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sutisuc t1_j9q26ma wrote

Do people really consider west Milford rich?


Rude-Bison-2050 t1_j9q8hw6 wrote

That very much depends where because there’s a lot of red neck meth shacks up there too.


NatAttack50932 t1_j9skg8n wrote

Down the mountain vs up the mountain

if you're from the area you know what im talking about


AnNJgal t1_j9tq5vh wrote

I have relatives who live in Hewitt and they always say that.


WredditSmark t1_j9uvcrp wrote

Is there a particular bar or diner that the meth heads and whatnot frequent? I live for visiting the most backwood don’t go there if you’re not from there type bars and whatnot


myshra t1_j9qh2gz wrote

There's old money family land with plenty of dirt poor residents, a mix of mid-century middle class single fam homes, and a number of both old and new money mansions in the woods.


Mostly it's just woods.


Losdangles24 t1_j9qe9se wrote

It’s an enigma. There are mansions, people with a lot of money near Greenwood Lake/Ringwood, and a lot of meth and trash in between.


munchingzia t1_j9q4qnn wrote

i wouldnt, although there are certain neighborhoods in ringwood , wanaque, and w. milford that have some nice homes.


timetopat t1_j9qdar4 wrote

Its funny because I used to referee at paintball depot when that place was still a thing. There ranges from run down shacks to actual mansions in that area. Its pretty wooded, but depending where are some big houses. Its a pretty big mix of places though honestly.


peter-doubt t1_j9tgibk wrote

So... It's the rich.. surrounded by the not rich enough.


PracticableSolution t1_j9qxqeb wrote

It depends. There are four west Milfords: lakefront community folks (generally younger families and left leaning-ish) rich reclusive mansion folks (few ball players and anti-social types) honest tradespeople in affordable housing (probably the largest group), and whack job meth heads in shacks (smallest but most noticeable).

It’s not uncommon to see a Ferrari parked next to a rotted out 70’s pick up, and there are as many masons as white collar workers hopping the 197 bus to NY.


NatAttack50932 t1_j9skjzk wrote

I know a guy who lives near the lake that drives a bentley and a Ferrari

few houses down from his is a guy with a 2007 camry


cassinonorth t1_j9qdfwh wrote

Oof...married someone from Pompton Lakes. You aren't kidding about the cancer thing. Everyone in her family has had it and they aren't even near the lake. A kid they graduated with died at 18 from cancer too.


NJDevil69 t1_j9r5arb wrote

>Oof...married someone from Pompton Lakes. You aren't kidding about the cancer thing.

Fuck Pompton Lakes! The reason that damn place has not been able to clean up is due to half the town not wanting to admit there's a pollution issue! The people who suffer from cancer don't deserve the animosity they get from their fellow townspeople.


cassinonorth t1_j9r5ef8 wrote

Makes for a very interesting town FB group


NJDevil69 t1_j9sbomw wrote

I purposely joined one of those groups to see for myself. It’s sad. Half the town wants to see justice against DuPont. The other half is happy to ignore any and all signs of cancer, even if it’s their neighbor dying, just so their property values do not go down.


user1752916319 OP t1_j9qf8mq wrote

I’m really sorry about that man. I hope they recover and I hope the town compensates you for that.


cassinonorth t1_j9qffgs wrote

They're all good now thankfully, just feels like it's a parade of new cases coming from that town. I doubt they're getting anything, fuck Dupont.


jpr7887 t1_j9r2vle wrote

So what's the cancer thing? I'm at the northern tip of Wayne as of a couple of years ago so this is news to me. I'm about to have a baby so I want to know what to avoid.


cassinonorth t1_j9r4f97 wrote

Just don't go dipping your baby in Pompton Lake and you're probably fine. NJ has some extremely strict water regulations so you'll know if your water is contaminated in Wayne. I've swam in Pines Lake many times without much worry.

Here's some reading for you though.


jpr7887 t1_j9r4oll wrote

Thank you! Yeah there won't be any lake baptisms for us lol


munchingzia t1_j9q4yx5 wrote

why does the entirety of Wayne get the woods label? its just your standard NJ suburb.


sutisuc t1_j9q8j4s wrote

Honestly it’s worse cause there’s no central downtown, it’s just suburban sprawl divided by a bunch of shitty looking strip malls


StrangeMorris t1_j9t7m1x wrote

I grew up in Wayne and this is correct. From a town planning perspective it's awful.


mac_a_bee t1_j9qbevg wrote

> there’s no central downtown, it’s just suburban sprawl divided by a bunch of shitty looking strip malls

Downtown comprises the police station, library and Valley high school opposite the now-Whole Foods strip mall - but yes.


timetopat t1_j9qdefa wrote

I agree that it would be nice to have a walkable area to do stuff there like a Boonton or Teaneck or such.


ctannr t1_j9svcvm wrote

wayen is sneaky the biggest town in jersey while having nothing in it worthwhile


munchingzia t1_j9qae08 wrote

im cool with that ngl. its clean, quiet, and the houses are well-kept.

i live near the NY border. most places are like that here.

exception would probably be Norwood, Westwood and Ramsey.


sutisuc t1_j9qd6zn wrote

I mean if that’s your thing I guess but if I just want sprawling development I’ll go 30 minutes west to Sussex county and actually be surrounded by farms and woods not endless chain stores and highways.


WredditSmark t1_j9uvwg3 wrote

Yeah who wants anything to do or anywhere to go if you don’t have a car


sutisuc t1_j9uyo00 wrote

This is the mentality of so many jersey people unfortunately. No wonder our cities are in such crappy shape.


hipsteradonis t1_j9qkccg wrote

Are there maps of these for other counties?


user1752916319 OP t1_j9qkrp9 wrote

I can make more. What do you wanna see?


Dead_Is_Better t1_j9r1mox wrote

Ocean County please.


beowulf92 t1_j9qtnqq wrote

Totowa pretend ghetto?? Interested in that reasoning! Lol


onlyme1984 t1_j9r29qe wrote

Wasn’t sure if that’s Totowa or West Paterson


beowulf92 t1_j9r7yyu wrote

WP is the Garrett mountain one lol


onlyme1984 t1_j9rbjnc wrote

To be fair it said Garret Mtn and nothing else lol


ptowndavid t1_j9tss50 wrote

Yeah Totowa should be trump land. Nothing ghetto there. OP, have you visited?


Slavic_Dusa t1_j9q2nc9 wrote

What amazing food are you referring to in Passaic? Can you share some restaurants?

Also, you might have missed McMansions that have been built in the last 10 years. My guess is that in the next Passaic City will be North Lakewood.


JZstrng t1_j9q97eh wrote

Passaic has a lot of Mexican restaurants, and a few Peruvian ones as well.

For Mexican, try Los Arcos. For Peruvian, try Griselda’s or El Chévere.

Nothing fancy, but good food overall.


Slavic_Dusa t1_j9qbjbe wrote

Will do thanks!

I'm not looking for fancy. Over the years, every once in a while, I hear about amazing food in Passaic, but somehow, really good food always ends up being in Garfield, Wallington, Clifton, and Paterson 🤷‍♂️


JZstrng t1_j9qq555 wrote

Yeah, Paterson and Clifton have really good spots, too!


Passion724 t1_j9rq041 wrote

Yep! Literally surrounded by Mexican and Peruvian in Clifton lol


Rude-Bison-2050 t1_j9q87io wrote

The side of Passaic and Clifton near 3rd ward has always been nice and very Jewish for a long time now. Lots of big old $$$ houses there. It cuts back over to being Passaic really fast tho.


Slavic_Dusa t1_j9qaua1 wrote

Not that long, up until late 80s and early 90s, that was very Italian neighborhood. And up until 2010s there wasn't as many multifamily homes and townhouses. A lot of those homes were built at the beginning of 20th century.

Now, a lot of single family homes and even parking lots are being turned into massive multifamily homes, townhouses, and McMantions.

I know this area for over 20 years. Overpopulation was never as bad as in the last 5-10 years, and judging by the new construction, it will only get worse.


Rude-Bison-2050 t1_j9qfewg wrote

Lol granted I do the same thing with stuff from that era, but 1980s are coming up on 50 years ago. The Jewish community was always in that area (along with the Italians) The Italians just largely got displaced by Hispanics more downtown than in the 3rd ward park and rosemwar area

Also for food check out jaimitos (technically Clifton) and el fogon. Both great Peruvian places.


Slavic_Dusa t1_j9qh2i1 wrote

O, come on. 80s was 30, something to 40, something years ago. Let's not get ahead of ourselves here! 😂😂😂


_denimchicken_ t1_j9r4nco wrote

Mexico Deli Restaurant. Right over the border from the Garfield bridge. Excellent street taco spot. You walk in and just see a vat of horchata on the countet. It would be a genuine challenge to exceed spending $20 there


WredditSmark t1_j9uw4d6 wrote

These aren’t GOOD tacos, but they’re cheap, last time I checked they were $1 each


Pkmatrix0079 t1_j9pwysv wrote

LOL that Haledon doesn't get any label at all (although I guess that's part of "People Live Here?") xD


user1752916319 OP t1_j9pxpe7 wrote

It’s supposed to be in the “nice but boring” category but you can’t rlly tell I should’ve done it better my bad


Pkmatrix0079 t1_j9qevr0 wrote

Hey that's alright! I just thought it was funny that it was so nice and boring that it's completely forgotten xD


Dirtycoinpurse t1_j9qbcn2 wrote

Don’t really think Wayne has woods these days. By the University and I guess Pines Lake can be considered woods. Many snobs in Wayne, but overall it is a pleasant town. Would probably be very convenient place to live if it was more affordable.


Batumi19 t1_j9u2rdf wrote

You can start in West Milford and drive 30 minutes and still be in West Milford. I've done it. It goes on FOREVER.


dirty_cuban t1_j9rqiut wrote

My wife is originally from ‘boring’. It checks out.


ChipmunkSpecialist93 t1_j9rx7qm wrote

considering it’s size, there’s a decent population of people in Prospect Park. y’all making it out to be West Milford or something lol.


ptowndavid t1_j9tsyv5 wrote

Prospect Park should be tax sinkhole. No reason for it to exist.


-Angry-Alchemist- t1_j9t79hk wrote

Gotta be a place for Confederates in there somewhere.


AnNJgal t1_j9tqrj6 wrote

Hewitt, Greenwood Lake, plenty of them there and in Wayne.


mdp300 t1_ja1fdex wrote

I've lived in Clifton most of my life and yeah, accurate.


ornerykitsunegirl t1_j9r654b wrote

Is Elmwood park in nice but boring or people live here?


teelee90 t1_j9rjpvq wrote

Elmwood Park is Bergen county ☺️


ornerykitsunegirl t1_j9tdlwl wrote

I’m so sorry. That’s my mistake! I just assumed because I payed the Passaic water commission bill that it was part of Passaic county. Thank you for informing me!


sutisuc t1_j9uz4us wrote

I thought it was Passaic too cause it used to be East Paterson.