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shant_jan t1_j9uq7xe wrote

honestly reddit needs more posts from app workers like this and less posts from customers being like "TiPpInG Is oUt oF CoNtRoL "


beltalowda_oye t1_j9v2zp6 wrote

Both sides of the spectrum is true tho. Shit like this is ridiculous and why restaurants place minimum order for deliveries prior to Uber eats. And tipping is out of control in some aspects. I say this as someone who tips very well.


WredditSmark t1_j9uuprm wrote

If you go into the respective app subreddits a lot of the posts ARE this


Lopsided_Blueberry10 t1_j9xf0wv wrote

quite honestly i DD in the same area as OP and i was making SIGNIFICANTLY more in tips in my college town than i am now that iā€™m back home