built up the dunes, which he claimed ruined the view from his beachfront house.

Initially he won, but then the town won on appeal, where the judge said that if the dunes hadn't been raised, his house probably would have been washed away by Sandy.


Pherllerp t1_j9yed17 wrote

That’s such a bullshit argument because they won’t be visible 80% of the time AND there are already ducking garbage barges and oil tankers off the coast.


4rch t1_j9ylsft wrote

Listen I'm all for a good circle jerk, assuming everyone is either stupid or a paid oil lobbyist.

But I don't think people can really understand what this will look like since it's the largest deployment in the country. It's not going to be like the ships you currently see before they drop off the horizon

BOEM made a visual simulation, unsure which shore but simulations for southern NJ beaches are much more pronounced


KashEsq t1_j9ymo5u wrote

Wow, you can barely even see them


4rch t1_j9ypva9 wrote

Yeah like I said they're more pronounced from South Jersey observation points due to the deployment being mostly focused there.

Most people are worried the conditions providing visibility on page 10 will be the norm instead of the exception.


Usrname132 t1_j9z3zpp wrote

I hope they make the right decision but.. Whatever that may be, I read a comment on the video with a good point, “will they have to put lights on these, what will it look like at night?” It’s crazy how much energy we need there’s so many fucking people, we demand so much as the human race.

I wish we could learn more about the impact we have on the planet, I hope everyone having children understand the impact they have, how that one human will consume and use so much in its life and more than likely also make a human who makes grandchildren who make people and so on and so on.. I’m starting to feel life is undervalued and people aren’t realizing how lucky they are to be on our earth, so many people consuming, Is this sustainable?


Dino1087 t1_j9yrad8 wrote

Is that a joke?


KashEsq t1_j9yvc1a wrote

No, it was an observation. Watch the video, the wind turbines are so far off in the distance that you can barely see them from the beach


Dino1087 t1_j9yzmv6 wrote

Click the second photo they just posted and look at the photo on the second page. They aren’t barely visible when you don’t use the panoramic option as a photo to throw everyone off. Everyone making this about disproving whale deaths, there are so many other things these things do to damage the ecosystem with very very little benefit to making “clean energy”. It’s such a farse


Mysticpoisen t1_j9zldkv wrote

Pretty barely visible. What other environmental impact? Is lots of clean energy allowing us to reduce reliance on carbon emissions really 'very very little benefit'?


Ronin_1981 t1_ja2u4r8 wrote

So put em there because you think you can save the planet or because that brain washing from school got you emotional? Just Hope all of you have your shots and boosters. It all makes sense now.


fireman2004 t1_j9z33nx wrote

Aren't they going to be 10 miles off shore? Are they even that visible from the beach?


FettLivesMatter t1_ja0rcmp wrote

I’ve seen renders they’re so far out it would be specks on the horizon.


doh420 t1_ja091fq wrote

The lease areas in NJ are closer to 15 ft offshore


NJ35-71SONS t1_j9yrly1 wrote

I was always under the impression that the horizon line seen from the shore was actually only 3 miles or so of sight… aren't these proposed way further off than that and hence wouldn’t be visible at all… can someone please correct me or confirm this?


Twelve20two t1_ja0avdy wrote

As someone who enjoys the aesthetics of SolarPunk, windmills in the sea sounds so fucking cool to me


_skull_kid_ t1_j9zl8la wrote

The same rich assholes who threw a fit when we switched to reusable bags and paper straws. They don't give a shit about the environment.

They are so concerned about what they might build offshore, but continue to cement over a glorified sandbar. When Sandy 2.0 hits, LBI will wash away.


Ronin_1981 t1_ja2und0 wrote

Poor people don’t have time to care about their environment, look around, the rich clearly do. Look how poor people are wishing harm out of envy and jealousy. Imagine being so foolish as to think windmills will save the environment. You must drive a second hand Tesla.


jarrettbrown t1_j9yhtf1 wrote

> Phil Murphy is governor

I've also started seeing people posting an old tweet from 2018 that said that he signed a bill that was going to prevent any new drilling off the Jersey coast. Ummm... folk, this is in relation to the natural gas drilling that Christie was in favor of, not windmills.


New_Stats OP t1_j9ylrhx wrote

The bill to spur wind farm development was written by Sweeney (D) and Kean (R) in 2010. Murphy just signed the thing they wrote and finally got passed.

I don't know why you think these lies will work in NJ, but I assure you, we are not some country bumpkins with the memory of a goldfish


TimSPC t1_j9zif81 wrote

They literally just don't want to see them. It's so dumb.


Michael_Blurry t1_j9zze73 wrote

And they won’t bother learning the facts so they probably think they’ll build them like 100 ft out from the shoreline. Or they know the truth but will still make those claims to fire up the idiots.


wasitme317 t1_j9z50w0 wrote

One I don't like Phil but I agree with the wind turbines it's good


Pherllerp t1_j9z7a3k wrote

Anyone opposing any means of carbon reduction is delusion so good for you.


FettLivesMatter t1_ja0r2pk wrote

They’re so far out, the passing boats cause more of an eye sore. It wont harm they’re value.


lump- t1_j9zqe6n wrote

Well, they don’t want to mess up their nice ocean view.


Pherllerp t1_j9zsz87 wrote

Even if that was a valid rationale, how are some windmills messing up their view worse than say 50 years of off shore smog or a constant parade of oil tankers?


Antique-Pin5468 t1_ja1zm3f wrote

Didn't you mean to say that Phil Murphy is lying, cheating,sneaky,back stabbing piece of Shit!?!


Ronin_1981 t1_ja2w3q6 wrote

But only the rich own turbines. Try less emphasis on hating rich people and more on talking about we had energy bonanza just 2 years ago now we are scrambling for wind. Lol.