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Anyone know what they are protesting on the corner of Main St in Rockaway? Signs say things like “Honk for Freedom” and one sign that had the T slur, but I couldn’t make sense of the sentence. I’m assuming it’s just general ignorance, but I’m too curious for my own good.

Edit: typo :(



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[deleted] t1_j9ztt7h wrote

They've been there for months. I see them when I drive to Jersey Girl Cheese down the street. I opened my window and yelled fuck you at them and they weren't expecting that. They are an anti-everything "look at me" meetup.


shant_jan t1_ja0qx1t wrote

the shit people do with their lives instead of going to therapy


dsutari t1_ja0130c wrote

“Coercion is not consent.” I mean yeah. Pee pee is not poo poo too.


[deleted] t1_ja02ij9 wrote

These folks are one step away from having their exit bag and waiting for the signal


4201776 t1_ja3b1j6 wrote


Probably worth noting that's not a t-slur but "tyranny"


trekologer t1_ja59mz3 wrote

They really don't like if you shout "get a job, you bums"


antikythera3301 t1_ja5deb5 wrote

Oh damn, that the road that brings you to Walgreen’s from Main St.

I use to live on Jackson Ave. across from the park.


Mr_Matt_K t1_ja06etb wrote

Ironic that they're standing in front of that business when the business across the RR tracks is literally named "MAGA"


njstein t1_ja0tnju wrote

krav maga is all about punching people in the dick and eyeballs though. it's kind of similar but different.


s55555s t1_ja0zlg3 wrote

That’s actually a Hebrew name. Emphasis on the GA. Provided a link.


Front_Pause_4334 t1_ja1dog9 wrote

I assume that hosing them with a super soaker full of milk is some type of assault? (Asking for a friend)


bknavratil t1_ja3mlb7 wrote

I have a friend who’s also wondered about this.


Thisismypasswprd t1_j9zmwql wrote

T slur?


peanutthemouse OP t1_j9zqeft wrote

T slur = Tr**ny


SadMasterpiece7019 t1_ja2rkgb wrote

The picture someone else posted says "tyranny"... possible you misread it?


peanutthemouse OP t1_ja4f5ro wrote

Oh man, that is possible! I don’t see the sign I saw in that photo, though…I wish I had gotten a photo of it


SadMasterpiece7019 t1_ja4h3hs wrote

I still don't want to know what their opinion on that is... or anything, really.


Thisismypasswprd t1_ja0745a wrote

So a trans person. Got it. Not sure 't slur' is a thing but ok


peanutthemouse OP t1_ja07iag wrote

Google “T slur”, It’s a thing and trans people do not appreciate being called this.


Thisismypasswprd t1_ja07wox wrote

They don't like being called trans? That's inherently false.

No I'm not googling anything. Ignore the crazy 'protesters' and move on


NewJerseyLefty t1_ja32rf1 wrote

let me guess, a group of conservative right wingers or "libertarians" whining about social issues that do not concern them at all?


ToastedSimian t1_ja1t0lt wrote

One of their big platforms is antivax. I just can't imagine wasting every Saturday morning to look like a bunch of twats. Every time you drive by, they really try to engage you.

Edit; spelling


StinkyTheMonkey t1_ja37q8r wrote

What they should be protesting is the timing of that traffic light. Wait forever on Franklin just for a short green where only a few cars can make the turn.


antikythera3301 t1_ja5djnm wrote

YES. Agreed. I used to live on Jackson Ave. for a couple years.


valeofraritan t1_ja0ok7d wrote

For years there was a guy in a lawn chair every Saturday protesting God knows what in front of the Hillsborough Post Office. These make him look like a deep thinker.


grfede1 t1_ja4506t wrote

That Chris Christie, he is so funny.


4201776 t1_ja3bby9 wrote

OP from the photo someone else posted in this thread, the sign read "tyranny" and the other guy has something about bodily autonomy, looks like they're protesting vaccine mandates.


Lease_woodcox t1_ja2aezi wrote

Oh God! Not these people! I live in Rockaway and these nut jobs put propaganda flyers to "join them"in my mailbox!!!


IntoTheMirror t1_j9zqq8w wrote

They’ve been saying for the past few days that today was gonna be something something day of hate rally.


I_Am_Skipples t1_ja049it wrote

They’re there most weekends. We head to Missy’s for breakfast a fair bit and they’re always out there… with their signs that don’t really make much sense. I’ve been told I can’t yell obscenities at them by my usual passenger.


antikythera3301 t1_ja5duqi wrote

Oh man I miss Missy so much. I moved away in 2018, but you can still order my burger at the cafe (Canadian Chris burger).

Please have a Jersey Jughandle in my honour.


that_guy_Elbs t1_ja1x1tw wrote

Hey that’s my town! Idk I haven’t seen them maybe they are there when I’m at work?


bknavratil t1_ja3n49l wrote

Oh hey this is my hometown. What a weird spot for that, though? I’d think they get more visibility at the three-way intersection by Anthony’s, like a half mile up the street. The bar there also seems pretty MAGA friendly, which I found out last time I went home last summer.