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Batumi19 t1_j9tliz9 wrote

If that's Budd Lake, you're about 10 minutes from Czig Meister. Some of the best craft beer in NJ in my opinion!


ForeverMoody OP t1_j9tlz08 wrote

I love Czig, just was at StoutFest.


johnny_ringo t1_j9u21s6 wrote

> StoutFest

How do I always hear about these awesome events AFTER they occur?! arg


dEn_of_asyD t1_j9x0xnl wrote

Because people talk about them and what happened there after they happened, and by the time they roll around again next year you've already forgotten until they happen and people talk about them again.


EasyGibson t1_j9uvuv2 wrote

You can still go and clean up the leftovers. They've usually got a bunch of tap for a few weeks after.


BoujeeMomme t1_j9tvlf7 wrote

Went there once on a date and had probably one of my best dates ever 🙂 was definitely a ummm " fun " night ahem ahem!!


[deleted] t1_j9u8xel wrote



BoujeeMomme t1_j9u9fmp wrote

We did!!!! I kicked my date's ass too though lost a bet where I got suckered into thinking the guy wasn't horrible with it but actually kicked my ass after making the bet 😡!!!!


Gambrinus t1_j9ugr2p wrote

You got cornhole hustled, eh?


BoujeeMomme t1_j9ui5oi wrote

Ohhh did I!!! I should had seen it coming but I was honestly getting tipsy by the time I lost!!

I thought I was kicking the guys asses then out of no where one after the other I was done!!! Like WTF just happened 🤣 to this day I still shake my head with that evening. I rarely ever talk about it too so sshhhhh!!


soundfreely t1_j9u5hdl wrote

“James on Main” is right there too - excellent food. There aren’t many tables, so I’d suggest a reservation.


inkaudio t1_j9tx42y wrote

Only 5 min from Jersey Girl which also makes a fine beer


Batumi19 t1_j9tyq8r wrote

I thought Jersey Girl's beer was only okay. But I did really enjoy sitting in their outdoor patio area on their big Adirondacks. That alone made it a nice visit.


inkaudio t1_j9u0hh7 wrote

Czigmeister and Jersey Girl kinda dance between top two in the area for me. Poor Man Skirt is good but pretty consistently #3 for me.

Edit: JG's King Gambrinus is one of my favorite beers of all time though.


Batumi19 t1_j9u17j2 wrote

I haven't had the King Gambrinus yet, so I'll definitely try that one next time I go to JG.

I've never been to Man Skirt. I know it's right there, but I've just never made it over. Usually we go straight to Czig and then to Marley's for wings or order pizza from Davila's and then fall into a food coma.

I really think that brewery should change its name to Liquid Haggis or Lion Heart or something like that if they want to keep the Scottish theme.


ForeverMoody OP t1_j9u4q0y wrote

Marleys is the best, what’s your favorite sauce? It’s hard for me not to order the Bang Bang.


Batumi19 t1_j9u68sv wrote

Jamaican Me Crazy or the African dry rub. I think the African is one of their newer flavors. Will have to try the Bang Bang!


I_Am_Skipples t1_j9vbz99 wrote

And the worst trivia host this side of the state. Unrelated to the brewery, which is wonderful.


Batumi19 t1_ja381h5 wrote

I think I remember seeing that trivia crew once. They took forever between questions, and people would just pick up their phones and Google the answer before turning in a slip of paper. Some of the questions were really dumb too.


I_Am_Skipples t1_ja388uq wrote

It’s weird because the same group has different hosts all over. The guy who does Sheridans on Wednesdays is amazing, but the crew in Hackettstown kinda blows.