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dirtynj t1_j9ygyyv wrote

I'm part of nonprofit environmental organization.

We wrote to Clean Ocean Action telling them that there is no truth to any of their claims and its a bunch of pseudoscience political nonsense. Our President even talked to one of their organizers about their false claims directly. It did not go well.

In the last 5-10 years COA went from a helpful organization to a political one. Don't believe anything they say...they simply do what they want now to promote their own agenda, facts be damned.


Farm2Table t1_j9ytz7w wrote

Cindy has always been about preserving the beaches for the property values f homeowners and success of businesses on the beach. She's never been interested in the environment itself.

She's an accidental environmentalist.

An organization I was working with in the 90s partnered with COA on some initiatives. We were very wary of her and the greenwashing she was providing to anti-environmentalists.


phillybilly t1_j9yslbh wrote

I’d be curious if COA gets money from places other than individual donations


borednerd t1_ja13lrd wrote

Idk, is water wet?


phillybilly t1_ja15fmc wrote

Their info is available online. I just looked and it appears Cindy and MaryBeth are the 2 main employees. They do quite well if I’m reading those compensation figures correctly


sthrlndk t1_j9zm0mr wrote

Thank you for the update on Clean Ocean Action. I used to support them a long time ago when hospital waste was washing up on the shores. But I haven't looked into them in a long time. I suppose any organization can change in 40 years.


WitchSlap t1_j9ywbx6 wrote

So what's the real theory for the mortality event?


TenBillionDollHairs t1_j9zgstk wrote

Military sonar, not ground mapping sonar. Vastly more powerful and literally causes fatal internal bleeding in whales.

To be clear, the fish finder radar under a boat is not what we're talking about. We're talking about the extremely powerful "pings" used to find submarines. This is even painful or fatal for humans if they are near a sub when a ping goes out.


currently__working t1_ja2ms4j wrote

Is there proof?


BigBrown609 t1_ja1e4nb wrote

Do you have any links to back this up? I’d like to read it and have it handy when people bring this stuff up