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warrensussex t1_jadq898 wrote

Thank god some one is thinking of the cannabis oligopoly in this state.


The amendment they removed should tell you a lot.

>The version from Assembly member Annette Quijano (D) was previously amended in committee in that body, with members agreeing to remove an earlier provision that would’ve made it so only cannabis licensees with gross receipts less than $15 million would be eligible for state tax deductions.

This isn't about helping small cannabis business (have any of them even opened?) It's a way to give away the large companies that are government was kind enough to serve up to them on a silver platter. Every time I see news about the state of the industry in this state, I regret just a little more voting for legalization.


ElGosso t1_jaezb4s wrote

Anything our government does is going to lead to corporate dominance. At least people ain't going to jail for it anymore.


TonyB973 t1_jaf2gqs wrote

People aren’t going to jail with possession of legal weed. You most definitely will go to jail if you have some that isn’t regulated. Now are the cops really cracking down on that, I have no clue.