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AVDLatex t1_j9uen15 wrote

Those 8 miles can take forever if you hit the traffic wrong.


munchingzia OP t1_j9uspfs wrote

yes. you need to know your area very well to make a sizeable profit


the_last_carfighter t1_j9vlyvn wrote

I had a nice lady with a mid-west twang from road side assistance send someone from *nearby Brooklyn*, to NJ, on a Friday afternoon, on a holiday weekend, during the summer (but not August) because according to her computer "they were only 13 miles away" which was true.. We waited for 3.5 hours.


munchingzia OP t1_j9vnwz5 wrote

mileage can be deceiving in the tri state area. took me an hour to drive 3 miles in Manhattan.


the_last_carfighter t1_j9vuw35 wrote

I would prefer unnecessary root canals on multiple teeth over attempting to leave NYC on a friday in the early summer months.


munchingzia OP t1_j9vvogk wrote

after 5pm on a friday, all hell breaks loose


AteRealDonaldTrump t1_j9w40ht wrote

I once had to pick up a bus full of teenagers from JFK on a Friday evening.

On the Friday Pope Francis was visiting NYC.

Round trip (from Bergen County) to JFK and back was about 7 hours.


AnonymDePlume t1_j9wkx32 wrote

I had to go cross town to JFK when Obama was speaking at the UN. 7 hours and I got a ticket for blocking the box.


vabello t1_j9wshts wrote

Honk honk! Go!!! Guy directing traffic stops you. You’re blocking the box!


AnonymDePlume t1_j9wsn4v wrote

Exactly. It was like a police assembly line for ticketing people.


Sticky_Buns_87 t1_j9wgsgz wrote

I used to work in an office on Varick Street several blocks from the tunnel. Summer Fridays the non stop honking started around 2pm.


Sagelmoon t1_j9xj7v4 wrote

Vice versa too !!😛.... even if they tipped the COST to get into NYC via bridge/tunnel AND I had a mannequin as a fake passenger to take the "good lane" to deliver something...N O P E. Not worth the TIME, traffic, 40 red lights, ppl not using blinkers to cut u off, ect.

My DUMBASS did something SUPER freaking dumb once when I was 22 years old. (As an adult I'm EMBARASSED about how stupid this is )
10pm on New Years Eve my bf & I thought it would be a GENIUS idea to watch the ball fall in NYC. 🥳 🤷‍♀️🍷 🎉 🤦‍♀️ 🍸 Sooooo drove from my house in NNJ... Just to spend New Years stuck in the tunnel for 2 hours in bumper to bumper traffic. 😂😂 Soon as we got out the tunnel we turned around and went home.

Granted we still had radio signal so celebrated w the other jackasses stuck in tunnel..... but def NOT one of my brightest moments. 😛😂


thefudd t1_j9wex0o wrote

Fuck you for reminding me of this


Shishkebarbarian t1_j9x3q5r wrote

i grew up and lived in Brooklyn for 30+ years. i would regularly drive an hour from my parents house in Coney Island to my apartment in Clinton Hill. that's not even leaving Brooklyn.


Bibliotheclaire t1_j9xvlg4 wrote

Called aaa bc I got a flat a good hour north of NYC. They sent someone from STATEN FUCKING ISLAND. When they got there like 3 hours later and said where he drove from o was like wtffff. He said that AAA sends notices out to the shops and whoever gets it first gets it. His boss regularly sends him out to change flats and stuff really far away. The guy was like but again I was like wtfffff bro people are the worst


[deleted] t1_j9yfrnu wrote



munchingzia OP t1_j9yiesc wrote

ive seen people making 80k a year at the higher end.
if your market is really good.
lets say Chicago, NY, Bay area, Seattle.
but most people are in mid sized markets and theyd be lucky to make 40k.


its_boVice t1_j9ufawp wrote

Asides a limiting physical ability, I’ll never understand ordering coffee for a delivery.


spageddy_lee t1_j9upz5o wrote

I have a few workaholic (corporate) coworkers who do this both to the office and when working from home.


icecoast_ t1_j9uuoo3 wrote

Why not just get a nice coffee/espresso machine for the office?


emdeemcd t1_j9uv6yc wrote

Because these people don’t want coffee. They want their coffee flavored sugar milkshake.


KrAEGNET t1_j9wi5su wrote

Office coffee machines means one of the employees has to clean it. Good luck with that.


spageddy_lee t1_j9vsm1s wrote

Definitely too good for office coffee, which to be fair is not great. I've never worked at an office that had coffee as good as a coffee shop.


wildcarde815 t1_j9wg8bx wrote

As long as you have access to hot water you can make a good cup with an aero press and pre ground coffee you bring in.


igotthepowah t1_j9usowp wrote

This is so common. I work at a hospital and we order coffees for the unit all the time. People who are working can’t really leave unless it’s their break.


beltalowda_oye t1_j9v2qu6 wrote

Yep and I'm not spending my break picking up coffee for everyone. Our facility is paid break so we have to answer calls and shit during break too.


catchitclose2 t1_j9vn3vp wrote

I get a paid break and you know what I do? Take a nap. If you have to answer calls on your break, it’s not a break


lost_in_life_34 t1_j9v6o8c wrote

can't you just buy it on the way?


when I lived in NYC i'd order starbucks through the app 3 stops away on the subway. it would be there by the time I got out and then just a 5 minute walk to the office


igotthepowah t1_j9vaeyd wrote

I’m driving to work at 6am, I don’t want to allocate any morning minutes to coffee pick up. Plus, have you ever carried 10 coffees? It’s a pain in the ass. Also, this isn’t always the first coffee of the day. Sometimes it’s a mid-day treat. We work 12 hours.


Lopsided_Blueberry10 t1_j9xe6ew wrote

but also do you consider the driver that has to carry your 10 coffees? bc i’ve gotten deliveries where i was juggling 13 coffees for an order (almost spilled one ngl) to only get tipped $2


Sagelmoon t1_j9xliyx wrote

2 dollar tip for even 2 coffees from Starbucks is NOT OK. !!! Never would i tip an Uber eats/Dooddash driver less than $5. But 13 coffees = if each person tipped AROUND $1.50, driver could easily make about $19 - $22 for that 1 delivery..

If ppl can't afford it, they shouldnt order. 🤷‍♀️

If I EVER order coffee from work for multiple ppl - EVERY PERSON is chipping in for a tip...or they don't oder.

I personally never delivered food before but I DID waitress for many years in my 20s.... so have always been a OVER TIPPER because of that.

Probably unpopular opinion, LoL but - Every American should HAVE to work a job in food service or customer service w tips.... for at least a year growing up. Only THEN should u be APPROVED to go out to eat OR order delivery. 😂 That's the only way everyone would truly understand JUST how hard ppl in the industry work (and the bullshit!t they endure.)


Wishilikedhugs t1_j9woaee wrote

You would be shocked what people order and how far away they order it from. I deliver on the weekends. One time I picked up a fountain soda (and nothing else) at a pizza place and had to drive it 10 miles. You read that correctly.

The staff was joking that they used to have a glitch where it was part of a combo deal and if you'd remove part of it, you'd still get everything at only the cost of the drink. They suppose the guy tried to do it and didn't realize it didn't work and he ended up with just a fountain drink.


rockmasterflex t1_j9zb3z5 wrote

Mostly because it costs like literally nothing to get a coffee machine and make your own? Adding as much fake flavor syrup as you need at home… right?


being_igor t1_j9uk5uc wrote

There can be a number of reasons why you’re not able to leave the house, stop it.


whatsasimba t1_j9umb7d wrote

I ordered Starbucks delivered once during the pandemic, but felt weird just getting a coffee, so I also got an iced coffee, two food things (bfast, and lunch) and a pound of coffee to make it $30, and i left a 10 dollar tip (it's a mile away).

This isn't medication, or even groceries. It's overpriced coffee, a luxury item we buy with our disposable income. An actual human is spending gas, time, and wear and tear on their car. Even with a 30% tip, it's costing them money to deliver it.


munchingzia OP t1_j9un2d1 wrote

i only do doordash from 6 am to 8 am , before i have to go to my day job. people love their dunkin. i dont expect anyone to tip big for a cup of coffee. but its always appreciated.


being_igor t1_j9un34w wrote

That’s the job, though. And on top of everything, they don’t even have to accept so all your points are moot.


whatsasimba t1_j9z8npb wrote

I was agreeing with you. And from what I've been told, some of these delivery services don't tell you what the order is until you've accepted it. If you reject too many times, your account gets frozen for a period of time.


being_igor t1_j9z9fp8 wrote

My bad, sorry if I misunderstood. I think we’re also on the same page that it’s not an easy job. I’m just confused regarding all the criticisms of the customer ordering a coffee. That’s the service…any other nonsense that happens outside of that has nothing to do with the customer 🤷‍♂️


whatsasimba t1_j9zd76w wrote

Honestly, I think someone could make a killing with a coffee truck that roams neighborhoods like an ice cream truck.


The_Healed t1_j9um9sk wrote

Then buy a keurig or mrs coffee and make at home


being_igor t1_j9umu4b wrote

Your smug comment really contributes to the conversation.


StillNotWeirDanuff t1_j9ut1us wrote

I’m curious why you don’t think that’s a good suggestion, aside from you thinking it’s a smug comment. Ordering coffee thru delivery is kind of weird, IMO.


being_igor t1_j9uxo3k wrote

Why is it weird? That’s the service that Doordash provides. Drivers don’t need to accept.

It’s the same thing if someone orders an Uber to go three blocks to avoid the rain…not ideal but that’s the job (that driver aren’t forced to accept).


StillNotWeirDanuff t1_j9w0ipm wrote

We’re talking about 2 different things. I understand that the driver can decline. It’s the ordering coffee from Door Dash and other delivery services that is being questioned and discussed further. I think that making your own at home is much better/fresher/blah blah than waiting for it to be delivered…gets cold/gets warm/oops the driver spilled your coffee…that’s why I think it’s weird.


being_igor t1_j9wfrov wrote

I make my own coffee at home. Not disagreeing with you that it’s a more convenient option.


The_Healed t1_j9un0r9 wrote

If a person cannot get out of bed for sugar loaded milk. Then make it at home. 🤷 aint about being smug. Its about doing away with this nonsense app that panders to lazy twits


[deleted] t1_j9up5cq wrote



The_Healed t1_j9upcy3 wrote

What if the dinosaurs come back what if the earth breaks apart what if general patton comes back to life to buttfornicate us. You just lazy if you aint think of those either 🤦🤦🤦


[deleted] t1_j9upwiz wrote



The_Healed t1_j9ur2au wrote

Theyre all equally plausible 🤷 not mad at anyone besides the person being a lazy twit to order a 4 dollar coffee and 2 of those is probably the tip


being_igor t1_j9un6zj wrote

I guess lazy twits employ DoorDash drivers 🤷‍♂️


midnight_thunder t1_j9un60g wrote

If it’s iced, the ice will be melted. If it’s hot, it will be lukewarm. There is no good reason to get Starbucks delivery. Order K cups, a jug of cold coffee, or instant coffee from the supermarket and get that delivered. Makes way more sense.


specialgravity t1_j9uoasy wrote

Get a French press and some decent ground coffee and you can have better quality coffee for less without the environmental impact of dumb plastic k-cups. You can even make cold brew. If you want to start going crazy, get a scale and a cheap blade grinder and start grinding your beans. Much better than k-cups or delivered Starbucks coffee.


midnight_thunder t1_j9urujj wrote

I was choosing the laziest methods I could think of, in comparison to getting Starbucks delivered.


deluxepepperoncini t1_j9wj3ha wrote

I’ve thought about getting a French press for home again. I have this dumb fucking machine that does k-cups and has also the carafe but I can never get the scoops right. It doesn’t make the coffee good enough.


specialgravity t1_j9x52lo wrote

Food scales my dude. Ideally coffee and water should always be weighed at a 1:15 - 1:20 ratio depending on your taste, meaning for every 15 grams of coffee there should be 225 - 300 grams of water (this produces 1 coffee). A French press typically brews up to 4 coffee (do the math). The problem with scoops is that there is no standard measurement and no two people scoop the same.

Not all drip machines are designed equally. There’s a whole bunch of factors here, including basket vs cone filters, brew temperatures, pooling and channeling, and the heat plate underneath the carafe burning your coffee. Your machine could be old and need to be descaled. This is why French presses are such a fool proof way to start out making better coffee.


lost_in_life_34 t1_j9v6vkt wrote

i bought a $350 moccamaster coffee maker that makes really good coffee and worth every penny. my wife doesn't even like to go to starbucks after it


being_igor t1_j9uni7b wrote

What does this have to do with anything? Doordash exists for this purpose. Drivers don’t have to accept. End of story.


ianisms10 t1_j9uf5xa wrote

I stopped Doordashing because of shit like this.


uniquan t1_j9uy8li wrote

waiting patiently in your car just to shit on 15 minutes later


vc1914 t1_j9ulgbu wrote

I stopped Uber eats bc of this… absolutely waste of gas


EmelaJosa t1_j9um8x1 wrote

Thank god I don’t work for Uber eats… they charge the customer super high too!! Where does that money go to? I guess to Uber corporate?!


metalkhaos t1_j9uwmiw wrote

That's my issue, they charge these restaurants so much money, but it's not going mostly to the drivers.


iberian_prince t1_j9we5tf wrote

Yeah its a whole scam, both the driver and customer are getting fucked. Uber is the only one who wins.


shant_jan t1_j9uq7xe wrote

honestly reddit needs more posts from app workers like this and less posts from customers being like "TiPpInG Is oUt oF CoNtRoL "


beltalowda_oye t1_j9v2zp6 wrote

Both sides of the spectrum is true tho. Shit like this is ridiculous and why restaurants place minimum order for deliveries prior to Uber eats. And tipping is out of control in some aspects. I say this as someone who tips very well.


WredditSmark t1_j9uuprm wrote

If you go into the respective app subreddits a lot of the posts ARE this


Lopsided_Blueberry10 t1_j9xf0wv wrote

quite honestly i DD in the same area as OP and i was making SIGNIFICANTLY more in tips in my college town than i am now that i’m back home


tonyblow2345 t1_j9uflwj wrote

They’ll tip you $1 too.


ianisms10 t1_j9ulanj wrote

The $4.75 is including tip


tonyblow2345 t1_j9uuzzn wrote

When it says “total may be higher” it can sometimes mean they’re hiding the real tip amount. I used to get hidden tips when the distance was far.


munchingzia OP t1_j9uys32 wrote

that usually only happens if they show you $6.75 or $7.75 up front. if you see $4.75 thats what you get.


tonyblow2345 t1_j9uzy91 wrote

True, but I have had a higher tip for a lower price like that. Might have been a customer contacting customer service to add tip later, don’t remember. I quit delivering a while back.


jersey_girl660 t1_j9y04nz wrote

Yeah that’s different. They don’t do hidden tips on sub $5 orders


autoerratica t1_j9v9kbz wrote

Isn’t this not the customers fault though? This has happened to me, and I’m like “WTF, why is the app using a driver that’s so damn far away?!”?


munchingzia OP t1_j9vcg17 wrote

its not the customers fault. its nobodys fault really. nobody is forcing me to take the order. doordash will increase the pay if people keep declining it.


autoerratica t1_j9vix45 wrote

Oh alright… inside details! I usually bump up the tip if I notice/can afford it. Thanks for dealing with all the bullshit!


jersey_girl660 t1_j9y05r4 wrote

It’s not the customers fault the driver is so far no. However it is there fault they tipped how they did


SPAGOODLOR t1_j9uopza wrote

If only used the service fee to pay you...


ExtensionSet9379 t1_j9wumo2 wrote

I remember driving Lyft

I had a job but I was out because me and my wife had a newborn and I just wanted to make more money.

Story time: I left my house 5am to catch the surges , I drove out for about 2hrs.I went about 4-5 miles out from when I live and still couldn’t get a ride, so I decided to drive back home it’s not 7:45 something said leave your app open. As I got near my house literally parking my app went off for a ride. I instantly got excited like yeah let’s get these rides going. Not knowing how to fully use the app I accepted the request and it was a lady that live across the street. 😒😂

I seen her drop off point after I accepted the request it was a 47 minute drive for $12.47 Remind you this is when gas was at its highest , she didn’t even tip , that’s damn near ever customer that take ride shares. I literally took her to work for free. Oh I still have a 45+ minute drive home 😂


Outrageous_Pop1913 t1_j9uwb4w wrote

Who has coffee delivered? Seriously, there has to be a more efficient way to get a caffeine fix.


munchingzia OP t1_j9ux0dm wrote

alot of people. every morning lol. NJ and NY love Dunkin. i work early morning everyday and i have alot of regulars. Plus theres alot of wealthy people here.


Outrageous_Pop1913 t1_j9uyrqy wrote

I left NJ 30 years ago and we had to go to a Diner for coffee back then. I am old AF as you young folks say.. Glad you are making money off the new breed of Jersey residents. They should tip better though.


munchingzia OP t1_j9v8qxe wrote

the new jersey folk are definitely somethin. but we also have alot of older families. most of them are well settled and living in million dollar homes lol


Sagelmoon t1_j9xnbf1 wrote

I've done it many times, lol.....sometimes if u are at work and get hungry/thirsty/tired at around 2 pm, ITS WORTH the $6 tip to get a blueberry muffin and a grande white chocolate mocha delivered from 1.5 miles away. 😂🤷‍♀️😂

I know this is a splurge for some ppl. Really depends on how much $$ u MAKE at work for it to make sense.

BUT if u have the money & don't mind, screw it. 😛 And if u really think about it, those who need (or choose) to work as delivery drivers.... the ones who order (AND TIP HOW THEY SHOULD) are how they make THEIR money by giving them busines 🖤


therealdieseld t1_j9v1z43 wrote

So just don’t accept it? I don’t get it


ansky201 t1_j9unt81 wrote

Do you actually make any money doing Doordash? Between gas, wear and tear on your car, and just overall time, how much are you really making?


munchingzia OP t1_j9uovyk wrote

trust me i consider all these things. i dont do this full time so i have the luxury to only take high paying orders.

im also lucky enough to live near a plaza and many stores. (ramsey, mahwah) so i dont need to leave my house to start my shift.

This morning i did a $9.75 order going 3 miles. these are the only ones i’ll take. they add up at the end of the year.

i also do it for the tax deductions. my w2 job takes alot of money out of my paycheck.


JerseySpiderman t1_j9w9aop wrote

I do it on a bicycle sometimes (so that slashes the gas/maintenance costs). I can make about $70-100 a day, maybe $200 on a good day.

Not worth quitting your job for, but it's something to do if you got time to kill.

Then again, I'm in Hudson County, not the suburbs


infamousdx t1_j9wm4qa wrote

Semi related note, what's up with Uber Eats 'drivers' listing as bicycle but showing up in a car. Are they gaming the system somehow?


JerseySpiderman t1_j9wtfvd wrote

Not familiar with Uber Eats, so I can't provide a correct answer on that one.

I believe if you sign up as a cyclist, they don't check your driving record.


Princesspoacher t1_j9v0bbv wrote

When I use DoorDash, I just go with whatever tip DoorDash recommends, does door dash take into account the distance?


munchingzia OP t1_j9v8kjp wrote

i dont think dd takes into account the distance. also who knows which store they’ll send the order to. theres 4 dunkins in my area.


ukcats12 t1_j9vqkxc wrote

I think it takes into account the distance between the restaurant and the customer, but not the distance the driver needs to drive to get to the restaurant.


munchingzia OP t1_j9vrxny wrote

you might be right. because ive seen base pay range from $2.75 to $9.00


Sagelmoon t1_j9xoo1p wrote

I asked my delivery driver about this recently. And also if they get entire tip, any of the service fees, if tipping cash was better for her. She said if ppl tip nothing or minimum - many times yer food sits there until somone FINALLY decides to take he order. And they aren't as inclined to give a crap about the extras, lol... straws, utensils, napkins, sauce u wanted, ect. Also that you will be the last person they drive to if taking a few orders at once.

Although they DO get the whole tip she explained.... Doordarsh takes almost all of the money u see besides the tip. So those other "fees" and the inflated prices for stuff...... almost all goes to the company

Me as a person- I would never drive 3 miles to a restaurant, park, go inside to get food, gather the things needed and THEN drive another 3-5miles to somones house for $ 4 - 5 ya know.

Longer the instance and more effort the job TAKES the more a person SHOULD tip.

I tip like I went to a restaurant. 20% plus a little extra. IF THEY SCREW UP yr order, don't bring ANYTHING u need, or deliver to WRONG house blocks away (happened to me last week hahaha 🤦‍♀️) U can always adjust tip after.


jersey_girl660 t1_j9y0acu wrote

The tip is often too little. Aim to tip amount of miles from the restaurant times 2. At minimum


ImaginaryRoads t1_j9ujvsi wrote

Well, they aren't necessarily expecting you to go to Ridgewood. Could be someone else closer in, or someone heading that way already.


NachoFries2020 t1_j9v17by wrote

Easily get caught in traffic, I used to work in that area, Woodcliff Lake to Montvale, sometimes take backroads to Rt.17. One wrong move and there goes 1 hour easy... I wouldn't take that job.


lost_in_life_34 t1_j9v72ro wrote

few times i ordered it's like $15 for a $3 coffee


i just order in the app and go pick it up


munchingzia OP t1_j9v8ay1 wrote

if ur gona do a mobile order, def use the starbucks or dunkin app. not doordash or uber.


AcceptableBison2 t1_j9vb9lb wrote

Bring it to me in Hackensack instead


munchingzia OP t1_j9vckbs wrote

i think alot of us forget Hackensack is an actual city. because up here its just townships and suburbs. some of them dont even have a “downtown” area.


Etherius t1_j9xqwhw wrote

I live in Morris County and i often wonder how we’re the most densely populated state

Then I realize our state is basically one giant suburb where “in town” never actually ends and it just becomes a different town.

Other states have barren wasteland for 100-mile stretches


Cultural-Rush4655 t1_j9vf9ay wrote

Interesting! Asking from a customer perspective, I always assumed that the app groups together other orders that are close by pick ups and drop offs and that’s how the delivery persons are able to support even smaller ticket deliveries. Is that not the case?

I always think about how much to tip? Is it x% of the order amount ( e.g., 20% of $15 order doesn’t seem to be enough in the suburbs) or is it $x based on the distance and time for delivery?


munchingzia OP t1_j9vg3n3 wrote

if it’s busy enough, you get a stack of 2 orders.

how much you tip is up to you. if a driver thinks its too low, they won’t take it.

i personally tip $1 per mile. if a restaurant is 3 miles away, i tip $3 . Unless i order alot of food . in that case ill throw them a $10


jersey_girl660 t1_j9y0ecx wrote

Typically with DoorDash as long as there is drivers available willing to take an order they won’t stack it. So sadly most of our orders are just one person.

It’s both. At minimum you should be tipping miles from restaurant times 2. But if you ordering really expensive food or a lot of food increase the tip a bit.


being_igor t1_j9ukdnr wrote

Do they know where you’re located?


letsgometros t1_j9v0qqx wrote

nope, look how close the Starbucks is to the delivery location. This is on Door Dash's algorithm that they would even offer this job to someone so far away.


jersey_girl660 t1_j9y0cm6 wrote

They only do this when they don’t have enough drivers available or the available drivers won’t take the order


being_igor t1_j9v10at wrote

Then it’s definitely a shitty algo, but that’s not on the customer.

The only thing on the customer is that they are a cheap fuck.


msginnyo t1_j9uztl8 wrote

I ordered my first delivery Wednesday through the Yelp app and didn’t like the amount they had taken out of my credit card for a tip so I threw $10 cash in an envelope and taped it to my door for the no contact delivery person. When they called to tell me it was on my stoop I said “grab your cash off my door that’s for you.”


thistooshallpass11 t1_j9v3wis wrote

My wife and kids are always ordering from these apps which I'm okay with or else guess who's gonna br running back and forth for them hmmmm 🙄?!?!

I've taught them to be good tippers since those guys driving back and forth using their own gas and whatnot work hard so it's a minimum $5 to $10 tip regardless of what they're ordering.


lost_in_life_34 t1_j9v672k wrote

i order once in a while, but crazy expensive and i'll drive to get it myself


thistooshallpass11 t1_j9v8221 wrote

I never had to be honest but like I said my wife and kids are constantly ordering. Maybe 3 or 4 times a week I know we gwt some kind of delivery.


munchingzia OP t1_j9v8fa7 wrote

haha i know what its like. im basically a chauffeur for my family (and extended family too)


MountainFizz t1_j9wfc5a wrote

$1/mile, $5 minimum, always. $2/mile in cities.


ArteSuave197 t1_j9x2m4a wrote

There’s like 5 Starbucks closer.


Keizman55 t1_j9xaje6 wrote

Round trip 26 minutes, plus time picking up coffee and bringing to the door, minus cost of gas, insurance, vehicle wear and tear. Insane.


Sirgent53 t1_j9ydxo2 wrote

UBER Eats is unprofitable unless you get tips. If you don't think you will get a tip, decline.


vc1914 t1_j9ulqkx wrote

Also 17 south was bumper to bumper 15 mins ago… that would have a been a nightmare order


[deleted] t1_j9uoer3 wrote



munchingzia OP t1_j9up4p0 wrote

i like the goldbergs in park ridge and allendale personally


AnimeMommyKris t1_j9vh7fn wrote

This is why I just went back to retail on the weekends. No money to be made doing deliveries with gas and car maintenance.


Appropriate_Tote_764 t1_j9vwv07 wrote

I think the bigger problem is that DD calculates the tip by the cost of the order, not the distance driven.


hfhifi t1_j9wlxzx wrote

I have to go from Hackensack to Rochelle Park and back twice a week. 2.1 miles. No highways, just Essex Street. I allow 30 minutes and sometimes make it with a minute to spare. Being late costs me money.


munchingzia OP t1_j9wm40v wrote

they werent kidding when they said NJ is the most densely populated state.


logan44man t1_j9wr84m wrote

Between time, gas, wear and tear...i cant imagine how driving uber, uber eats etc is profitable unless you catch a big surge and/or big tip.


munchingzia OP t1_j9wrlck wrote

its definitely profitable because thousands of people in the tri state area alone do it full time. but the part about time and constantly being on the road is true. its draining.


logan44man t1_j9wrqx0 wrote

What do you consider profitable?


munchingzia OP t1_j9wsbeh wrote

being able to earn a living. my dad drove uber full time for years because he was a migrant with no education. he was making $300 a day. Thats roughly 70-80k annually and you barely pay any taxes because of all the deductions. i make less than that with my w2 and pay more in taxes.

i work part time and even then, i can pull together $50 on weekdays, and $150-300 on weekends. And that’s just by delivering food, id rather not have people in my car.


logan44man t1_j9wsjr7 wrote

I think you could make the same as doing pizza delivery off the books


munchingzia OP t1_j9wsnsi wrote

pizza delivery has gone down the drain ngl. and people dont really tip for dominos or pizza hut anymore. especially not when a medium is $12


logan44man t1_j9wuksb wrote

A year ago, i was making $100 for 5 hours off the books


coreynj2461 t1_j9wtwj8 wrote

Are totals actually ever higher?


munchingzia OP t1_j9wur70 wrote

only if the payout is higher than the mileage. then yes.

$4 for 8 miles? thats mean nothing is hidden. all u get is $4


Shishkebarbarian t1_j9x42xd wrote

Uber is such a piece of shit company. they charge the restoraunt and the customer crazy money and what they pay the drivers doesn't even cover gas cost.


Lopsided_Blueberry10 t1_j9xdrwv wrote

THIS!!!! i can’t tell you how low my acceptance rate has gone down bc i refuse to do these stupid short drives….. like go WALK and pick it up yourself!


nolabitch t1_j9y2f4y wrote

💅 just ridgewood things 💅


Dflat420 t1_j9z12gt wrote

What I don’t get is there is 2 Starbucks in Ridgewood alone and 5 in total in the surrounding towns. Why do these people need Starbucks to be door-dashed from so far away


munchingzia OP t1_j9z1n3d wrote

its not in their control. doordash sent their order to me because there were no drivers nearby.


TheOkGazoo t1_j9ukbb9 wrote

We can all see the "decline" button.


Hypeb3ast35 t1_j9vcv39 wrote

Oh my imagine you have to work for a living and making $5 + tip for 20 minutes of your time oh lord🙄


TrentonMakes t1_j9ul7xj wrote

Just hit decline and move on?


munchingzia OP t1_j9um6yx wrote

i shall. i only get these in the morning when there are less drivers


Mundo_89 t1_j9uhyjr wrote

Lol I don’t think you’re gonna find the sympathy you’re looking for here.


munchingzia OP t1_j9umbw3 wrote

im just memeing. i know i can decline and move on


healthierlurker t1_j9urajp wrote

Why DoorDash? Literally everyone is hiring for an actual job.


munchingzia OP t1_j9urx5z wrote

this is just something i do in the mornings before my day job.


Confident_Side5068 t1_j9vb3jv wrote

It could easily be a side job for extra money. You act like a full time job will solve all your monetary problems, that’s not always the case. I also know a couple of full time parents who do it for some extra pocket money when they have the time.


Ecstatic-Passage-113 t1_j9ufq8e wrote

You can decide not to do it, rather than complain about it.


munchingzia OP t1_j9umdsz wrote

not complaining, just thought it was funny lol