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I’m a 29F looking to buy my first home on a single income this year. I’d be comfortable with a home around $600k. Looking for a move in ready place with at least 3 beds and 2 baths. I’ll be buying it for my parents who will be living with me. I’m Indian so would like to be in a liberal neighborhood and somewhat close proximity to Indian grocery stores and restaurants. But I still want to be close to parks and not in a congested area. Don’t plan on having kids so good school system is not a factor.

I’d like to be in Monmouth/Middlesex counties and would want ideally <= 50 min commute to Newark. Would appreciate feedback on which town would/ would not be the best fit for my family.

Here’s what I’m exploring right now: Matawan, old bridge, Marlboro, manalapan, East Brunswick, south brunswick, Edison, Metuchen, Woodbridge

I’m scared as this will be the biggest financial decision of my life. Would love any advice :)



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metsjets69 t1_j7cyrel wrote

Edison, huge Indian population and train to Newark Penn


Low-Pollution2414 t1_j7d9afs wrote

If you’d like to go a little north, I highly recommend Somerville! It is 30 minutes from Newark, and there’s so much going on in the little city. We moved last year and absolutely love it here


Imaginary_Okra4683 OP t1_j7nn79h wrote

If you don’t mind me asking, did you get a single family home? I’ve been keeping my eye on Somerville, but haven’t seen anything decent within my price point.


Low-Pollution2414 t1_j7nubjs wrote

Yes, we did. We had to bid over their asking, but we love our home and they are predicting home prices here to continue to grow as the town does, so we figured it was a decently safe bet. We also placed our bid the day the home was on the market. It’s hard to find a great home here, but totally worth it! Best of luck to you!


earlytothequinch t1_j7dh290 wrote

If school district is not an issue, Plainfield’s sleepy hollow area is great. taxes are Lower than most towns mentioned, you’ll get a really nice house for that kind of money and the Train station is less than a mile away, it’s a 30 commute to Newark.


Stund_Mullet t1_j7d5wa4 wrote

West Windsor/Plainsboro area has huge Indian/Asian populations. Plainsboro is till middlesex county and it’s minutes to the turnpike. Definitely check that out.


stickman07738 t1_j7cz1xd wrote

First try to find a good buyer's agent - very important especially in a hot market.

Develop criteria for what you want in a home so that you can give your realtor specific instructions as some realtors will try to over sell you. Besides the number of bedrooms, baths, location - what are other items are must have!

For me they were as follows:

  • No major fix up as I am handy but not skilled enough to do it myself
  • Good school district - easier to sell as you will resell it
  • No double yellow-line - indicates high traffic area- tougher to resell
  • No corner property (More noise and traffic, larger area to maintain)
  • No sump pump or drainage issue (This one is tough but doable as you will need to look at history of the area)..
  • No HOA

Good Luck - all those towns meet your criteria for a compute to Newark.


2017Recon t1_j7d3p0c wrote

Edison, south Brunswick, Monroe, and east Brunswick have fairly large young Indian populations. East Brunswick is the most expensive community in terms of taxes with the best schools so you’d get the least house there. Edison is very congested and busy compared to the others.


Jimmytowne t1_j7dnwtn wrote

Sounds like you need to speak with a realtor, in Edison for your price range


BF_2 t1_j7dqikw wrote

I recommend using Google Maps to look up relevant retailers -- ethnic grocers and clothing stores, religious institution, etc. Ethnic restaurants may be relevant or not, depending whether they cater to all or mainly to the ethnicity. I recommend this approach because it's quick and easy.


burner456987123 t1_j7e81un wrote

Iselin section of Woodbridge township borders north Edison (“best” are of Edison) and has what you need except it’s congested.

It will be congested everywhere until you go down to West Windsor (Mercer I know)/plainsboro. Once you get down that way it opens up a little bit. Brutal commute to Newark though.

South Edison - 08817 is more affordable than north Edison - 08820. Not as nice (smaller lots, “worse” schools but that’s not a concern for you)

I love metuchen - nice downtown and great commute to city and Newark with the train right there. Not sure if you could find a move-in ready SFH for $600k but if you can, that’d be my choice.


Training-Basket2058 t1_j7eke3v wrote

I’ll be your realtor. I don’t normally act as an agent and not looking for commission. I know the area let me know


StrategicBlenderBall t1_j7ffwio wrote

Downtown Freehold Boro has Aarzu Indian Bistro, it’s really good. Freehold should be in your price range as well.


DrGraffix t1_j7il3nq wrote

How about bridgewater?


Rak_S11 t1_j7ly4nm wrote

Might want to look into Somerset 08873. Lower taxes than neighboring towns. Schools are so so, thus not a hugely desirable town for parents. Might work in your favor.


zeststat03 t1_j7n3d4a wrote

Edison. We commute from Edison to Newark which is approximately 20 miles. 08820 north Edison better school so higher taxes. South Edison 08817 good school slightly lower taxes relative to north Edison. If you are committing now and plan on doing same for next couple of years, you can also look into isle in close to metro park. May be you need agent but I bought one without and it worked in our favor in this competitive market. Good luck!