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Top_Ad5385 t1_jdvjx77 wrote

Because it's AC and it doesn't yet have a tradition of being kid-friendly.

What it DOES have a tradition of is scumbags. Drunks, ass-grabbers, perverts, slimeballs, sketchy dudes, and scallywags.

I'm sure every POS on the East Coast will make a beeline for "lucky snake arcade."


iberian_prince t1_jdvmi2v wrote

My sister both lives and works in Atlantic city casinos and clubs and the amount of times ive heard of either her getting her ass grabbed or someone getting knocked out for something makes me wish that shit hole would get swallowed by the atlantic


19374729 t1_jdvl4n0 wrote

I mean, longer scope historically it started as a tradition of fam friendly lol


Top_Ad5385 t1_jdvn6w8 wrote

I'll definitely tell my 13 year old to tell the drunk guy sidling up to her that factoid.


whskid2005 t1_jdvl0ge wrote

Teens are easy targets. Unfortunately, it’s a fact that AC is high crime (as are most tourist areas). The difference between AC and somewhere like point pleasant is that AC caters to adults. And with that comes higher risks. It’s not a family friendly destination.

AC also is a low income area which again tends towards being riskier.


Top_Ad5385 t1_jdvlyop wrote

Places like Wildwood, Point Pleasant, Ocean City, Seaside make their money from families feeling safe. They will identify a creep or scumbag and toss his ass out rapidly.

I'm not sure AC has enough experienced anti-scumbag detection infrastructure yet.

Like 1 out of 5 people is already a scallywag in AC. People go to AC to drink, gamble, and be a scallywag.

I'm not letting my kids run around alone there.


agent_ailibis t1_jdvsdpr wrote

The kids are 14, not 9. I think a few hours during the day walking up and down the boardwalk and shopping is probably okay. Plus, free beaches make the cost for families more affordable. Lots to do there besides gamble and drink.


Rainbowrobb t1_jdw781z wrote

If this was Asbury park? Sure I guess. I lived in Newark for 8 years and still work there. I would not let my teenage children walk around AC alone for hours.


cresthillmike t1_jdxa68m wrote

There are a lot of tattoo parlors, and I don’t think people check IDs….. just saying


nicehuman16 t1_jdwce2a wrote

Lots of shady people and addicts begging for money.


CaptainGibbs96 t1_jdx3rhn wrote

Put it this way. I played a show with my band a few years ago right off the boardwalk. Guy got stabbed and died next door, and one of my band mates got approached by two different prostitutes.