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KnightsAndKeys OP t1_j8ywlza wrote

How are the deals there usually?


lonelymaskedgirl t1_j8z5a67 wrote

i’m not going to lie to you but when i went in the summer, a lot of the stores carried previous seasons items (of course) but the price difference was not even that great. i could find the same bags or shoes cheaper online at like ssense or net-a-porter. they don’t have much of a selection either. i went into celine, balenciaga, givenchy, loewe, etc etc. i said no thanks to gucci because the line was so long, not even worth it if all the other stores didn’t have much but then again, the gucci store was much bigger than ones i listed.

and the non luxury stores i went into was aritzia and theory which they both had great deals.

you’ll need a whole day to shop there. it’s HUGE.


vc1914 t1_j8z59cz wrote

It’s all outlet stores. Generally find good deals but it is a bit of a drive.


DickMcVengeance t1_j92ncsy wrote

Depends on the brands and how much you’re looking to spend on an item. Great quality Isaia stuff that’s under $1k is fantastic compared to the normal $3k. But if you’re not spending that much on a sport coat then 🤷🏻‍♂️


whskid2005 t1_j92tt87 wrote

Depends where you go. Some are actual clearance outlets. Others are outlets in name- like coach makes lower quality stuff they only sell at the outlet