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glorydaze2 t1_j9m38xs wrote

that would be a big no


iJayZen t1_j9m26c5 wrote

No thank you and not interesting.


mohanakas6 OP t1_ja4gkkt wrote

Changed flair to Awkward. Thoughts?


iJayZen t1_ja4r8p6 wrote

Not really awkward. The key is to get into positions of power, whether you are Red or Blue is of secondary importance.


jerseycityfrankie t1_j9p72c6 wrote

I’d support legislation designed to restrict religious fundamentalist candidates from running unless they could somehow prove their religious beliefs wouldn’t influence their policy making. Not sure how that would be engineered but the separation of church and state is the fundamental guiding principle.


DavidPuddy666 t1_j9pd43u wrote

That would be 100% unconstitutional to create religious litmus tests for candidates. If you find a candidate’s religious beliefs disqualifying you can express that at the ballot box.


jerseycityfrankie t1_j9pdlgm wrote

It’s in the Foundations of our Democracy, a DEFINING ATRIBUTE that we have an unambiguous and clear separation of church and state.


DavidPuddy666 t1_j9pdwoa wrote

Separation of Church and State doesn’t mean religious people can’t hold office or participate in politics though - it means the government’s policies and actions can’t favor one religion over another.


jerseycityfrankie t1_j9pkgv4 wrote

We agree. And yet dingbat fundamentalists have never been as powerful as they are now.


blumpkin_donuts t1_j9pr3wa wrote

Might I direct you to all of the Middle Ages and a line of men carrying the title "Pope"


Zealousideal_Lie4683 t1_j9mk3sq wrote

He has my support. As a member of the NJ Assembly, there's only so much you can really achieve since much of the state is on auto-pilot. To succeed in NJ, you have to laser focus on an issue and build broad support around it. If he chooses non-public schools as this issue, he could possibly succeed and have an impact. I went to a non-public school in NJ and also would like to see this issue be addressed and optimized for society's benefit. NJ has one of the best school systems in the country, and I've felt the balance between non-public and public schools helped make this happen.


mohanakas6 OP t1_j9mlyz0 wrote

He’d be better off focusing on the State Senate seat than the Assembly. Thoughts?


Zealousideal_Lie4683 t1_j9mmgb5 wrote

Maybe that seat would be harder. The Democrats should put someone up for the Senate seat though. The article made is seem like they don't plan to do so.