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mcgeggy t1_j96w561 wrote

Museums and then a semi expensive restaurant.


T_D_A_G_A_R_I_M t1_j96x5ah wrote

Some of the museums are free. Like Museum of Natural History is just asking for a suggested donation, you could say $0 and they’ll still let you in. Although I guess that could make you seem like a cheapo on a date.


auntbeef t1_j98ez8g wrote

Most public libraries have free passes for museums in NJ/NY


KayakHank t1_j9859wk wrote

Technically you have to do something last I went. So its at least $1 or a quarter was the minimum. I normally just say give 5 $10 tickets or whatever


facemelter124 t1_j970hjw wrote

Get tickets to the hopper exhibit at the Whitney, walk on the high-line. Go do Chinatown and get soup dumplings at supreme restaurant. It’s a dive but the food is great and inexpensive. Cash only.


Ayoxtina t1_j96xp5a wrote

A lot of museum entries are suggested donations, free for NJ residents. The Museum of Natural History is right on Central Park West. Since both are free, that $200 could be used for a great dinner.


shredwig t1_j96zsi6 wrote

Yup this is by far your best option.


Cyphman t1_j97oexo wrote

yup great idea and if the weather is right you have central park right there to take a nice walk


PCPenhale t1_j97xtpg wrote

Dinner at that restaurant in Central Park.


Kind-Designer-5763 t1_j98coun wrote

Boat house is closing, dunno if it is still open, there is a Zoo in central park too, but with schools out the place might be packed tomorrow, you can take her to the Jekyl and hyde across from the Russian Tea room for a drink, that place is a laugh


bittinho t1_j973tus wrote

Tbh two $20 cocktails at a beautiful rooftop lounge feels extravagant but isn’t really. The Skylark in west midtown was gorgeous with views.

Edit: following up on someone who suggest the Whitney and high line. The high line ends fairly close to this bar. Follow it up w a pre dinner cocktail here.


Zealousideal_Crab505 t1_j975d7r wrote

It's not high end but for that budget I'd get tickets to the comedy cellar - always a good time - you'll feel like you got out and did something and you never know who might come on.


BILLTHETHRILL17 t1_j97czov wrote

Always wanted to go there that would be pretty cool for a date.


Jimmytowne t1_j97k5z0 wrote

I went there on a date. Got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of Colin Quinn doing a set. He called me out saying “that guy looks like the bully in every 80’s movie”. This was 15 years ago and it still haunts me


BF_2 t1_j96v59v wrote

You've got to be kidding.

Maybe a romantic walk through Central Park and a hotdog at a stand?

I always presume it's gonna cost me $100, minimum, just to get in and out of NYC in one piece.


OpportunityKnown2 OP t1_j96w6j3 wrote

Well obviously I'm going to rent bikes and go to Grand Central station but I wanted to show her something fun like something up to pay for that's in the budget of $200. I'm open it cheaper too you know I'm going on vacation next week for 3 weeks i need to save money....


BF_2 t1_j97jhmx wrote

Well, at least you've got the right attitude.

However, be sure she's onboard with it. Women may wear impractical clothing and shoes to a date, and that could screw the experience for her.

I suggest not packing a lunch, but hitting a deli counter at some "name" deli and splitting a sandwich (which are too big for one person anyway). You'll need to be near a bench or some other place to eat it. Advice from hiking: Bring a lightweight 30-gallon trash bag, which you can spread over a wet bench.

Museums can be cheap, and there are some interesting ones there -- about the only justification I know of to visit NYC.

A show can be good, but TKTS is a gamble and can eat up your day waiting. I prefer not to bother.


danroman79 t1_j96yrvp wrote

You can find broadway tickets for cheapish… but you’re not getting dinner or anything afterwards…


OpportunityKnown2 OP t1_j96z2qr wrote

Fuck dinner tbh. It's such a rip off why am I paying so much for some cheap looking stuff. Lol. I'm packing a lunch. I don't want that lead water chicken breast.


PuritanPayne t1_j970hg8 wrote

Why even go to nyc if this is the mentality you have about eating there. Save your money and eat your packed lunch at Eagle Rock Reservation lol


choppedfiggs t1_j96zi0p wrote

You are gonna bring a packed lunch to a date?


OpportunityKnown2 OP t1_j96zsqx wrote

Yeah budy don't be judgy


choppedfiggs t1_j97073g wrote

I'm all for packed lunches but most people came into this question thinking you were aiming to show this person extravagance or to impress them. Packed lunches is the anti thesis of extravagance.

But on the right person it might work if you pack a nice lunch. But not like hey I brought you a bologna sandwich.


AdConfident7002 t1_j976g1a wrote

Dude…. Please don’t bring a packed lunch to a date. She won’t call you back again after that. Get pizza or something at least if you’re trying to save cash.


redditb4awhile t1_j98ni8u wrote

Download Groupon —- search NYC as the location search “dinner”. You can get discounts on dinner say a $100 dinner for $60 if u catch a day there’s a 20% off promo. If u don’t want her to know about the Groupon voucher just get up to use the restroom and pay. There’s a lot of good deals you just need to look!

They have dinner cruises that takes care of 3-4 hrs and includes music, sight seeing, dinner and non alcoholic beverages.

You can also find a bunch of activities to do on Groupon that are affordable.

If you don’t wanna spend too much money on food. Do a nice picnic in a park. Get some sandwiches, some drinks & some good snacks! There’s also some free activities you can find.

The rooftop idea is nice too!


AnNJgal t1_j97rzl3 wrote

Wait, I don't know how down I'd be to bike ride around the city...I would vibe check to make sure she's game. I'd take her for a drink, walk around the highline, and a bite at Chelsea Market.


stackered t1_j973n14 wrote

not 100% sure how much it costs or if you have to tip, but women love the old horse and buggy rides. if its nice out, consider it. guessing it should be $60-70 for a 30 min ride or something like that. then go out to eat somewhere decent, hit some free museums or events


lily_rhye t1_j97ygaa wrote

I’d be careful with that. There are plenty of people who are opposed to the horse and buggy scene. It’s been controversial for a century. And women are more likely to be opposed to it than men are, I suspect.


WhatIsTickyTacky t1_j96whrx wrote

Bryant Park has a winter village going on.


Icy-Town-5355 t1_j97i3ua wrote

You can also hit the Campbell Apartment in Grand Central Terminal-- has a very cool vibe, kind of like a speakeasy. Entrance on Vanderbilt on the east side near 42nd St.


Maximum-Excitement58 t1_j971yct wrote

Extravagant? Two people can barely get out of Applebee’s on Times Square for $200.


i-love-that t1_j975aq0 wrote

Maybe it’s bc I actually lived in nyc but I used to go to dinner regularly and get out at under 75 for 2 at a run of the mill place. Recently just spent $120 for 2 at a legit nice Mediterranean place. Drinks included.


tohon123 t1_j97t74k wrote

Go to a jazz club


kiLLxander t1_j97tpz6 wrote

The Edge at Hudson Yards is cool


GooseNYC t1_j97dua3 wrote

The Metropolitan is fun.

Then subway down to Chinatown.

You can easily bring that in for less than 200 each. Maybe even less than 200 total, including parking. Us a parking app like Spot Hero or Park Whiz .


Retiredpotato294 t1_j97q4ih wrote

Get a hotel room overlooking Times Square, take out the Bible from the drawer and cross out commandments as you see them being broken.


El_Otro_Lebowski t1_j980wox wrote

Staten Island ferry (free) followed by dinner. Amazing view of the city, a nice walk, and a beautiful meal to finish off the night (or hopefully not)


albaspotting t1_j9735bi wrote

Are you like a kid? Might help with that.


mt80 t1_j97edt7 wrote

$300 will get you into Sleep No More at McKittrick Hotel. Extravagant plus unique and interactive.


Retiredpotato294 t1_j97r7mo wrote

Minetta Tavern, at opening sit at the bar. Washington Square Park for stroll and hand holding. Mayhaps a smooch. Chinatown, share dumplings.


LowWizZ t1_j980e8l wrote

I suggest Keen’s Steakhouse…. if you want just a dinner. Lot’s of history there. Ask about the different pipes and who they belonged to. Regardless of what you do, if the weather is nice enough do the HIGH LINE park. It is an amazing walk and it is free!


ibuyofficefurniture t1_j97i4tq wrote

You can definitely get a pair of tickets at the tkts booth in the middle of times square for 60-80 per and have a bit left over for a somewhat no that extravagant meal.


theflyingscroll t1_j97ur8d wrote

Breathe. JK. Walk the Highline and check out Chelsea Market. It’s beautiful weather for it.


randomly_responds t1_j97xyw3 wrote

Go to TAO Uptown for lunch Pre fix option which is $30pp. Walk along Central Park and option to visit the Zoo, which is around $20pp. Window shop at 5th Ave, visit Tiffany’s, then head to BG Restaurant for their fancy afternoon tea for $49pp. I go out a lot and this is what I would do if I want “extravagant“ on a budget.


achenx75 t1_j985ydn wrote

Took a girl on a date to theAmerican Museum of Natural History once. It was really nice! Also quickly found out she was way smarter than me.


tomli777 t1_j98g0j0 wrote

Rooftop cocktails, followed by a pizza crawl. I mapped out several of the more popular pizzerias in the west village area that are in close proximity


JimTheJerseyGuy t1_j98ov7r wrote

Start at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Wander the American Wing. Walk over to Lexington and grab the subway downtown to Grand Central for cocktails at the Campbell Apartment (check the dress code!). Stop in the Whispering Gallery outside the Oyster Bar in Grand Central to whisper in each other’s ears. Dinner at Pershing Square across the street.


deputy1nfd t1_j98rrrc wrote

Just enough for tolls and parking LOL


4runner01 t1_j99w6k7 wrote

Pay the tolls and park….


jaylover316 t1_j9erd9n wrote

Personally if I had $200 to spend on a meal I’d go to katz deli in Manhattan a celebrity hog spot 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


Cooper323 t1_j9gekh7 wrote

Like seafood? Oyster Bar in Grand Central terminal is always a nice one, plus she can see one of the most beautiful train stations in the world.

My 2c


Ok-Elk-6087 t1_j97iut9 wrote

Do some research and check out famous spots and locations relevant to something she is into, and then find a nice bar restaurant to have dinner


Flashinglights0101 t1_j97kxzx wrote

Get a line sitter for broadway rush tickets. Will be $100 for both of you and hit a rooftop for drinks. Easy


lov3street_ t1_j97yz2r wrote

Gonna save this post. I wanna take a this guy from MA on a date in nyc one day… I’m from NJ so I should know a thing or two 😅


Passionabsorber1111 t1_j9837ij wrote

head to chelsea….so many free art galleries, the high line (free but might be alil windy) chelsea market has great stores and food (try ‘good fresh noodles’ or ‘los marisclos’) also the whitney museum is right by there (i think $18 per ticket if you’re a student) you might catch a gorgeous sunset on the high line if you’re lucky! also “the little island” on the water (might need a ticket as well)


Sweet-Fun-Momof-2 t1_j9a7xr7 wrote

Here to suggest same. Head to the Whitney Museum. Tix are $25 each ($18 is seniors price). Your ticket gets you a 20% discount off your bill at The Standard Grill. Delicious food. Then walk along the high line. Maybe see the sunset.


HistoricalHurry8361 t1_j983mwf wrote

Dizzys jazz club is a lot of fun!


Foreign_Ad5124 t1_j9f60qd wrote

do you have any recommendations on where to eat before going to the jazz club to get drinks?!


HistoricalHurry8361 t1_j9opag0 wrote

Dizzys also has its own restaurant with limited menu and is also located in the columbus circle mall which has a food court and a few restaurants.

The early showing is best to catch the sunset over Central Park, but the later set is definitely more romantic! There is a really good lounge/restaurant around the block that also has really great views of central park - "the penthouse" albeit a but pricey but we just went for a few drinks before the show and had some apps at dizzys.


MerbleTheGnome t1_j9849cc wrote

$200 - should cover tolls, parking and some dirty water hot dogs and a stroll through Central Park.


Fantastic_Nose9495 t1_j989aj5 wrote

Helicopter ride is the most baller thing you can do that’s not too expensive


Beanmybag112 t1_j989f8s wrote

Museum, restaurant that’s byob then Gotham comedy club.


heynow941 t1_j98cere wrote

Nice walk on the (free!!!) High Line.


tennisfanatic1 t1_j98gt28 wrote

Not much. Why does it have to be extravagant? Go for a walk in the park or to a museum. Casual lunch or dinner.


External12 t1_j991lrg wrote

Try to grab a seat Comedy Cellar can stand in line to grab unreserved or no show seats. Gurateed great time.


According_Match_9504 t1_j99bhpv wrote

It's restaurant week. You can get a four-course meal at Chez Josephine on 42nd street for $45 each including dessert. Piano player, great ambience, and a memorable experience.


[deleted] t1_j9ajjm7 wrote

Do your museum runs midtown or downtown. But at night, at Columbia university on 116th and Amsterdam there’s a little bridge right beside the law school. It is the highest point of New York City and you just look down on a good night. You see some amazing shit. You can eat around there for dinner. It is not as extravagant as downtown but it’s cheaper and also very safe because of Columbia. Just my two cents


real_bro t1_j9anyql wrote

Via Carota on Grove Street. Italian but not your typical Italian food. They don't have anything with red sauce but everything there is exceptionally good. Or go to one of the other 4 restaurants owned by these same two ladies.


Tankisfreemason t1_j9aw1m8 wrote

Go to MoMA and check out Starry Night, then head over to Del Friscos nearby


Difficult_Goat_4609 t1_j9begxd wrote

All are great ideas I’m saying than you so the next time I go in the city


Rough-Atmosphere2652 t1_j9bt9u6 wrote

Tavern on the Green is semi expensive, do the lunch menu, must make reservations, but before that visit a few free museums in the area. Google free museums in the 57th Street East side area.


eilmin18 t1_j9htqlt wrote

Cabaret/music venue-you can watch the show while dining.


choirscore t1_j984dby wrote

Skip the city- go to DIA Beacon.


whatsasyria t1_j99295o wrote

Go to philly instead. Much better bang for your buck if your budget is 200. Take her to the 4 seasons rooftop, absolutely breathtaking.


OpportunityKnown2 OP t1_j96xs97 wrote

No I'm not trying to impress this girl with my money I thought that's how much you needed to spend I don't know lol


brandnewfashion t1_j97c27a wrote

An "extravagant" night in the city would be like, a prix fix dinner at a Michelin restaurant and a Broadway show and that's about $1k.

You can have a fun night in the city, but $200 is not going to make it extravagant.

Rooftop bars are fun. I like the Monarch on 35th.

You can also find a comedy show or local band. There are often times free performances in various parks, but that's usually in the summer


helloimwes t1_j97egdt wrote

You can go to r/newyorkcity?


ApplicationNo2506 t1_j96yd0o wrote

Yea man it’s not gonna happen. Sorry to tell you.


OpportunityKnown2 OP t1_j96yh61 wrote

It's better to have asked and said no than to not have known at all, thank you kind stranger. Wish i had a medal to give you. Here🥇