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drpuchala t1_j8kw0bs wrote

New Jersey got this dead beat mall instead of new train tunnels


Educational_Paint987 t1_j8kyilq wrote

Or just new trains but glad someone out here still asking the right questions.


Sonofjorel t1_j8lk3r2 wrote

We're getting some new trains. 25 new ALP45-DP-As are being delivered now, and the ML3s should start delivery by 2024. NJT is also looking to put money into upgrading some older/obsolete systems on Comet 2/4/5 and ML 1/2. They could always be buying more, it's keep me busier, but they aren't doing nothing.

Oh, and I know it's not NJ exactly, but PATH is getting more PA5s right now, too.


Practical_Argument50 t1_j8nzjg2 wrote

Most expansion has been put on hold until the. Tunnels get build also the bridges over the Hackensack and Passaic need to be replaced also.


Fox_Body_Barra t1_j8ma01w wrote

It’s been busy every time I’ve ever been there.


gordonv t1_j91bbjd wrote


I've never been. What made you go back multiple times?


wessty1984 t1_j8kzk6k wrote

The outcome just about everyone predicted even before it opened.


yuckyd t1_j8l2ow1 wrote

Seriously. No one wanted that hunk of junk.


whaler76 t1_j8knnaj wrote

13.75 on 300 mil !!?? Those deals should be posted on wallstreetbets 😂🤣


-686 t1_j8ljb96 wrote

Such symbolism with something called American Dream slowly failing lol


leetnewb2 t1_j8m2dt3 wrote

To be fair, it used to be Xanadu.


TerryTheEnlightend t1_j8t72u2 wrote

Lemme get this straight. Olivia Newton John was taken from us, but American Dream (?!!) is still here. And you want to know why nobody goes to church anymore


jawnbaejaeger t1_j8lwli6 wrote

Remember when it was supposed to be XANADU and was just a collection of multicolored trailers?


CardassianZabu t1_j8n0gql wrote

Lol, I thought it was a bunch of stacked shipping containers for a few years until I found out it wasn't. It was so ugly.


on_mission t1_j8n86yj wrote

Same - I was like oh what a great concept for recycling/waste reduction! Then I actually drove right by it and saw the terrible truth that these weren’t shipping containers, but a purposefully chosen color scheme.


EagleFly_5 t1_j8kv36f wrote


Pretty much how the mall’s been since the “phase 2” opening (shops/restaurant/water park) in March 2020 was pushed back due to the early stage of the COVID pandemic in NJ & delayed that by 7 months.

Still, gonna get the popcorn ready for the legal drama we’ll see for American Dream in the months (& years) to come over debt & how it’s both in an over saturated retail market, and too much of a Jack of All Trades business.


yuckyd t1_j8l2lb1 wrote

Fuck that place. I still can’t believe it even got built.


Crazy-Insane t1_j8mjhzs wrote

Paying for parking to shop... as if I'm on Rodeo Drive or some shit... Nah, no thanks.


neekogo t1_j8kllb4 wrote

Love the flair. So appropriate


Alchohlica t1_j8lnwqg wrote

I’d probably go more if transit ran the Meadowlands line all days instead of just game days


MerWinterCakeGiants t1_j8n9hp7 wrote

Why does everyone hate this mall so much? I went this past weekend and it’s just a big mall. Nothing amazing but it’s still a nice mall. Why the hate? I must be missing something.


neekogo t1_j8ndqze wrote

The amount of state funds that were injected into it when our infrastructure or several other programs desperately could have used the money.

The amount of time it took to build and still not even be 100% ready on opening day.

The unplanned lack of traffic control.

The fact that there's no direct route to it from the city/airports or other mass transit option such as a shuttle that would actually bring in and take some of that NYC tourist money.

The clusterfuck that it is anytime theres a Jets or Giants home game.

And the real kicker: you need to pay for parking


jskis23 t1_j8l1je8 wrote

Shoulda let NASCAR build a track years ago


colivera86 t1_j8n1ijp wrote



jskis23 t1_j8n2d2t wrote

Why not? They offered to clean up all environmental issues and it wouldn’t be a money pit.


charizardFT26 t1_j8nd21j wrote

Would be perfect for nascar


Sinsid t1_j8nwswj wrote

A bunch of trucks flying MAGA flags in a smelly swamp? Ya maybe. But they would have to drive through the rest of NJ to get there.


charizardFT26 t1_j8p1ssu wrote

I mean they’re all gonna probably have to drive through jersey anyway to get to the New Hampshire race.


RockyDiMeo t1_j8l98vy wrote

It’s not going anywhere, place is packed on the weekends.


sugarintheboots OP t1_j8l9lcd wrote

If they keep not paying their bills, it’s inevitable.


Sinsid t1_j8lyrem wrote

I don’t see them tearing it down at this point. Maybe bankruptcy and new owners. Like casinos in AC every few years.


Richard__Juul t1_j8mau1t wrote

It will probably end up being a casino.


pompcaldor t1_j8mg7l4 wrote

And who’s gonna go to this casino once New York State approves a Manhattan casino?


gintoddic t1_j8mwhol wrote

People who live in NJ 1000% do not want to go to NYC if they don't have to.


NjMel7 t1_j8pod76 wrote

Maybe just use it as a storage site for Chris Christie’s huge ego.


JohnLockeOP t1_j8lhrko wrote

It’s a dope mall idk why more people don’t shop there. The Saks Fifth Avenue section is fire and the entertainment for families and kids is unmatched at any other malls I’ve ever seen


Mets1st t1_j8mqj7x wrote

Love user name! I read his book!


JohnLockeOP t1_j8oa5yv wrote

Haha same he was a great philosopher. But my name comes from the John Locke character from the TV show ‘Lost’



HawkTiger83 t1_j8mtors wrote

Thanks for your business. Your corporate owners will repay you with pollution and slavery.


JohnLockeOP t1_j8oa0q6 wrote

You’re welcome? What’s the alternative here?


HawkTiger83 t1_j8ogtkd wrote

What's the alternative to shopping at a mall?..Mall shopping is that essential?.. What?


JohnLockeOP t1_j8p14pq wrote

Dude what are you even saying? I never said it’s essential lmao, I’m just interested in the products and entertainment they provide so I enjoy them? Enjoy mommas basement buddy, bye bye


MattyBeatz t1_j8n2i92 wrote

In their defense, when the idea was hatched to build it like 20 years ago, people actually still went to malls.


SleepyHobo t1_j8n4po2 wrote

People still go to malls if you don't live in South Jersey. Menlo, Garden State, Short Hills, etc.. All packed during the weekends.


NachoFries2020 t1_j8ni1bj wrote

More like the American Nightmare mall. Just let it sink into the Meadowlands swamp already.


Quintessince t1_j8o2z2y wrote

This thing smelled like a scam the day it was announced. I'm surprised it actually opened at some point.


GrammarLyfe t1_j8ne7rp wrote

No one wanted it from the moment it was announced.


TroyMcClure10 t1_j8nmuya wrote

Wow I think they have always been in trouble. I can’t see this ending well for the owners.


TriggerTough t1_j8nu17q wrote

and I just re-upped my season pass to Skudin Surf.

Hope the place doesn't close. That wave pool has killer surf sessions there.


Papa_Louie_677 t1_j8o4cvb wrote

I haven't been but those who I know who went have not said great things. Especially when it comes to the parking.


LadyStarling t1_j8osjhd wrote

I don't get why these developers didn't try to get someone to lobby an exception to the Bergen Blue Law for them, just one of the myriad of reasons they're losing money. No it would not have fixed all their problems but the loss in profit for all those stores must be insane considering how busy it is on Fridays and Saturdays


gordonv t1_j91bho2 wrote

Wait. Blue Laws apply to American Dream?


LadyStarling t1_j91l43q wrote

Yes they do and people on Sundays that visit the attractions are always so confused when they see the signs on the stores that won't let them in to buy things


gordonv t1_j91mwra wrote

Well... I am at a loss for words on this one.

Why did this get past the planning stages?


Some-Imagination9782 t1_j8kuh4g wrote

I don’t want to get stabbed while shopping


WhoDatDatDidDat t1_j8kwj76 wrote

Where’s your sense of adventure? There aren’t many places left to go for a good down-home stabbin’ these days. Now if you had said “I don’t want to pay to park and then get stabbed” I would totally get that.


DeaddyRuxpin t1_j8kyaj2 wrote

Paying for parking is how you know you are getting a quality stabbing. No one wants the low rent district free street parking stabbing.


WhoDatDatDidDat t1_j8kyo7e wrote

Good point. Last time I got stabbed there, they took my shoes, too.


jawnbaejaeger t1_j8lwixn wrote

Look, if I'm going to get stabbed, I want it to be by someone who bothered to bring a good fucking knife after we've both paid for parking.