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JerseyWiseguy t1_j9qfp5q wrote

Commuting times in Jersey are . . . complicated. It's the most densely populated state, and there is a huge volume of commuter traffic, particularly from the suburbs to the big cities (or closer to the cities). And "North Jersey" and "Central Jersey" are rather vague. Commuting from Warren County to Mercer County is a whole lot different than commuting from Essex to Middlesex, particularly during rush hour.

So, if you really want an accurate assessment of what your commuting times would be like, you probably need to provide more-specific data.


MeatierShowa t1_j9t7zto wrote

ITT: People who misread OPSs question and then explained to them why the question they didn't ask is hard to answer.

They asked what your commute is, not what theirs will be.


whatsasimba t1_j9umwzm wrote

Right, but I think we can all see that OP is trying to determine how long theirs will be. If everyone says 8 minutes, how is the information useful?


MeatierShowa t1_j9uw3om wrote

Can't speak for OP, but I don't see it that way.

If you think about a commute as a "cost" its more like "What's the typical amount people spend on commuting in NJ?".


grfede1 t1_j9t3g6g wrote

And communing times will change over time, and not for the better.


structuremonkey t1_j9qizjq wrote

This completely depends on location and time of day.

I used to commute from the Manasquan area to Princeton. Door to door it should be around 45 minutes , but depending on the time of day, it could be 1.5 hours easily... if you have flex in the work schedule it's very helpful....


JeffCon t1_j9qfkko wrote

That’ll depend on your points of origin and destination. If both locations are very close along the Parkway or Turnpike, that’s a much different drive than if you have to cut laterally across the state just to get to and from the tollroad.

It also depends on traffic. My personal commute can be an hour-ten on a good day, and two hours on a bad day.


space6dog t1_j9qofrh wrote

I used to commute from Bergen to Monmouth county. It was a 50 minute to an hour drive down and usually around 1 hour 15 minutes up to an hour and a half on my way back north.


GTSBurner t1_j9qfpbp wrote

A north Jersey to Central Jersey commute is actually interesting because you're going against the flow of traffic. That being said, there's a lot of factors going into this.

My shortest commute has been 15 minutes, my longest has been an hour plus. Commutes can be easier if it's just "get on the turnpike and go", but it varies.


JeffCon t1_j9qg6q1 wrote

I’ve experienced both normal and “reverse” commutes in my life. For me not going into the city itself, the differences were pretty negligible. Almost as many people are going south as they are going north.


gunnerysarge21 t1_j9qmaob wrote

I used to do Jersey City to Old Bridge for 2 years or so. Going in the reverse direction of everyone else helps, but always have 1010WINS on or something like that on your drive home. Took 45 minutes to get to work in the morning, but going back was always a bit over an hour. Mostly it was the way into Jersey City itself that gave me the slowdown, but the rest of the drive wasn't that bad.


ansky201 t1_j9qn8et wrote

1010 WINS? This isn't 1994 anymore LOL. Waze or Google Maps will get you much more accurate and local traffic conditions.


gunnerysarge21 t1_j9qnlrr wrote

Hahahah... Don't forget NJ 101.5 for the Jersey Centric traffic! I still use it honestly because cell phone data costs money, but radio doesn't, and I like some of the talk shows when I'm driving.


theONEendONLY t1_j9rfdt6 wrote

About 45 mins each way including traffic


El_Otro_Lebowski t1_j9tcvsr wrote

I commute from Toms River to Trenton, half of the commute is through Ocean County, the other half is 195. Takes anywhere between 50 minutes and 1hr 15min.

I used to commute to Newark. A good day was just over an hour. A bad day was over 2hrs.


Practical_Argument50 t1_j9qnkay wrote

I used to (20 yrs ago) commute from Lyndhurst to Cranford. It would take from 45 min to 1 h 15mins usually.


myraleemyrtlewood t1_j9qxi51 wrote

If you are going from exit to exit probably not that bad. If you have 5 - 10 miles from the toll road, oh this might be awful.

8 to 16E is a little under an hour.... generally. It can be going so well.... and then a 2 hour traffic jam.


[deleted] t1_j9r5k0l wrote

On a good day, a half hour, but I go from West to East.


partspuke t1_j9r6sqo wrote

Boonton to just outside Raritan Center, 36 miles and less than 40 minutes there. Usually an hour or so home though.


Jimmytowne t1_j9rc589 wrote

If I leave early, it take 35-40 mins to go 30 miles. If I leave when everyone else leaves it takes 1hr 15


eknj2nyc t1_j9rpcl5 wrote

Here are three North Jersey to Central Jersey (Iselin Metro Park) average travel times, each way, during rush hours (7AM to 9AM, M-F): Ridgewood to Iselin Metro park via parkway averages 50 mins. Cresskill to Iselin Metro Park averages 1 hour 15 mins via 95 and parkway. Ft Lee to Iselin Metro Park averages 55 mins via 95 and parkway. Done all three routes several times. Inclement weather conditions and/or accidents will vastly increase the travel time. Hope these help.


Tomorrowsworry1 t1_j9rw3vn wrote

North Jersey to central Jersey could be 20 minutes or 3 hours?? Maybe some towns or streets or something?


Consistent_Relief780 t1_j9s2jy2 wrote

New Milford to Hackensack. Just a few miles but 20 minutes because a lot of lights. Used to be same start to Belleville. 3 counties away, at least an hour. Also is time of day. I tell my SO all the time every minute we delay is another 20 cars out there. By 7:30am all the main roads out of here look like a lane of the Parkway.


I_Am_Skipples t1_j9s38dv wrote

Well, you see.. it can be 30 minutes or it can be an hour and a half, and Thursdays are the worst of it.


Southern-Meaning-610 t1_j9s4797 wrote

Too complex and varied. I’m sure you’ll hear 5 mins up to 90 mins if someone is going into NYC or Philly.

Overall against the flow of traffic is good (which this would be).


dsarma t1_j9t4qqd wrote

Sometimes it’s like 10 minutes instead of five. My office is 5 blocks away from home.


Jeabers t1_j9thbqd wrote

20 minutes each way


outofdate70shouse t1_j9tif2q wrote

I commute from Monmouth to Bergen County. On a good day it’s just under an hour each way. On a bad day or big travel day, it can take my close to 2 hours


zerocool918 t1_j9u1nc9 wrote

It's NJ...5 miles could be 5 minutes or 5 hours, depending on the asshats on the road that day


Rude-Bison-2050 t1_j9uewjc wrote

A few minutes down the hall

But when I went into the office dependent on where I lived. Work has mostly been in Morris county but I only lived there for a few years. Upwards of an hour pre move, then I lived 10 min away

Many commute in NJ because there’s a lot of hubs but not everyone lives in those hubs.


The_Healed t1_j9utzif wrote

About 20min irvington to dwtwn newark.


Afraid_Emphasis_2356 t1_j9veyv1 wrote

I currently commute from the tip of Bergen County to Edison. Takes about hour 20 (I skip both the tolls, take local) in the morning. In the evening takes the same time but with tolls. This is door to door but it also helps my house is close to the parkway exit so virtually no local driving after taking the exit in the evening.


mdnla t1_j9z6nfi wrote

13-20 minutes depending on how the traffic on 287 is.


jersey_girl660 t1_j9zl5m3 wrote

Average is about 20-30 minutes Id think. North jersey to central isn’t an easy commute unless you’re talking about places that are relatively close to each other


SlyMcFly67 t1_j9twk2j wrote

Used to commute from Morristown area to Princeton area - roughly an hour each way on a average taking 287/206. I also left at 7AM to avoid the worst of traffic because it could get pretty awful. I remember a few 3+ hour commutes during snowstorms and/or hurricane flooding because so many roads were closed you couldn't get anywhere.