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[deleted] t1_j9ztt7h wrote

They've been there for months. I see them when I drive to Jersey Girl Cheese down the street. I opened my window and yelled fuck you at them and they weren't expecting that. They are an anti-everything "look at me" meetup.


shant_jan t1_ja0qx1t wrote

the shit people do with their lives instead of going to therapy


dsutari t1_ja0130c wrote

“Coercion is not consent.” I mean yeah. Pee pee is not poo poo too.


[deleted] t1_ja02ij9 wrote

These folks are one step away from having their exit bag and waiting for the signal


4201776 t1_ja3b1j6 wrote


Probably worth noting that's not a t-slur but "tyranny"


trekologer t1_ja59mz3 wrote

They really don't like if you shout "get a job, you bums"


antikythera3301 t1_ja5deb5 wrote

Oh damn, that the road that brings you to Walgreen’s from Main St.

I use to live on Jackson Ave. across from the park.


Mr_Matt_K t1_ja06etb wrote

Ironic that they're standing in front of that business when the business across the RR tracks is literally named "MAGA"


njstein t1_ja0tnju wrote

krav maga is all about punching people in the dick and eyeballs though. it's kind of similar but different.


s55555s t1_ja0zlg3 wrote

That’s actually a Hebrew name. Emphasis on the GA. Provided a link.