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headykruger t1_j95vc72 wrote

You aren’t going to get all that with that commute on that budget


Practical_Argument50 t1_j961e44 wrote

Really?? I could show you homes in my town with good schools and a 45 minute train ride to NYC that are within that price range.


headykruger t1_j9623i3 wrote

A 45 minute train ride is not an hour commute, more like an hour 15 to 30 - you have travel time on both ends

Source - did this shit before


Icy-Town-5355 t1_j97ldes wrote

Lived in Montclair (13 miles from NYC on the Montclair Boonton Line) , worked in Union Sq for 12 years. Was a 12-15 minute walk to the train. NJT train was invariably late. Would leave my house at 7:10 and walk to the station, for a 7:26 train. Arrive 5 to 10 minutes early. Chill, get on the train and arrive close to 8:30 on any given day. Walk or sub it to Union Sq. Arrive at my desk anywhere between 8:45 and 9:00am. Train traffic into Penn is always unpredictable and congested.


headykruger t1_j984tqd wrote

I 1.5 hour door to door at best


Icy-Town-5355 t1_j989809 wrote

Until they repair the Hackensack bridge and better manage the Amtrak - NJT logistics, it will never be a fast and reliable commute. But it will continue to be $$$$


jperezny t1_j9db8jq wrote

From Montclair? That's horrible. That's like driving in your car in traffic time...


AshySmoothie t1_j978k9s wrote

You most certainly can ... granted they are retiring, i have family that just closed in Rahway. 30-45 mins from penn... 650K can DEFINITELY get you all of that especially if they rent/look for 12 months


lil-alfalfa-sprout t1_j9b9owo wrote

That's Rahway. They said good school district.


AshySmoothie t1_j9cwvd7 wrote

I said "granted they are retiring" so sans school district. im just sayin the commute is doable. They also spent less than 400k