Submitted by SacredSherbet t3_11co8wq in newjersey

I've called a couple of places in Ocean County but no one has heard of pesto pizza. Is there any place where I can find a good pesto pizza? Like when the red sauce is swiped with pesto sauce.



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LalaOringe t1_ja4r7qr wrote

Would be a hike for you, but the bianco pizza at Ellie’s in Newark is delicious.


saaandi t1_ja45ebd wrote

Idk if it’s any good as I’ve never gotten it (I usually get a Brooklyn crust chicken bacon ranch or Brooklyn crust penne vodka which are a-fucking-maxing) LG’s pizza in brick has pesto pizza listed on their menu. The pizzas I’ve gotten there are really good, the regular round pie (pepperoni w extra cheese) is average but the specialties I’ve gotten are awesome. The Brooklyn crust is square, not thick like a Sicilian but not as thin as a grandma.


theDigitalNexus t1_ja4zf20 wrote

Just outside of OC, but Jamian's in Red Bank has a good Chicken Parm Pesto bar pie. I'm sure they would make it without chicken if you just wanted a plain pesto.


DrGraffix t1_ja4jjgb wrote

Alfredo’s on Easton ave in some rest is good


Mm2789 t1_ja6fayf wrote

Backdoor pizza in cherry hill


kurt667 t1_ja7lgjn wrote

There are 2 pizza places in your town: one hasn’t changed at all since the 70s and is great, they don’t have pesto sauce….

and then there’s a new trendy looking place, that one will make you that dry abomination….