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ghost_robot2000 t1_j8ntez9 wrote

So many towns on this list don't even need their own police department. They're paying officers huge salaries, coming from the taxes of actual working people, to do basically nothing. They need to consolidate these towns, lower the number of officers, and start lowering some property taxes.


yaychristy t1_j8of1lb wrote

If you want lower property taxes you need to consolidate the school districts. roughly ~65% of property tax is for the schools.


peter-doubt t1_j8ogb0i wrote

Not so much the schools as the administrators... Just look at the service done in Central Regional....


Mini-salt t1_j8osyn0 wrote

This. I remember seeing my elementary school go through a dramatic overhaul (new jungle gym, expanding the building twice, etc) in the span of 2-3 years because they dropped an administrator.


peter-doubt t1_j8ouikf wrote

(that [building expansion] isn't possible from one salary, even including benefits)


dirtynj t1_j8pymfy wrote

My district doesn't even have enough paper to give our students due to budgets...

Yet we just took on 2 extra admins with 6 figure salaries. It's a joke.


bros402 t1_j8s16zr wrote

think about the poor friends of the super, they need 6 figure jobes too!


satriales856 t1_j8pg2nn wrote

Yeah but if you consolidate districts, you eliminate a lot of administrators. That’s most of the point.


peter-doubt t1_j8pghc2 wrote

(did you miss the suicide there, and the resignation since? Some administrators are fully inept)


satriales856 t1_j8q77po wrote

Why the fuck are you arguing with me? I’m agreeing with you…


Fallen_Mercury t1_j8pxjgh wrote

Hyper localized schools is how New Jersey achieved creating one of the most segregated school systems in the country. The high taxes tied to each district creates a paywall that disadvantages poor people and people of color who have been historically excluded from "nicer" towns and the accompanying schools.

If you really want to see consolidation, be prepared to be greeted with a lot of "not in my back yard" squealing when people realize that "those kids" will now be mingling with "my kids."

There's no way to consolidate without facing this problem. If you were to consolidate 6 districts into 1, with 2 of those districts being much poorer towns, how do you think the 4 wealthier towns would react? If they were to attempt to create a system that favored one town over the other, they would easily lose civil rights law suits for discrimination. Do you really think Ocean and Wall would want to deal with Neptune and Asbury? Do you see Robbinsville, Hamilton, Trenton, Lawrence, and Princeton working well together?

Don't get me wrong, I think consolidation is a good idea... I just think it's so unlikely that it's safe to say impossible. People who live on the right side of the tracks enjoy our segregated school system and they wouldn't want to give it up.


bros402 t1_j8s1p5n wrote

imo no school district should be allowed to have less than 2500-3000 students and if it does, it should be merged into the district with the highest DFG that borders it.

but I think that towns having their own school districts makes sense - it would be better for more districts to have regional HSes, though


Redisigh t1_j8pinzm wrote

And yet it feels like half of the school districts in the state still can’t afford printing paper lmao


imironman2018 t1_j8qejf2 wrote

You can do both. It’s not one or the other. There is so much waste with how these small towns can exist like duplicate town halls, council, fire department, EMS, and sanitation. There is a town that exists in North jersey that is only one city block. That is just ridiculous.


bros402 t1_j8s1eaa wrote

the funny thing is that a lot of those small towns do shared courts - but refuse to consider sharing things like public works


imironman2018 t1_j8s7a6t wrote

if you think about it, why would you share public works or police departments or city services- it is a huge cash cow for the town workers with very little work actually done.


bros402 t1_j8sa55f wrote

public works even refuses to do shit in the town


imironman2018 t1_j8sarfw wrote

yes. or if they do the work, they make sure to stretch it to as long as possible so they can milk it even more. like redoing roads or fixing broken street lights or signs.


bros402 t1_j8sq30g wrote

one of my parents works for a town

needs a lightbulb replaced, calls down to public works

"can't you do it yourself?"

"No, it's a fluorescent bulb"

"what if we drop off the bulb can't you just do it"


dumbdumbmen t1_j8ocjw1 wrote

This. So many NJ towns need to consolidate their police forces, as well as their school districts. I moved out of NJ a long time ago and the property taxe rates there are just insane compared to where I've lived so far (low crime, good schools, in HCOL areas).


Dryja123 t1_j8omlul wrote

It’s insanity. My brother makes over $100 an hour directing traffic because it’s overtime.


petere1144 t1_j8p1nbu wrote

The vast majority of that is private contracts, not taxpayer dollars. Coming from construction companies or anyone else needing traffic control, security, etc


rpg25 t1_j8rnxp3 wrote

You’re correct in thinking that the construction companies are the ones paying to have traffic control and security. That said, it’s naive if you think that cost doesn’t get built into the project and thusly passed on to the general public. It may not be “tax dollars” but it certainly otherwise contributes to the high cost of living in this area.


Sinsid t1_j8olxen wrote

This is why I live in a town with no police department (we contract NJ state police). We also don’t have a high school, we contract that too. And the town doesn’t have a sewer or water department. So developers have a massive uphill battle to build anything more than single family homes.


satriales856 t1_j8pg8n6 wrote

There was a town in south Jersey near me like this. They put in a sewer system, took years. And then shitty cookie cutter developments sprung up everywhere.


ghost_robot2000 t1_j8ornc8 wrote

Are you in Sussex County? I know they have some smaller towns like that.


Sinsid t1_j8p9acy wrote



Rockhopper007 t1_j8pmsg0 wrote

Curious .. what town?

I'm in a town that has shared police resources and now I want to research what they (or builders, etc. pay) for traffic control around construction areas. 🤔


Sinsid t1_j8pyk1l wrote

Millstone Township


No5tepOn5nek t1_j8rggg8 wrote

And how are your taxes? Does not having these public services make a noticeable difference?


Sinsid t1_j8rhtpt wrote

Well I thought so. I picked millstone based on low taxes compared to what I was paying in northern NJ before, proximity to 95, being about halfway between NYC and Philly seemed like a sweet spot for commuting. 30 minutes to the beach is nice. My house is about 8 minutes from six flags so in the summer I take my son over after school / camp for a few hours and it’s no big deal.


sunfunbum1234 t1_j8q8jlo wrote

As soon as I read this I knew it had to be millstone. Kinda glad nothing more is getting developed in the town and we can keep our trees


Sinsid t1_j8rh2br wrote

I think Millstone is great! Its about as rural a place as you can find in NJ. And it’s about halfway between NYC and Philly for commuting and 30 minutes to the beach. I’ve got 3 acres, and I think that’s about average in millstone.


playdohplaydate t1_j8phfsu wrote

That’s what shared services are designed to consolidate but various unions fight it pretty strongly for obvious reasons. On one side it saves taxpayer money and on the other side it puts people out of work or relocates them to other duties


rpg25 t1_j8rrdbv wrote

It’s not just unions. It’s the towns themselves. I know of a jurisdiction that had a massive opportunity to consolidate and not lay anyone off due to attrition (there were a large amount of people set to retire). They didn’t pursue it because they would lose home rule and there was just too much “unknown” for them.


bros402 t1_j8s24n6 wrote

yuuup - a few towns in Monmouth used to share courts, but the other towns withdrew because they were viewing the court as a "profit machine" when the people running the court told them it was not, and they wouldn't lock people up on bullshit (and this was before the bail reform)


Carittz t1_j8pu2wl wrote

We should just make a larger state police responsible for all emergency calls and investigative work, and then have each county have a department for general law and order and traffic control.


TroyMcClure10 t1_j8nm0p6 wrote

I nearly threw up when I open and saw an officer making over 500k. That’s just insane.


shant_jan t1_j8ns240 wrote

and yet their stans will still describe them all as "working class"


majik_boy t1_j8nxdnv wrote

They work real hard to suck taxpayer money that could be going to useful things like infrastructure, education, climate initiatives, security nets


SyndicalistCPA t1_j8nx9o7 wrote

Yeah, nobody who beats up and arrests striking laborers is "working class". Fascist shitheads is more accurate.


waterandweights t1_j8o4ggm wrote

Do you want to get mad?

He was indicted in 2014 for padding overtime.

The charges were dismissed and he’s a police director now.


Dino1087 t1_j8q4ifw wrote

Do you know what dismissed means?


mapoftasmania t1_j8r8waz wrote

Yes it means he is now pulling down $500k and has apparently turned padding overtime into an art form.


Dino1087 t1_j8u1dd3 wrote

Yeah or dismissed because there wasn’t a case. So little jerk offs like you can sit on a Reddit message board and bitch and moan about other peoples salary


mapoftasmania t1_j8u3sf6 wrote

What a tough guy. Obvious cop mentality. Weak.


Dino1087 t1_j8ur6f5 wrote

Not a tough guy or cop. Don’t even have cops In my family. Just tired of babies on the internet crucifying cops from their keyboard like they know it all


mapoftasmania t1_j8ureb3 wrote

So you think over half a million dollars a year is a fair salary for a cop?

Then you are a fucking idiot.


Inspector-Tophat t1_j8o6o8h wrote

He's actually a Police Director with over 26 years experience. His base pay is $135k. Which, for someone holding a director title and decades long experience is normal. However, what isn't normal is the $400k "extra" pay. Do you know what that is? I mean I'd love to jump the gun and say he's getting that in cash but is that perhaps a sum of benefits like different types of insurance? Is that pension for retirement? I mean, I don't know.


RedChairBlueChair123 t1_j8o783o wrote

It’s probably overtime, because (I think) your last few years padding your salary means more money in retirement


DSJ13 t1_j8o8b3l wrote

The link seems to indicate it is not overtime.


rpg25 t1_j8rrmjo wrote

Wrong. Overtime is not pensionable in NJ. Only your base salary is. He could work $1m in OT. It’s not going to increase his pension on cent.

Does anyone know if this guy “retired” before he took the director job? That could explain the large number. He could have retired from the police service and been cut a check for a career’s worth of unused vacation, holidays, comp time, and sick time (sick is capped at $15K and comp time 480 hours worth).


mangeniius t1_j8og89t wrote

OT and pension. He’s not getting cash or hush money. That’d be silly.


Sinsid t1_j8om54k wrote

It’s absolutely mob protection money.


laurenzee t1_j8o7rkf wrote

Not just that, but 90% of it is "additional pay" and I'd really like to know what that consists of


Eliagbs_ t1_j8oarf8 wrote

I saw a video of a young cop who’s bank account said half a mil in it. He had maybe been on the force a 2-3 years. That says a lot


jersey_girl660 t1_j8ueghg wrote

No way that was all from the job. Even the highest paying agencies don’t start you out at 250,000 or even 150,000 a year.


Ecstatic-Passage-113 t1_j8nw1ar wrote

Who said C+ students can't make good salaries?


miked5122 t1_j8oh974 wrote

That's a rude thing to assume


MastersOfNoneShow t1_j8oj5tu wrote

Nah he's right. I went to school with some of these idiots


elvispookie t1_j8q4zja wrote

Back in the day, being 21, every guy I knew at a bar was going to be a cop.. you couldn’t find a dumber group of guys.. couldn’t make it as anything in life.. C- students.. so fuck it.. guess being a cop would work. Every girl I met wanted to be a teacher.. again.. C- level students. I remember saying to my friend.. future is gonna be not so bright… and here we are


MastersOfNoneShow t1_j8rdgo8 wrote

Similar feelings here. Every time I ran into someone at a bar and asked what they're doing and they said "oh I'm a cop" I'd think "You? But you're an idiot."


Op_Anadyr t1_j8pf7iz wrote

Police will decline to hire people that score too high on their intelligence tests, so actually it's more than fair


jersey_girl660 t1_j8ue7g3 wrote

This was one specific agency. I’m all for police reform but let’s not pretend one specific agency in the US speaks for all. Different agencies have radically different hiring processes. State police requires at least 60 credits of college and most have a bachelors. Cities like Trenton and Camden desperately need police officers so they don’t have as stringent of requirements. Richer towns likely have more educated cops like the state police.


Rude-Bison-2050 t1_j8pcuoo wrote

it's okay, the morons posting these comments got As but work at walmart. such is life


bubonis t1_j8ohhnq wrote

And now compare that to NJ teacher salaries to see where the priorities really are...


Dino1087 t1_j8q4eb3 wrote

Nice, let’s compare two completely unrelated professions and make a stink about it. What does a teachers salary have to do with a law enforcement?


gex80 t1_j8q5oz0 wrote

The point they are making is teachers who provide a much needed service are under paid and education could be better funded where as the police are able to make time and a half sitting in their cars at a construction job without lifting a finger.

One could argue that if we moved budget from the police to the schools, we would need less police because the average education goes up and with more education future adults would have more opportunities and less likely to commit crime.


Dino1087 t1_j8q95o1 wrote

Also, my father owned a paving business and 9 Times out of 10, the cops sitting at a construction job are paid for by the GC or entity running that job and are “loaned” out by the agency. So they’re actually providing a stable income thru other means that doesn’t come from the county or state or whatever means you’re trying to compare. It’s Just simply not true or comparable.


Dino1087 t1_j8q9h4b wrote

Also, teachers are underpaid because school boards lack the know how or care to put a good budget in place. Or the higher ups in that district are overpaid and not doing a damn thing about it. Blaming teachers salary on law enforcement is so dumb


Dino1087 t1_j8q8tyw wrote

That’s a giant over generalization of an entire profession though, both ways. Just because you see officers “sitting in cars wasting time” doesn’t mean a GREAT DEAL of them work overtime to bring children home to their mothers, solve crimes and provide justice for other families. Quite Frankly it’s bull shit too


jjb89 t1_j8p7ae8 wrote

rightttttttt cause my school district average salary is 61k and the highest is 175k. there are 102 teachers and even if we just take the 61k times 102 teachers that 6.7 million. my township also has like 20 cops and they even with "extra pay" made 1.7 million....

if teachers were paid like cops then it would be like 12 million in my township for teachers.

just because an average is lower than what you think and big mean cops are over paid. it's really just numbers.


Inspector-Tophat t1_j8o6c17 wrote

Does anyone know what the extra pay is? For instance the first officer on the list is a police Director. His salary is roughly $135k, which seems like average pay for a professional in an expensive area with 26 years experience. However, whats strange is not his base salary but the $403k "extra" pay. Anyone know what that actually means?


Rjasd t1_j8oa2p2 wrote

I don't know about that high amount specifically but police can get paid time and half for side jobs like road work, uniformed security, special traffic jobs, etc.


Dozzi92 t1_j8ojj18 wrote

And those are jobs paid for by non-tax dollars. Work a road crew? Money is coming from whoever opened the road. Working a street fair? Whoever put on the fair pays. How one accrues three times their salary doing that, I'm not sure, but perhaps for someone in a director's position they get higher rates of pay to take part in these things.

And non-tax dollars presumably includes grant funding as well.


JoPeSup t1_j8rd5gx wrote

the city holds the licenses and fees, and whoever is doing the work “pays to play”, so yeah, we all pay because the business has to grossly overpay for that contract.


Dozzi92 t1_j8re9yr wrote

Yeah, I'm not suggesting I agree with the whole practice. Personally, I think some dude who's new to construction is perfectly capable of standing and holding a flag or something for about $100 less an hour than a cop. But I also imagine that there is some benefit to having a cop doing it versus just some kid with a flag.


RafeDangerous t1_j8rj95x wrote

There are legal restrictions on who can direct traffic, so standing there with a flag at a roadblock might be okay but that person can't actually direct anyone to do anything unless they've been certified for it. Also, people are assholes. If they think there's no consequences for just ignoring your roadblock, they will - I've manned roadblocks during storms and had people call me an asshole, drive around me, and go straight into 5' deep flood water. Same type of roadblock with a cop at the end of it doesn't usually see problems like that. If I had a construction site going that I really really didn't want people driving into, I'd prefer to have a cop doing traffic control over a flag-man any day.


Dozzi92 t1_j8rk813 wrote

Yeah, agree with everything you said. The law, that can be changed, and it was like, what a decade or two ago? But at the end of the day, folks are definitely less inclined to tell a cop to fuck off.


STMIHA t1_j8rtfnz wrote

A cop doesn’t hold a flag. The low man on the construction totem pole does. Cops are present to prevent a pedestrian or motorist from interacting with said work/ in case something does happen. Sometimes it seems a bit much but that’s just how things are.


PirateForward8827 t1_j8sb16v wrote

Not necessarily non-tax dollars. If they are working on a road crew, whether it be a town, county, or state road, the taxpayer is still paying.


Dozzi92 t1_j8sgjef wrote

Yeah, I could've been more clear. If a third party is opening the road for whatever reason, it's on their dime, presumably from some escrow. If the municipality is, it's from a different pool of taxpayer dollars.


riddermarknomad t1_j8ppkar wrote

Probably fighting the Joker or Thanos. Surely it's something super duper dangerous right? /s


SmittyManJensen_ t1_j8q8dfg wrote

All additional income, often from overtime or off-duty details. Other examples include retirement payouts, grant-funded patrols, stipends, court time and other contractual perks that do not count toward an officer's pension.


wasitme317 t1_j8p4qvw wrote

Police Directors and Chief of Police set their own contracts. The extra pay could be the following insurance which the town 2. pays, vacation and sick time. 3. Travel expenses for conventions 4. Training seminars 5. Pension matches And the list could go on


Special_FX_B t1_j8nktm0 wrote

Insane. High property taxes? Exhibit A. Extra pay for sitting in a car doing nothing or watching a high school wrestling match should be at the rate a store security guard gets paid. No wonder cops drive very expensive cars and own second homes in their 40’s.


metsurf t1_j8nz6nm wrote

retire in their 40s and start second careers


whodisacct t1_j8ntcho wrote

Every cop in NJ I know says they’ll move elsewhere out of state because the taxes are so damn high.


dirty_cuban t1_j8pjbw2 wrote

We’ll that’s ironic. People’s whose inflated salaries paid by tax dollars complaining about taxes. Are they willing to take a pay cut to lower taxes?


gex80 t1_j8q63e9 wrote

What’s taking so long?


HeyItsPanda69 t1_j8o49o7 wrote

Biggest welfare queens around


blankstare699 t1_j8pyxev wrote

Republicans claim to hate socialism, even though their two biggest fanboy crushes (police and military) cost more than anything else in this country.


Rude-Bison-2050 t1_j8nmeru wrote

so much money goes down the drain on OT because cities don't staff appropriately


lostatwork314 t1_j8npsnd wrote

Paying OT is cheaper than benefits and pension payments.

And utility companies pay most of the OT. Pseg etc


Rude-Bison-2050 t1_j8nredd wrote

sigh this is not wrong but just another point as to why the pension and benefits for all public employees are grossly broken


SyndicalistCPA t1_j8nxgui wrote

No, its not broken. Everyone should be having the same benefits but labor movement is especially weak in the US.


Rude-Bison-2050 t1_j8orwpd wrote

Outrageous labor costs and pensions are why shit is so unaffordable but sure random basement communist


SyndicalistCPA t1_j8rnauv wrote

Might want to look into price gouging, planned obsolescence, disaster capitalism, etc.


metsurf t1_j8nz0qh wrote

If you mean broken as overly generous you are correct my brother-in-law just turned 58 and has been retired for 10 years. About a third of his time on the force he was a middle school resource officer. Most of his days were totally uneventful a bomb scare once, and kids having fistfights. Only time he actually used his service weapon was to euthanize animals hit by cars. He gets $85K+ pension plus premium health benefits to do nothing. That is unsustainable across the entire sum of all the cops we have.


-686 t1_j8o8wkq wrote

Skill set really does not match up with how much they’re getting paid.


Sinsid t1_j8nymaq wrote

Holy shit! Maybe I should have dropped out of middle school too.


peter-doubt t1_j8ofw0f wrote

Remember this next time the Police Officer's Blah Blah Retirement Fund calls for contributions


gex80 t1_j8q66en wrote

I fucking hate that thing. I report to the FCC each chance I get.


DirtyHoboLifeStyle t1_j8s12lu wrote

Those are scams. They don’t make over the phone unsolicited calls. So there scammers disguised as police.


peter-doubt t1_j8s7bae wrote

Phone solicitors can take in 80+% of the contribution.. near nothing goes to cops


munchingzia t1_j8npykb wrote

i knew police made bank in NJ but didnt know exactly how much. Ye thats crazy.


Op_Anadyr t1_j8pf1jj wrote

Love paying multiple officers 6 figures to fuck around on their phone all day and harass kids in the park. Meanwhile teachers still start at like $33k and never get close to what these pigs are stealing.

Or my favorite: when PSEG men are hard at work on the road and there's a cop sitting in his air conditioned car on his phone "earning" more than the actual workers


Dino1087 t1_j8q4kc9 wrote

Yup that’s all police officers do.


metsurf t1_j8nxyhc wrote

32 cops in our town 20 making more than state average total, 15 over 150K per year.


amplifiedgamerz t1_j8o03x9 wrote

Maybe time for a career switch? This is insane


Knomp2112 t1_j8pp9mu wrote

23 cops for a town of 9,000 people

18 of them make well over $100,000 a year.

Chief of Police pulled $305,000 in his retirement year (not including getting another town job) and he promptly moved out of town.

What a fucking scam!


whyreallywhy t1_j8s0p6f wrote

If 23 is too many, what is the right amount?


Knomp2112 t1_j8s12zi wrote

Just enough not to bankrupt our small town


whyreallywhy t1_j8slf01 wrote

23 - 1 chief = 22 22 - 1 admin officer = 21 21 - 1 detective = 20 There are other required administrative positions, but let's skip those. That leaves us with 20 patrol officers/sergeants There are 168 hours in a week divided by 40 hours is 4.2 shifts to cover. So to have one single officer at all times you need to hire 5. You probably want at least 2 though as the whole purpose is safety, so that is 10. Obviously you need more than the bare minimum though as there is times officers will be on sick leave or vacation, so another 5 to have proper staffing.

So that leaves us with 5 you could get rid of.

So about a $500K savings, will that stop your town from bankruptcy?


Knomp2112 t1_j8t3511 wrote

The fact you failed to mention pensions just proves you have a blue lives matter flag sticker on your car.


whyreallywhy t1_j8t4gwu wrote

You are right! I left out $50K from that quick and dirty write up!

The towns pay a matching 10%of the salary to PFRS, so to make the numbers easy 100K a year the town actually pays $110K for that person and the individual also pays 10% of the $100 into the PFRS pension fund meaning their taxable income is $90K as it is a pre tax deduction. Once they retire the town doesn't pay anymore for thay individual, but then only pays 10% of the new $50 salary, so thay is why "pension buy backs" where incentives for people to retire early are given as it is a more expensive payment for senior members than newer members.

It's okay to be mad about what they make, just make sure to be informed mad!

Or you know possibly get mad at the system that is grossly underpaying you. Unionize! Take the power away from the rich!


peeehhh t1_j8pps46 wrote

When I lost my wallet, it was turned in to an officer in my town. When I called they didn’t know this as that officer kept it in his car. He knocked on my door one afternoon I was off work. You’re a tough guy to find he says suspiciously. He’d been stopping at my house mid day while I was working not leaving a note for close to a week. I mean what reason could there be for someone in their late 20s to be out of the house at 2pm on a Wednesday? This man makes >$80k base salary. This is a town of <2,000 residents.


ordinaryflask t1_j8o6q92 wrote


Time to google how to become a cop.


ManchuDemon t1_j8oqi90 wrote

It's really pretty simple. It's all on the nj civil service website. They don't make it hard. It's literally designed so any one, any one, can become a cop.


jersey_girl660 t1_j8uen23 wrote

This is not at all true. Go through the process and see how many people don’t make it. You’d be surprised.


ManchuDemon t1_j8ukkxb wrote

Allow me to clarify: anyone can take the civil service test and anyone can apply. Of course not everyone is going to make it, that's a given. It's highly selective for a reason. But the point is it's equal opportunity.


blankstare699 t1_j8pyo6o wrote

Don't even have to know the laws! Just harass people and demand ID in every interaction, whether you're allowed to legally or not


inf4mation t1_j8nwq7e wrote

and they'll get 70-80% of those salaries as pensions for the rest of their lives.


SpacelessWorm t1_j8o508m wrote

My sister is part of my town EMS's stuff so I can't wait to see her reaction to this knowing first hand how useless my towns cops are


jfloes t1_j8o70s9 wrote

Well f me then, should’ve gone to a police academy instead of business school


Such_Force_2252 t1_j8ogb0o wrote

The reality is if you question these salaries, you're going after the Blue Line and don't support law enforcement. But realistically these are not justifiable salaries given the work load they face. And a lot of these higher paying towns are suburbs with nothing really going on. I know there is an inherent danger with the position, but they know that signing up and it doesn't mean they should be paid soooo much


vakr001 OP t1_j8qkf3s wrote

This is 100% true. My cousin is a high-ranking officer in Newark. Makes $150k a year dealing. My parents live in East Hanover, and they are pulling more than that. They are over policed.

Not to mention the piloce officers get the job because they know somebody and not based on qualifications.


NJBullforyou t1_j8oocmc wrote

All 100k+ a year salary and they wanna say they arent getting paid enough? 100k and you wanna have an ego and act like a power hungry racist? Thats crazy.


JasperDyne t1_j8pkh7x wrote

Not too shabby for a bunch of “C” students in high school. That whole “Twenty years and out—with pension and benefits” is pretty sweet too.

Makes us college grads seem like a bunch of chumps.


laiod t1_j8v7bva wrote

And I paid a large amount to get that degree. Oh well.


soiboughtafarm t1_j8ovlsz wrote

I’m a teacher, I don’t even think I would have made a good cop. If I would have know what I could make I could have sucked it up, hell I would be looking at retirement in 10 years. I’m sure one or two of these people aren’t the best at coping either.


murphydcat t1_j8oks28 wrote

The next time you complain about your property tax bill, think about this list.


spoon_master t1_j8owpwh wrote

Are pensions included under additional/extra pay or something? There's a ton of officers who have 0 salary but large additional/extra pay


urbjam t1_j8pscrg wrote

Pick up an application folks. Many towns are hiring.


Dank_valu t1_j8on6vp wrote

Can we see other states?


linkedit t1_j8oqdn5 wrote

State trooper salaries might even be higher


randygiles t1_j8ov64a wrote

AVERAGE 123k. Disgusting, these are supposed to be public servants.


DogeMoonNOK8921 t1_j8pi220 wrote

Rich gets richer, poor suffers !

Ultimately it's the working people like us paying for their salary and extra income , smfh


MajorTeabagger t1_j8pl76y wrote

Anyway we can get an updated wage list? This is from 2019.


Yelwah t1_j8q41w5 wrote

What is this magical "Additional Pay" that's 4x the salary


SpankyMcDangle t1_j8wcxdf wrote

Mandatory overtime required by contracts. Police unions are at the root of the problem in almost every instance of police malfeasance


WakeRider11 t1_j8qkc5a wrote

At least the officers are getting a nice cut of the fee charged to whoever is asking for the service. We need EMT coverage for a 2 day event that I’m a part of and we were quoted $5k for the weekend. I bet those EMTs are still only getting $20-30 an hour if that. We did end up getting a better rate in the end.


nomorobbo t1_j8r3pea wrote

One thing I never understood is that why these lists are so old for information. State employees (as public servants) are updated every quarter. Teachers/police/ etc are updated on a significantly less frequently basis.

The data OP linked is from 2019; so who knows what changed.


UFumbDuckGaming t1_j8rb6qz wrote

The pay gap between #1 vs #2 is disgusting. And then there's additional pay? Wtf


nowjerseyjon t1_j8s66r8 wrote

We have an insane # of municipalities and school districts for a state this size. It's super inefficient. Good luck getting anyone with the power to do it to consolidate. Maybe one or 2 here and there. Can anyone name any municipalities besides possibly Peapack & Gladstone &that have merged? Any since 1912? In fact, reading up on P&G, that may not really have been a merger.


tarzan_boy t1_j8tuq6n wrote

90k with 20k ish overtime is reasonable. I agree we need to merge towns but for anyone complaining about how much they earn.... maybe find a better job? I can make 100k with certs and no degree fully remote.


SirBumbles t1_j8p4yzb wrote

Welp... time to commit tax fraud.


STMIHA t1_j8rt5hn wrote

So many spouses about to go off


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jersey_girl660 t1_j8uf7in wrote

Then go be one? Multiple cities need cops. You won’t make what you think you will though unless you wanna be working 7 days a week


katsock t1_j8o9ifs wrote

Who’s the highest. Asking to hate myself more !


Dino1087 t1_j8q4zdy wrote

The amount of cop bashers on this post is Pretty pathetic to say the least. Also, comparing a teachers salary to a police officer is not only irrelevant it just doesn’t make sense. You know how many shitty teachers I’ve had in public schools that do the bare minimum? Just because you see a few news stories about corrupt police officers on the nightly news doesn’t mean they’re all corrupt and they all should be making “less money” by your standards. Most of these guys make overtime because they fucking work it and put the hours in. Some of you people need to stop generalizing an entire profession and look in the mirror as you comment on Reddit while milking whatever job you have at the moment. Should be ashamed


SpankyMcDangle t1_j8wcryx wrote

The problem is not the small (tiny?) amount of thug/brutal/corrupt cops on payroll, its the insane amout of protection these bad cops get from the police unions and PBAs that is the problem. Otherwise good cops will almost never ever ever turn jn a bad cop-PERIOD. And we are talking about cops who rape, murder, burglarize, sell drugs etc. Those walking shit bags with a badge have near full immunity and if by some reason they do get caught- most of the time they retire with full salary and then we'll go to a neighboring town to get another police job.


jrdidriks t1_j8rnlsi wrote

When I said defund the police, I meant it. These are exorbitant.


Engibineer t1_j8o009g wrote

And how sure are we that these cops are significantly different than the ones in Uvalde?


WPackN2 t1_j8phks2 wrote

Same story in every state. Someone should look up all the ridiculous pays state employees of CA get.


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I didn’t need to be so pissed off today


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Morning! Remember this from yesterday? Have a good day!