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OrionJazz t1_j9ov84e wrote

Somebody in nj just put away there winter clothes so yeah probably a few feet on the way.


ThreeBleedingHearts t1_j9owu8k wrote

Lol my coworker. But I don’t think they are going to get away with it xD it’s cold and it’ll come soon


vakr001 t1_j9ojm3c wrote

Calling a Blizzard in late March…

I fully accept all the downvotes


BeaverhausenA OP t1_j9pcxm7 wrote

I would LOVE that. And we need it. I personally need it. Pfft to the downvotes.


Jacova t1_j9p3tby wrote

The way this year is going I wouldn't be surprised if we get 2 feet in April


lawlorlara t1_j9rl9fo wrote

I'm really worried about the effect the warm winter will have on this summer's fleas and ticks. Maybe a good late-March storm would keep those suckers at bay a little longer.


vakr001 t1_j9soalh wrote

100%. Wish we would get a nice freeze and kill some of the hatched lantern flies


LIVEFan33 t1_j9r2fwp wrote

Upvoted. Definitely some snow in March.


achenx75 t1_j9rjbqg wrote

Saving this comment to come back to this in case it does.


jdizzle161 t1_j9oxm68 wrote

Joking around before the winter, I told my 7 year old that I called ahead and ordered no snow this winter. He now thinks I have a direct connection to Mother Nature, and boy is he mad at me!


Jimmy_kong253 t1_j9nwdms wrote

Nope and I'm happy for that


BeaverhausenA OP t1_j9pck06 wrote

We need the water to counter drought. Our landscape needs both the cold and the added water. Lack of hard freeze means more weeds and mosquitoes/bugs.

The places we are in are shaped by the climate patterns. We have crops that are popular here because of that pattern. We have plants and animals that depend on it.

Too many humans forget we are part of the environment, not just the concrete and steel.


Jimmy_kong253 t1_j9pgznc wrote

It's been raining alot this season if it doesn't rain or snow where our water reservoir are then you can't do much about that. But it has been raining


BeaverhausenA OP t1_j9rdgzb wrote

We won't have the droughts that the West have, but we're the garden state and are supposed to get water from rain, water from snow, benefit of the cold with the snow. We benefit from the snow melt process.

Certain crops are chosen by our climate pattern, the timing of our seasons, the cycle of cold, damp, moist, snow, warming. We really didn't get much water necessarily, difference between deep watering and sprinkling. Have you gardened? Grown plants? The difference is start.

Hopefully this aberration makes more people think about the environment and learn to favor concern for it.


nabs212 t1_j9pxsku wrote

idk where in Jersey you are from but im in Monmouth County and it has rained at least 2 days every single week this winter... thats a ton of moisture LOL


BeaverhausenA OP t1_j9rbywu wrote

Moisture is swampy. I'm in Union County/Somerset border. That bitty rain just nurtured the weeds and gave the mosquito broods little pools.

We also need the cold. Plants sort of hibernate too. I need to get outside to trim plants, still fearing they will try to bloom, and plod through mushy grass.


stickman07738 t1_j9q78u3 wrote

Just drove to FL -

Let it snow, Let it.snow, Let it snow !!!


BeaverhausenA OP t1_j9rbfnn wrote

Ever wonder what lack of snow in the north, bodes for places like Florida? No basements right? Storm cellar?


ShoreMama t1_j9qa0bv wrote

TBH I’m feeling pessimistic about it. I don’t think we’re getting any snow storms, no snow days, just occasional flurries or maybe a squall but that’s it.


BeaverhausenA OP t1_j9r7end wrote

My garden soil benefits from the hard freeze, weed suppression of the snow, bugs, etc. I also would spread some seeds during this time, food and landscape, knowing they'd have time to soften and then would bloom when "regular warming" occurred. Now I can't do that because they'd try to grow off schedule, likely then be killed in a freeze.

A lot of intentionally and naturally placed landscaping will try to bloom and end up being damaged, killed.


playdohplaydate t1_j9r7tl1 wrote

At this point I just want it to snow so the anti snow gang in this sub have a bad time


coreynj2461 t1_j9omy25 wrote

Almost every winter the rain/snow line is north of I84 and sometimes north of 287. Sadly a no show snow winter. Hopefully next year will make up for it


thebongofamandabynes t1_j9p2onf wrote

GFS is showing three decent events from now until 3/5. Total snowfall for my area (passaic cty) is between 17 and 28 inches (depending where you are in the county).


BeaverhausenA OP t1_j9pcozv wrote

That's sort of pitly. I'm an olde who remembers 4ft snow drifts.


100AngrySquirrels t1_j9pc24b wrote

I put my snow tires on for this???


Bobby_Bouch t1_j9pmc06 wrote

Do us a favor and take them off, we’ll for sure get 1’+ within a week


Bulky-Barracuda-2749 t1_j9r7frh wrote

i personally don’t want any snow but if it means the end of ppl posting on here asking if we’re getting snow (like we have some crystal ball) then i hope we do.


BeaverhausenA OP t1_j9rb63b wrote

We disagree on motives, but both hope for snow. I appreciate your hope.


Flashinglights0101 t1_j9r86zt wrote

I bought an amazing electric snow blower this year. So pumped to use. So no, we are not getting snow.


BeaverhausenA OP t1_j9raxzp wrote

Is that you, Dad?

My father drove us crazy over HAVING to buy a fancy snow blower. He even made sure to finally get a new lock system for the garage to protect it. Not that even when we've left the garage door up, and not having had it locked for years, even as we openly stored lots of useful tools in it, was anything stolen.

I've never seen my father eager for one snow storm, hopeful for multiple snow storms.


anthonymm511 t1_j9rwskg wrote

Probably not. Freaky warm winter tbh.