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WhichSpirit t1_j9n0k49 wrote

Please congratulate your friend for us! That's awesome!


dlstove t1_j9n69q9 wrote

This was awesome. Watched the whole thing. Definitely interested in attending one of these


ManInKilt t1_j9n9fx0 wrote

Dudes clearly above ground


onlyme1984 t1_j9nmm1p wrote

Love the fact that he chose what hes passionate about doing over his job!


heptapod t1_j9o8zd1 wrote

I dug through the earth like a mole

Forever searchin for a perfect hole

Musty and dusty

Perfect for a nest

The place must be

For the dirt-obsessed

Underground poetry lurks in the dark

Twisty warrens of a blind shark

Burma Shave


bingbing0523 t1_j9v6gf6 wrote

Aye that's my buddy on the cover. We got shows all over! So stoked for all my fellow colleagues and mentors!


emo_koolaid t1_j9x0pfb wrote

I'm in that documentary and have helped run the NJ Poetry Renaissance! I'm so thankful that we made it to this! If you wanna follow any of us on Instagram:

@damianrucci @emo_kooaid @cord_moreski @hollow.haunted

Anyone in the the NJ area wanna pop out, you should!


Fishnetsandmisery t1_j9zu6cs wrote

It was so cool seeing my face on voices in the garden! It was amazing and honor honestly