Submitted by 2slutswithpoopbutts t3_11cydz8 in newjersey

Im a transplant from Houston to North Jersey I’ve been fiending for some texmex, but havent found the spot. I tried Jose Tejas and was let down by the queso and fajitas (decent gumbo). Im dying for some tacos Al carbon, queso, Chile relleno carne asada, steak fajitas etc. Not necessarily texmex, but I have not even found a proper torta. Former texicans, what are your go-tos?



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doctaO t1_ja6csce wrote

Also relocated from Houston. Have yet to find decent steak fajitas in 4 years. Nothing comes anywhere close to ninfas or papasittos. Playa Betty’s by the JCC in New York City has the best queso I have found in the area. Pretty much TX quality.


tktam t1_ja6izt4 wrote

Oh man! Ninfas! I miss that place! Some of the best Tex mex ever. Also miss house of pies.


NMS-KTG t1_ja7e1qi wrote

No way you just said pappasitos was good 💀


supertutti t1_ja5z4yc wrote

Fat Cactus New Brunswick


jackietreehorn313 t1_ja7g00r wrote

As someone who frequently visits Houston, Fat Cactus is about as good as it gets for Texmex. I recommend it.


2slutswithpoopbutts OP t1_ja5pa3v wrote

Bonus for anyone who can point me to a location with machacado and chilaquiles.


BentonD_Struckcheon t1_ja60osp wrote

Bergenfield has a place my wife goes to, don't remember the name though. It's by the railroad tracks in that town if that helps.

She grew up in Mexico, and she likes that place, so it must be good.

She also likes the one in Closter. So do I.


2slutswithpoopbutts OP t1_ja65rsy wrote

Looks like you might be talking about chapala grill. It looks promising, thanks!


111110100101 t1_ja5qvws wrote

Idk about tex mex, but my favorite Mexican place is Mi Pueblito in North Arlington. And I have Mexican friends that will vouch for it.

Your search might be fruitless... some foods are just regional. Like trying to find a NJ/NY bagel in Texas. They can't make them the same


ForeverMoody t1_ja8975u wrote

Its going to be a drive for you. But Grub Hut in Manville is amazing, plenty of great BBQ and Mexican dishes on the menu. Its also BYOB and you can make an afternoon of it if you want to stop at Duke Estates before hand too.


Legitimate_Page t1_ja8q6jk wrote

Manville has some bomb ass Mexican food all around, can't go wrong there.


lost_in_life_34 t1_ja5svxa wrote

there is a place right by the station in westwood, then another one on Old Hook Rd called Lolita or something like that in Emerson and a new taco bar in Closter


I've only been to the one in Closter


kzapwn t1_ja6dnpf wrote

I’m not from texas but blue habanero in Perth Amboy is good


glasssa251 t1_ja7949j wrote

Toro Loco in South orange


specialgravity t1_ja7ucry wrote

Taqueria in Jersey City, once it reopens.


SnakesTancredi t1_ja8jorj wrote

Casa Romero in South Plainfield. They moved to a location on market street but it's the best I've had in a long time. The people who run it are all family and have built the business from a small restaurant to a pretty sizeable one with a bar now. Its a nice hidden gem and beats the chain places by a mile.


WredditSmark t1_ja8qig2 wrote

Los Tacos #1 right in the middle of Times Square might be your best bet