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LemurCat04 t1_ja9ojg9 wrote

When I was a kid, my dad would never get us bikes for Christmas because we couldn’t really use them until spring. We usually got skates or sleds or skis. Your comment reminded me of this.


turbopro25 t1_ja9p068 wrote

The good ole days. Storm of ‘93 was heaven for me and my friends. Wish my daughter could experience that.


Bobby-furnace t1_jaa0jto wrote

Blizzard of 96. Think we got almost three feet. I remember we let my dogs out and he disappeared


ShoreMama t1_jaaprd5 wrote

Blizzard of 96 was truly something special. Would love to get that again.


Jimmytowne t1_jaapvyo wrote

93 I remember walking though shoulder height snow on either side of the sidewalk