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thebruns t1_jab71rc wrote

>Meanwhile you’re implying that OP should look at any town with any amount of public transit whatsoever…

Where did I say this?

You might find you have a better time on reddit if you dont argue with things that were never said.


TheBravadoBoy t1_jab7qhz wrote

You might want to get your eyes checked


thebruns t1_jab7vqr wrote

Once again, where did I say it? All you have to do is quote. Its not hard.


TheBravadoBoy t1_jab8vj4 wrote

Define implying


thebruns t1_jabb47l wrote

Still waiting on a shred of evidence.


AshamedAtmosphere835 t1_jabvqzz wrote

Toms River. Brick.


thebruns t1_jad39yl wrote

Toms River has 5 NJT bus routes and 1 Ocean County bus route.

Brick has 2/3 NJT routes and 2 Ocean County bus routes.


AshamedAtmosphere835 t1_jad3ixt wrote

And it covers about 4% of the town.


thebruns t1_jad5x15 wrote

This is what I asked:

>Can you name a town with more than 10k people that does not have transit?

Do you have an actual answer to my question or are you just wasting time?