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eastvenomrebel t1_ja1fnj7 wrote

Probably just the Mind Flayer, should be fine by tomorrow


NorwaySpruce t1_ja2k2ta wrote

Yeah I heard some 12 year olds are taking care of it


Nexis4Jersey t1_ja19v22 wrote

Gender reveal party taken to the extreme.


Matsudachan t1_ja1qp7s wrote

How do we know pink means = ? ?


ohnjaynb t1_ja24z94 wrote

It means the baby will be a Jersey kid


Draano t1_ja2p3ag wrote

Pink is just faded red - a manly color, so child is a boy. At least that's how it was until the 1940s.


tinker_toys t1_ja49np5 wrote

Huh, it's almost like all the rules about gender are completely made up and changing all the time...


mattemer t1_ja1cb1n wrote

It's Lucas greenhouses. I'm right down the street.


Jonny683 OP t1_ja1cqom wrote

I was hoping for Aliens


mattemer t1_ja1cthg wrote

I also did the first time i saw it. Then drove around looking for the landing. Definitely a letdown.


catsarelittlebabies t1_ja1gzej wrote

Can someone please explain why greenhouses would cause this?


mattemer t1_ja1heyt wrote

Their UV lights at night to warm up the plants. It's not all night long (and not every night) and only really notice on a cloudy night.


raisethesong t1_ja4diqq wrote

Red and blue light are the most useful/efficient wavelengths for plants to photosynthesize with, so greenhouses prefer to use those colors together in their grow lights. Those two colors together usually create a pink glow like this


silentsnip94 t1_ja1hakx wrote

That's some serious light pollution


mattemer t1_ja1hiik wrote

It's not all night long. It's cloudy so bouncing off the clouds. Also not every night either.

It's been going on for many years and people who've lived here forever still randomly notice and ask the question online (like we're seeing here).


ctiger12 t1_ja1o8rd wrote

Weed farm?


WomanOfEld t1_ja38ef8 wrote

No, wholesale annuals & poinsettias for sale to independent garden centers/big box stores.

I sometimes work for a horticultural broker; Lucas is one of my customers/vendors.


mattemer t1_ja1ooy4 wrote

Don't think they are doing that yet. I think there are newer greenhouses over near these ones for weed but aren't Lucas'. Could be wrong with that though.


naveregnide t1_ja2iss8 wrote

Yes this is the answer. Get some cool lighting at night from Lucas’s greenhouses


PresidentScr00b t1_ja34muh wrote

Hello neighbor! Absolutely had people come to our home asking the same thing. Weirded us out when we first saw it too.


mattemer t1_ja34rvl wrote

Hello! Yes same here! I don't see it all that often though, but maybe i just don't look for it enough. Do you see it a lot?


PresidentScr00b t1_ja356wl wrote

I work from home about a mile up the road so I’m not out at that hour often but I’ve seen it quite a few times. No idea what they grow in that particular set of buildings.


Educational_Paint987 t1_ja19zoh wrote


mattemer t1_ja1cbrg wrote

No, greenhouses


mattemer t1_ja1dwa2 wrote

Only know from experience, otherwise I'd have no clue. I live right down the street.


Educational_Paint987 t1_ja1ekdq wrote

Yeah its also way past sunset so there is no source of light other than human made. It didnt click when I first read OP lol.


Catvros t1_ja2v6ac wrote

Metallica intensifies


suarezd1 t1_ja1gzg2 wrote

Angels hitting that lean.


wasitme317 t1_ja1hsov wrote

Christie farting on the beach


Jagrmeister_68 t1_ja1c8jx wrote

Probably a sign that we are living in the Upside-Down


InvestigatorActual49 t1_ja32fcn wrote

Tbh bro not even gonna lie but if a cannabis grow facility has tons of lights in a green house and they don’t have the shutters closed it can cause this I’m not even joking it happened in like Colorado, maybe not this extreme but it looked something similar like this


mattemer t1_ja3py7m wrote

It is local greenhouses so you aren't far off.


crustang t1_ja3qy6c wrote

Southern and Midwestern states have successfully prayed the gay away.. this cloud and it’s massive tax base are going to fund exactly one new police officer with overtime and benefits


Maggots_and_Vanilla t1_ja5bqqy wrote

Somebody took their gender reveal to the next level I see.


Jimmytowne t1_ja1j7wl wrote

It be like that sometimes


hiimh8m3 t1_ja1oz50 wrote

that looks awesome!


Frapplo t1_ja2rhxh wrote

I dunno. It's Jersey. The night sky is usually neon black, which should be impossible considering the definitions of neon and black, but again. . . it's New Jersey.


nchris124 t1_ja37pbs wrote

Early Sunsets in Monroeville


erox331 t1_ja394zx wrote

Gender reveal


FailGlittering3335 t1_ja3ori0 wrote

Twilight occurs when the sun is below the horizon but its rays still illuminate the atmosphere, causing the sky to take on a range of colors from deep blue to pink and purple. During this time, the upper atmosphere scatters the sun's rays, which can result in a pink or orange hue.
ChatGPT sucks?


mattemer t1_ja3q0z1 wrote

The answer is already here but i like it


bananapeeled t1_ja4mblb wrote

Wish it was colors like that all the time


Regular_Mud4525 t1_ja1p32y wrote

Ohio, all that crap evaporating from the waterways in our clouds.


butterbuttz t1_ja2vn59 wrote

Chemicals from Ohio


Slavic_Dusa t1_ja1gpzs wrote

Wind farms? ... lol