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coreynj2461 t1_ja8qdkt wrote

Was waiting for a post about this. Local news stations are all over the place. Weather channel and ABC says 1-3 for bergen county. NBC, CBS 3-5, news 12 4-7. So your typical NJ forecast- A dusting to 10 inches


LemurCat04 t1_ja960sq wrote


We’re getting rain.

(Or at least I am, at the shore.)


turbopro25 t1_ja9n3ms wrote

Same. My kid got two sleds for Christmas. So it’s my fault. Sorry.


LemurCat04 t1_ja9ojg9 wrote

When I was a kid, my dad would never get us bikes for Christmas because we couldn’t really use them until spring. We usually got skates or sleds or skis. Your comment reminded me of this.


turbopro25 t1_ja9p068 wrote

The good ole days. Storm of ‘93 was heaven for me and my friends. Wish my daughter could experience that.


Bobby-furnace t1_jaa0jto wrote

Blizzard of 96. Think we got almost three feet. I remember we let my dogs out and he disappeared


ShoreMama t1_jaaprd5 wrote

Blizzard of 96 was truly something special. Would love to get that again.


Jimmytowne t1_jaapvyo wrote

93 I remember walking though shoulder height snow on either side of the sidewalk


weaselpoopcoffee1 t1_ja9ckf3 wrote

I just finished getting my snowblower in order. We won't be getting anything significant.


EbolaFred t1_jaa4ezg wrote

I decided to not get my snowblower in order. Get ready for the snowpocalypse.


bikesandergs t1_jaans8g wrote

My snowblower started on the first pull, so we definitely will not get any snow


ReggieNJ t1_ja8o4ep wrote

You guys are getting snow?


iszomer t1_jaawl6c wrote

Bergen, just as I was leaving work. It first started with a few snowflakes then turned into ice. I don't know what the right terminology for this type of precipitation but it felt like something that is between snow and hail, where you can feel it bouncing of your clothing but still see it swirl against the silhouette of a street light. Now, it's definitely snow.


rtk117117 t1_ja976g1 wrote

I don’t have a clue but ask the person who decided to plant last week.


ohhiiiiiiiiii t1_ja8yota wrote

I hope it's a disappointment so I don't die making my commute to work tomorrow morning.


specialgravity t1_ja9ztwc wrote

BuT I wAnT sNoW!! - redditor who “works” from home


Action_Maxim OP t1_jabcjdn wrote

In all fairness I just wanted the kids to go sledding once this year being wfh would make no difference for me as my wife is a nurse.


kittyglitther t1_ja8l3ea wrote

Hopefully enough to justify working from home, so probably just a crummy rainy day.


SuperSimpleSam t1_ja9kjs9 wrote

Work has already closed for me. It's going to be a telework day. I doubt the schools will close for under a foot of snow. Maybe a delayed opening.


Pkmatrix0079 t1_ja8lxu3 wrote

I'm expecting it to be a dusting at most.


bobmalugaloogaluga t1_ja9gr9q wrote

A while back one of you told us that you finally got a snow blower so there’s a good chance that we won’t get any snow.


Lardsoup t1_jaahrrk wrote

In Central Jersey, the best part of Jersey, I predict 3 minutes of snow.


FordMan100 t1_ja8ojkr wrote

Along the shore from Monmouth county down, less than an inch if any at all.


waukeecla t1_ja8s72t wrote

I divide whatever the weatherpeople say by 2. So yeah I'd guess 2.5" to 3"


The_Healed t1_ja92xof wrote

About as much snow as dandruff off some scalp.


Jimmy_kong253 t1_ja9snbq wrote

Well since it's going to be in the 30s in Central Jersey probably nothing to a dusting


Linenoise77 t1_ja8m5qh wrote

i'm going to go with a bit over 4 inches.

I'm saying that because anything more than that, particularly overnight, is a pain in the ass to shovel once the plows have their way and swamp the end of my driveway and sidewalk, and not 10 minutes ago my wife asked me if i was going to get the snow blower ready, and i said, "No, i don't think its worth it"

This also means that if we do get over 5 or 6 inches, the rest of march will hinge on if i decide, "Fine, i'll get the snow blower ready" (in which case no more snow) or substantial dumps at every threat if i don't get it ready.


Hrekires t1_ja8o9vk wrote

Enough that I grabbed my shovel from the shed just in case, but not enough to order preemptive snow day pizza.


Caponeloco00 t1_jaaec2z wrote

About 4 inches even though some predictions are 6-8. It's goin to be mostly rain..


whaler76 t1_jaatx1o wrote

We won’t get anything because I decided to dig out my snowblower from the back of garage…. Your welcome


GabrielJesusSaves t1_jaaukn7 wrote

I’m also in Roxbury. I think they are going to be close with the 5-8.


Action_Maxim OP t1_jabcpbb wrote

Howdy neighbor, I'm actually in landing so we have a chance of a little more, just got back from the lake and it is beautiful


SD-777 t1_ja8tvh3 wrote

Just enough for them to lay salt down on the road again, sigh.


netsfan549 t1_jaa646l wrote

As a new homeowner what time is the best time to throw salt?


nmbrguy t1_jab60c9 wrote

After you clear the snow. It’s a waste otherwise.


crustang t1_jaakfu5 wrote

Between .6 and 9 inches


SailingSpark t1_jaargcb wrote

I can't get much more south.. we are getting nothing but rain down here.


grand_speckle t1_jaatoon wrote

After moving back and forth between North and South Jersey the past several years , it’s always interesting to see how even an hour or so drive can change the temps/weather. Particularly in the winter. It’s more similar to Maryland/Virginia’s winter’s down here than the rest of NJ lol


Marqy21 t1_jaasb7m wrote

Nothing after the rain.


BoujeeMomme t1_jaay7d8 wrote

It's saying 6" to 8" in my NNJ area.

My kids schools already sent out the message saying snow day and no school.

Luuucky me 🙄


Educational_Paint987 t1_ja8r9hx wrote

It supposed to rain afterwards so not sure it will stick.


Dozzi92 t1_ja9a6or wrote

Or it'll be that shitty heavy snow that the kids can't enjoy, and I'm stuck shoveling in the rain, I hurt my back, I get addicted to pills, my wife leaves me and takes the kids, I am forced out of my own home, I end up living under the bridge by the Y. Hope it's not that.


iJayZen t1_ja8sqp5 wrote

Probably 3-5"


I_Am_Skipples t1_jaa7t40 wrote

8” according to all the weather dudes. So probably some wind and rain.


Notimportanthuman t1_jaadc95 wrote

Says 3-5 for middlesex county but rain after and in 40’s tomorrow.. will be slush at best


pleuvonics t1_jaadzp1 wrote

Lol I hope it does since I just bought a shovel at Home Depot and tarped my car.


katsuai t1_jaae1uu wrote

Hoping it if does accumulate that it'll be gone before I have to be somewhere on Wednesday.


hiimh8m3 t1_jaagvui wrote

I'm in Monmouth County and it has us listed for just some rain. We loaded up the salt trucks just in case, but I doubt we're going to get hit with much snow where I'm at


nacho78 t1_jaailoe wrote

Hopefully nothing.


sirzoop t1_jaaj8cd wrote

I think we are getting like 2-3 inches of BLACK ICE


logan44man t1_jaajw5y wrote

Im in Englewood, any predictions for my neck of the woods?


itsmydoggie t1_jaalz0m wrote

Rain and a delayed opening from school :)


[deleted] t1_jaanjd5 wrote

I’m in lake Hiawatha and I’m hearing 4-8. Hope we get nothing. 😁


Jimmytowne t1_jaapo5b wrote

Windy and snowing in middlesex county but nothing is sticking. We had icy rain an hour ago


Punky921 t1_jaascnc wrote

I have to drive tomorrow for work no matter the weather, so I hope it isn't much.


ONI5 t1_jab8quc wrote

Enough for me to call out of work.


GooseNYC t1_jab9gla wrote

On the eastern edge of Bergen, it's starting to stick on the roads and is still coming down. If it goes until 6 or 7 AM I can see 4 to 6 inches, absolute max.

And it's supposed to turn to rain tomorrow and be slightly above freezing, then head up to almost 60 by Thursday.



BackInNJAgain t1_ja8xdux wrote

Enough to cover the car in the driveway but not enough to go stock up on groceries.


alissa2579 t1_ja9jey0 wrote

When did it increase? We were in the 2-6 range per Morris county office of emergency management. Im thinking we’ll get 2-3


anthonymm511 t1_ja9on9k wrote

Maybe 2-3. I’m in Edison and we’ll probably get a light dusting that dosen’t stick due to the warmth. Then it’ll immediately get washed away because of the rain after.


Doowrag t1_jaa4jj7 wrote

I miss the winter we had two years ago when we got hit every week with snow and ice storms.