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Maximum-Excitement58 t1_j9n5e94 wrote

I would shoot for being at baggage check at least 1.5hrs prior to boarding time for domestic flight; 2hrs for international.


TheZapster t1_j9n79g9 wrote

1.5 hours for Dom, 2 hours international. There may be some weather issues/ground delay programs in place with this storm that is moving across the country - especially as it relates to winds


Datshitoverthere t1_j9oaug3 wrote

Do you have TSA Precheck? If you don’t go early like others have said.


Southern-Meaning-610 t1_j9oelpe wrote

Depends if you have precheck or clear or not as well as if it is an international flight or domestic. Domestic flights with clear are pretty quick to go through, international flights you need to get there much earlier.


Negative_Werewolf_49 t1_j9oiaa5 wrote

Plan to be at TSA by 6:30. Check your two bags curbside ($10tip) and have your electronic boarding pass. With Boarding starting at 7am this will give you time to use bathroom, get a water bottle and get in line


mac_a_bee t1_j9ol3dm wrote

Your airline should have their minimum bag-check time posted. Most domestics are 45 minutes before departure, which gives you the 20 security wait minutes for which I plan, plus five minutes before gate closure. If that makes you nervous, add 10 minutes to arrive at boarding start. Also depends on how fast you'll walk from bag check to security to gate.


Rude-Bison-2050 t1_j9q9cre wrote

At security 1.5 hours for domestic, 2 for international. You can probably shave another half hour if you feel really ballsy/have tsa, but you’ll def be safe with 1.5/2. I travel regularly, never been an issue.


classicgirl1990 t1_j9nzzkn wrote

It’s a holiday week, be prepared for a lot of people (flew into jfk on tues).