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Educational_Paint987 t1_j8kyilq wrote

Or just new trains but glad someone out here still asking the right questions.


Sonofjorel t1_j8lk3r2 wrote

We're getting some new trains. 25 new ALP45-DP-As are being delivered now, and the ML3s should start delivery by 2024. NJT is also looking to put money into upgrading some older/obsolete systems on Comet 2/4/5 and ML 1/2. They could always be buying more, it's keep me busier, but they aren't doing nothing.

Oh, and I know it's not NJ exactly, but PATH is getting more PA5s right now, too.


Practical_Argument50 t1_j8nzjg2 wrote

Most expansion has been put on hold until the. Tunnels get build also the bridges over the Hackensack and Passaic need to be replaced also.