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LemurCat04 t1_j982qho wrote

The Hudson is cleaner than it’s been in decades, so there’s more feeder fish in the travel lanes which leads to more boat strikes and net entanglements.


barristadept t1_j989g26 wrote

Why now? There were whales feeding in the area since last summer. Lots of them! All of a sudden the boats are a problem?


LemurCat04 t1_j98bpc3 wrote

It’s not “all of a sudden”. It’s just noticeable now due to numbers … plus a concerted effort to blame the deaths on the offshore wind farm work that’s going on.


barristadept t1_j98d5b8 wrote

Ahh ok. So you agree that a noticeably larger numbers of whales are suddenly dying? Got it. This makes perfect sense.


LemurCat04 t1_j98h6j8 wrote

And they’ve been increasing since 2006.

So, not the Gotcha! you want it to be.


barristadept t1_j98l18k wrote

And these numbers of deaths in such a short time span are not the usual numbers. There is something wrong here and Phil "Follow the science" is very concerned it's going to kill his green energy project. So concerned that he's opted to put his head in the sand and conveniently ignore the problem.


LemurCat04 t1_j98mftr wrote

Ahhh, yes. Like you have a shit about the whales before it showed up on FNC. You know the whales that have been washing up aren’t affected by sonar, right? Or did you not follow the science to actual facts?


barristadept t1_j98nw46 wrote

Less than half were said to be struck by ships. We don't know about the others. We should follow the science and find out.


A_Downboat_Is_A_Sub t1_j9a5knl wrote

I shot all the others. I love to ride out into the ocean on my boat with my .357 Magnum and search for humpbacks to fill with holes.


KaliGracious t1_j9byp5u wrote

Lol and here you go showing your bullshit bias.. maybe you should stop getting your “science” from politicians lmfao


SyndicalistCPA t1_j98neyv wrote

The real problem is that the whale are beaching themselves because they know you exist.


Seven-Prime t1_j984549 wrote

Looks like the anti-wind crowd got a new round of funding!


structuremonkey t1_j989twe wrote

I'm going to guess it's avian flu. There have been recent reports of other marine mammals (seals) being found dead with it...I can't believe it wouldn't jump to others like whales and dolphins...sadly...

Ok, downvote must be sonar....BUT...


mattaman101 t1_j99i005 wrote

Was in peru recently and sea lions were washing up on shore, unable to break the wave to get back out. My S/O's family was trying to revive a nonmobile sealion by pouring water on it but it was fruitless, because all along the shore stronger sealions couldnt break out. It was bird flu, I don't know why you are being downvoted, it seems to be a known serious issue with marine life and could be correct.


structuremonkey t1_j9aizqd wrote

Thanks, and the death of all of these animals is a shame....I'm being downvoted because many people would rather believe conspiracy theories, that support that idiot Trumps disdain of offshore wind turbines, with garbage they see on facebook or fox news over the truth about a known serious issues with marine mammals with scientific research backing up the findings ...


leni710 t1_j981xwv wrote

Marjorie Taylor Greene says it's something something some other thing about windmills from Holland and all of the dust coming in from Nevada that produces the oil-related fumes from Venezuela and then space lasers kill them.

If only East and West Coast lib-bruhs would study her assignments more, than we'd know about our whales. Obviously.

I'll add this [/s] just in case.


kchieff t1_j982513 wrote

Somehow or other, it’s always Gov. Murphy’s fault


Even_Cryptographer22 t1_j9aietg wrote

They are Using high frequency sonar to map the sea floor. This really screws up whales. They will beach themselves to get away from the sound waves in the water thus killing themselves.


venacom t1_j9av7ce wrote

This has been used, for years, all over the world. For many different reasons. No mass death of sea life.

Related: I find it amazing that a lot of the new "save the whales!" crowd intersects with the "drill baby drill" crowd, and neither could have given a fuck about sea life twenty years ago.


Sweet-Fun-Momof-2 t1_j9b5wle wrote

They’re actually doing air blasting of the sea floor to test stability for the future windmills. It effects the marine life, confuses, disorients and also causes them to flee, beach, collide with boats, etc. . But our government saying nothing is amiss here…🤮


Past_Cartographer230 t1_j9d13jn wrote

Our president doesn’t even care about his own country. He’s in Ukraine caring about his money right now instead of the environment. Glad I never voted for these idiots.


Even_Cryptographer22 t1_j9awlb1 wrote

While little is known about any direct physiological effects of sonar waves on marine species, evidence shows that whales will swim hundreds of miles, rapidly change their depth (sometime leading to bleeding from the eyes and ears), and even beach themselves to get away from the sounds of sonar.


Ouity t1_j9byvpx wrote

>whale hit by a boat

Those goddamm windmills!!!


scooterbike1968 t1_j9cyswa wrote

Maybe the Russians have upped their presence in the Atlantic and their “suicide” sonar is killing them.


oldummy t1_j9gsz8b wrote

Everyone I talk to is saying it’s because we switched from wind powered ships to the spinning blades under water powered ships.


TimSPC t1_j97zaha wrote

Because that's where they live.


flockofcells t1_j98hn95 wrote

We don’t talk about this


Tuck525 t1_j98tyxu wrote

Surveying, wind farms, sonar. Although they say there’s “no evidence their sonar is killing whales” which is bullshit and they can say whatever they want. The three dolphins that were just dead and washed up off Sandy Hook just so happened to be at the same time there was surveying and sonar boats in that area. But it’s all a coincidence. Sonar kills whales and other marine life, and that is proven. And that’s what’s happening in front of all of our eyes.