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TimSPC t1_jduv5pc wrote

For that amount of time, yes. It has all those things, plus food, at Steel Pier.


catymogo t1_jdw8ks8 wrote

Yeah they're not leaving these kids all day, it's a couple hours. Steel Pier is fine for that. There's an entire college dorm on the AC boardwalk now- while the reputation isn't entirely unearned it's not nearly as bad as it used to be.


sheerglitz t1_jdv43xf wrote

Yes - look up Lucky Snake Arcade. They have gokarts indoors and a full former casino-floor full arcade games & pinball machines. I think there is also a Sugar Factory at Ceasars. There is more than enough for them to for a few hours.


TheRacoonist t1_jdw4mnd wrote

No parent with a clue is going to sign a permission slip to let their tween wander around AC.

That's nuts


catymogo t1_jdw788e wrote

Tweens are like 8-12, 14 year olds are at least in high school. Steel pier probably a decent idea for them.


TheRacoonist t1_jdw8d11 wrote

No parent is letting their 14 year old wander around ac unsupervised


namestyler2 t1_jdwh2ck wrote

you understand that real people live in Atlantic City right? and a lot of them are kids? and they are allowed to go outside?


TheRacoonist t1_jdwv2dm wrote

Real people live in vans down by the river, doesn't make it a good idea for a field trip


namestyler2 t1_jdwvmfr wrote

would you say "no parent lets their kid play by the river unsupervised" ?


catymogo t1_jdw9unl wrote

I see kids that age at Steel Pier all the time fwiw. I wouldn't let them wander off the pier but for a couple hours it should be fine. Up the boardwalk is a different story.


MyVCRbroke t1_jdv6g43 wrote

Showboat has a bunch of kid friendly things to do.


navy5 t1_jdwbzyu wrote

Idk why you’re getting down voted, 2-3 hours isn’t that long. Look up family friendly things to do in AC. A lot of mommy bloggers write up things to do and you can find one that your kids will be interested in


Holdmypipe t1_jduxxz6 wrote

Yes, nothing wrong with AC.


Holdmypipe t1_jdx14d4 wrote

Bunch a fucking AC haters in here. Fuck off, there’s a lot for the kids to do there.