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BoujeeMomme t1_jadafq9 wrote

I finally have an actual garage. Like an indoor, no fucking snow on my roof garage 🙂

Feels good to not have to scrape ice nor brush off like inches of thick, heavy snow yaaay!!


sugarintheboots t1_jaei82m wrote

High five my covered sister! 🙌


BoujeeMomme t1_jaellvf wrote

It's been life changing since we've moved into our new home last August 🙂 then again it's also been our first snow haaa!


ThrowRASalt_Bit_2781 t1_jadnd59 wrote

That’s why you speed down your block and stop short bam problem solved


HairyMayor t1_jae1mfs wrote

Instructions unclear. Sped down street, came to very abrupt stop via tree. Send help.


thisnewsight t1_jaeg2yy wrote

Sir, instructions remain unclear. I repeat, instructions unclear. My dick is now stuck in the ceiling fan.


Jagrmeister_68 t1_jacj29n wrote

I've never seen anyone pulled over for that.
I WISH some of the idiots on Rt 1 this morning had cleared their roofs.
But it was nice to be able to use my wipers when the snow flew off and hit my windshield.

So I hope that the 5 cars I passed on the right then cut off so that they had to slam on their brakes causing some of the snow to fall forward onto THEIR windshield appreciated the reciprocity.


Obvious_Ad9670 t1_jaduoly wrote

Roof of my house still has snow. Not sure how to get it off.


trailsman t1_jaeeogh wrote

Roof rake, did mine this morning just like I do after every snowfall.

Well worth the extra few mins to avoid any ice dams and water intrusion.


Ravenhill-2171 t1_jae2fhg wrote

Oh roof of your car? I misread that and was thinking how much snow did he get that his house is in danger of collapse? 😉


BlackWidow1414 t1_jadd01e wrote

Yep. Drive on 80 and 287 this morning and almost no one had bothered to do so.


Ill-Forever880 t1_jadpq61 wrote

If for a house, just Don’t fall off the roof cleaning the snow. Neighbor died doing that.


t3chi3 t1_jacmh48 wrote

I'd love for someone to put snow on my roof so I can comply.


alissa2579 t1_jacqf9s wrote

Come to Morris county. I’ll put snow on your roof and let you shovel my walkway and driveway


Cashneto t1_jaezg80 wrote

I saw someone do a hard stop with 6 inches of snow on their roof, the snow fell down on their windshield and they couldn't see. Luckily this happened in a local road (30 mph speed limit), had it been on a highway it would have been an immediate accident.


Lyraxiana t1_jaf2brg wrote

If you can't be bothered to clean off your car, get one of those snow tarps.

Laziness doesn't mean you get to be an asshole.


Budget_Green t1_jaf4ta1 wrote

Seriously dude, drove to jfk early morning, I can share more than 30 examples of this from my dashcam, couple of them hit me too. On SUV on 287, I think they just cleared windshield with wipers and drove onto 287, was stuck behind for a while. Same on Belt parkway.


About400 t1_jad4ivz wrote

Legit question (that’s not about me as I have a small and short car)- what to people do when they have large tall cars when the person cannot actually reach the snow on top?


SleepyHobo t1_jadiejm wrote

Not an excuse. Sorry not sorry short kings and queens of NJ. If you can’t reach the roof of your car, buy an extended brush, step-stool, or sell your SUV/pickup truck. If you want a SUV or pickup truck you have a responsibility to clean it. End of story.


whygohomie t1_jadsyd7 wrote

They also have a responsibility to be able to competently park and drive their oversized F950 - - but that doesn't really seem to be of much concern to these drivers. They are way too busy over compensating to be concerned with stuff like the proper operation of a motor vehicle.


Summoarpleaz t1_jadpkvk wrote

I’m short. It’s not hard lol. I’d recommend extended brushes regardless of height cuz why not make your job easier?


ser_pez t1_jae1g4n wrote

I can’t reach the roof of my Honda Civic lol, let alone an SUV. I do have a brush that reaches because I’m not a jerk.


robronanea t1_jad7n04 wrote

Open a door, step in facing the open door, stand in the car.


Ginger8682 t1_jae7h5j wrote

I’m 5’1” I have a Nissan pathfinder. I open the doors and stand inside the doorway of car to brush it off. It’s a bitch but I get it done. I take 2 highways to work and I don’t want ice flying off my roof going thru someone’s windshield.


wynnejs t1_jad8e92 wrote

Another thing you can do before it freezes is to move the car a couple of feet back and forth while braking hard. The force should knock a good chunk of it off before you get on the road. Also use a push broom from the back and push forward. My car is annoying because I'm rather short, and there are these goddamned roof-rails on my car that prevent me from pushing off the sides.


About400 t1_jadacvf wrote


As I mentioned my car is easy, but my dad has a suburban and I have no idea how I would remove frozen heavy deep snow from the top of that without a ladder.


MapleChimes t1_jae3yv3 wrote

My car is small but I still love the Snow Joe for pushing the snow off my car. So much faster than using just those small brushes especially when there's several inches of snow on top.


About400 t1_jaeg60g wrote

I’ve never heard of this. I will have to look into it


leksoid t1_jadutxx wrote

it will melt by eod lol


Chose_a_usersname t1_jady4i9 wrote

I don't have to worry the wind blows it off when. I drive.


PICHICONCACA t1_jadon9d wrote

Why? It comes off in the turnpike.