Submitted by skhope t3_114411k in newjersey

Called the MVC, but had a long wait and their site doesn't seem to be clear.

I currently have a driver's license that's expiring in a couple of months. If I get RealID, can I use that instead of my driver's license?

Similarly, a friend just became a US citizen. Can he get the RealID instead of a state ID?



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Foyt20 t1_j8u2s6q wrote

Your driver's license will be real id certified but will still be your driver's license.


FSchmertz t1_j8us9v0 wrote

It looks the same as the current license but has a large gold star on the upper right


WeCanDoThisCNJ t1_j8u451d wrote

As others have said, Real ID just enhances your driver license. It means you can use it instead of a passport to get on planes, etc.


tony_boxacannoli t1_j8ugju1 wrote

>use it instead of a passport to get on planes

both domestic and international?


weaselpoopcoffee1 t1_j8uh2r9 wrote

No. International still requires a passport.


NatAttack50932 t1_j8uiqn7 wrote

Then what's the point? I can use my current license to get on a plane.


WeCanDoThisCNJ t1_j8uj9ge wrote

That will be banned May 2025


ginamcho t1_j8vim5o wrote

what’s the difference between the two for traveling if one just has a star on it


THE_some_guy t1_j8wqo3l wrote

Well, it’s not just a star- it has other security markings too. But the important thing is they (supposedly) do a much more extensive background check on you before they give you the version that has the star.


ginamcho t1_j8wrs9q wrote

hahahha no i know it’s not just a star but i was wondering what made this different. i moved to texas and already got mine. didn’t seem like a different process. btw texas DMV is so much better than NJ. first, i don’t have to go every time i lose my license which is often. they mail me a new one. the people were nice when i got my first one and you sit with the employee to go through the paperwork.


css01 t1_j8xy5ib wrote

How many times have they pushed the date out? They'll probably push it out several more times before May 2025.


zoicyte t1_j8uwvfs wrote

Yeah that’s unbelievable that NJ is making this a problem tbh.


SleepyHobo t1_j8v3t8n wrote

It's a federal rule so the ban on using a non-realID drivers license for domestic flights applies to all states. That said you can also apply for global entry and that card can get you on domestic flights.


Theo_dore229 t1_j8walgg wrote

It has nothing to due with the state. It’s one of the additional security measures in response to 9/11, yes that is how many times it has been pushed back.


zoicyte t1_j8we2yi wrote

You misunderstand me.

Up until like literally this year NJ DLs have been realID SINCE 2001 or whatever. Now suddenly as they’re becoming required for national flights in 3 years NJ decides to cheap out and go back to less secure drivers licenses? Wtf.


Theo_dore229 t1_j8wehky wrote

That’s not at all true or accurate , nj driver’s licenses have not ever been real id by default. They only began issuing them at all several years ago at the most if I recall correctly. The federal government has routinely pushed back the date to make real ID mandatory for domestic air travel, because many states, not just NJ, had been running behind in the roll out. Then the pandemic came around and made it an even bigger problem for people to get them, and it was pushed back again. I’ve had an NJ drivers license for over 15 years, I don’t currently have a real ID license, and I never have. They are not given out by default in this state.

Edit: to further clarify, since the roll out of real ID in Nj, all drivers licenses either have the real id star, or explicitly say they are not real id.

Perhaps you are confusing Real ID with the points system of ID needed to obtain the license? That was initiated as part of the process that would be required to obtain the Real id, but real id did not itself begin until 2020 or so.


zoicyte t1_j8wfm39 wrote

Uh what?

I have had a real id nj dl since I was at least 28. In 2006.


Theo_dore229 t1_j8wfq0y wrote

No you haven’t, and I don’t know why you seem to think you have. They literally did not even start issuing them until about 2020. I don’t know why you think this, but you are absolutely 100% mistaken.


zoicyte t1_j8wfstp wrote

Remind me in a week when I get back. I’ll post my old ids.


Theo_dore229 t1_j8wfyd3 wrote

Nj began issuing real ID in September 2019. I was off by a year. So no, you absolutely have not had one since 2006. Also, you should look into it, since you seem to think you have one by default, when they don’t even do that as of now.


waukeecla t1_j8xl6an wrote

Here is a background if you're misremembering, NJ wasnt compliant until 2020:

Also checking Google News Archives, there are no articles mentioning Real ID requirements in NJ prior to 2008.

Here is the first mention of REAL ID on from 2009:

Did you by chance have a license in antoher state and transfer it to NJ in 2006? Or did your license have a star that you had assumed meant it as compliant, when may have just been decorative?


THE_some_guy t1_j8wr167 wrote

> That will be banned May 2025

…maybe. It was originally supposed to be banned in 2012, and they keep postponing the deadline.


EmbracedByLeaves t1_j8upcss wrote

It's a facial recognition database for the Fed that you can't opt out of. Thank the Patriot Act.


lsp2005 t1_j8u8i1t wrote

A non citizen can get a drivers license. Only a citizen can get a real ID. It will be (in a few years) needed for domestic air travel. A regular driver’s license will no longer suffice. Or you will need a passport. However if you plan on moving to a new state you will need to go through the real ID process in the new state. It is not automatically given. Also, you need a lot of info. Expect to be sent home at least once. Demand a slip that says you can come back in thirty days. It is a monumental PITA.


rutgersstjoesgirl t1_j8uqbnj wrote

If you read what documents/identification you can and cannot use, it is not hard at all. I got mine summer 2022. No need to be sent away; I was in and out.


lsp2005 t1_j8urifr wrote

It is easier for men and unmarried women. When I went to do it they told me nearly all women have to come back. I had to legally change my name to do it. It was honestly a nightmare.


rutgersstjoesgirl t1_ja82bh6 wrote

Married woman here, got it on the first try. All documents except my birth certificate of course have my married name already.


SleepyHobo t1_j8v450w wrote

You can also use a Global Entry card as a substitute for a real ID drivers license because the GE card is real ID compliant. You need a passport to get one, but you don't have to carry around your passport on domestic flights as least.


Snownel t1_j8va548 wrote

Passport card also works domestically and doesn't require an interview + background check. If you're not traveling internationally GE is kind of a waste of time and money (though if you are, the passport card is basically useless).


SleepyHobo t1_j8vc3zz wrote

True. Global Entry is only $15 more than TSA Precheck though so you might as well go for that option even if you don't travel internationally that often. It includes TSA Precheck.

The interview isn't really an interview tbh. They just confirm what you put on your application, ask why you traveled to certain countries (business or leisure), and how the program works. Took 5-10 minutes.


sweetcreep t1_j8xrjv8 wrote

I'm a permanent resident and I got mine just fine so it's not just citizens.


lsp2005 t1_j8xs88u wrote

I wrote that already in a reply.


Smacpats111111 t1_j8uhv6g wrote

Real ID is a drivers license with a star on it. In 2025 the TSA will be requiring them (or basically a passport) to board flights. That is if they don't push it back again, it was supposed to be required starting in 2012.


Jimmytowne t1_j8uk73o wrote

I think my RealID will expire before I’m ever required to use it


surrealchemist t1_j8uyjlk wrote

I think the TSA pushed back the requirements for RealID another year. I just renewed mine online and they just sent one with the picture they had on file. You have to go in person to get the updated one.


classicgirl1990 t1_j8vwr52 wrote

Does being a member of Clear negate any of these requirements? It’s associated with Homeland Security and all.


Administrative_Elk66 t1_j8yg6l3 wrote

When I was transferring my NY to NJ license, I didn't have enough documentation to get the Real ID here, so I just have the regular license, but then it got pushed from 2022 to 2025. So by the time I have what I need to qualify and have the time to go again , I'll probably be in a different state anyway and have to deal with it there 😬


sirzoop t1_j92fykr wrote

Yes a realid is a driver's license