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buddy0813 t1_jdc4tkd wrote

This is so ridiculous that I thought you were joking, but that's really what it says. How on earth do you mistake a curling iron for a gun? And how did they think shots were fired? This is so bizarre.


thebaddmoon t1_jdc6nv8 wrote

A few years ago I was in a mall in boca raton. I was in the tesla store sitting in the drivers seat of a tesla playing with all the fart noises etc when I looked up (the car faced out the store window into the mall corridor) and saw a sea of people running for their life and screaming, literally trampling each other and tripping. I jumped out the window of the car and locked myself in the back office with the other people who were in the store. We were there for almost an hour before the police came and escorted us out. They ran us through a back hallway that connected to all of the stores and lead to a loading dock where we exited into the parking lot. We passed the SWAT team as they were coming into the building. Across the street from the mall at a restaurant we heard a young girl who had heard the shots and got separated from her mom. I called my parents, told them I was safe, and a few hours got on my plane and headed back to Newark.

When my plane landed and I took my phone off of airplane mode, I googled the Boca Raton mass shooting and the headline read “popped balloon mistaken for active shooter causes mass hysteria”.

It’s fascinated me ever since that the fear of being shot is just below the surface enough that once one person ignited it, it spread throughout an entire mall like a contagious disease.


Engibineer t1_jdc8r21 wrote

There was a panic and stampede I think at JFK a couple of years ago. People were evacuated to the tarmac. It turned out that the alleged gunfire that set it off was people clapping to celebrate something happening on one of the TVs.


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I worked at a mall in NJ. We had quite a few “active shooter” situations. The trouble is most people are not entirely sure of what a gun sounds like so that motorcycle backfire or tire pop that then echoes around the mall corridors COULD be a gun so they freak out. Then people see them freaking out and it spirals out of control because everyone would rather be safe than sorry because WHAT IF. The one real situation involved someone who wanted some attention before killing themself so they popped off a few rounds sending the mall into a complete lockdown. The cops finally found the person in a construction area in the mall. Sad situation.


the_last_carfighter t1_jdcoexm wrote

>I worked at a mall in NJ. We had quite a few “active shooter” situations. The trouble is most people are not entirely sure of what a gun sounds like

So the NRA is right we need way more guns so this doesn't happen. Big ol /s on that one because here we are.


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Happened at the Garden State Plaza a few years back. A display fell over and went boom.


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Asking the wrong question- why do we live in a country so heavily armed, with so few mental health resources, that we have to worry about anything gun shaped? Why do we have to have lock down drills and shelter in place plans to begin with?

How do you mistake a curling iron for a gun? Could it be we’ve already had over 100 mass shootings this year? Could it be a generation of kids trained monthly to “run, hide, fight” are rightfully suspicious and scared for their lives?


weylandyutanicmc t1_jdcyrch wrote

Because we have a gang problem. That's where you get almost all your mass shootings from, and the news pushes that like it'll happen to you.

If you don't hang out with gangs, you aren't going to get shot.


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No dude. It's the guns. You just don't want to see it for what it is.


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Glad to hear that Patterson and Camden are finally fixed


Sudovoodoo80 t1_jddll9o wrote

Guess they just need some more guns. That should solve it.


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That is what the US has been doing for the last 20 years, making it easier for the law abiding to get and carry guns. Has gun crime decreased in any way? Or has it increased? Maybe if we want a different outcome, we need a different approach. Maybe more guns isn't the answer to preventing gun deaths.


Motivator9931 t1_jddcy5k wrote

So all the kids that get murdered in elementary schools or people killed while attending churches are part of gangs??? What the hell are you talking about?


weylandyutanicmc t1_jddhfes wrote

Very rare.

The vast majority of "mass shootings" are inner city shootouts, in gun control paradise. That's not debatable.


Motivator9931 t1_jddjilg wrote

Clearly it's not rare because almost every day there's another mass shooting in a grocery store, church, school, mall, or whatever else. This is a US problem and one that exists because of guns.


weylandyutanicmc t1_jddjoio wrote

Oh cool, which one was today? And yesterday?


weylandyutanicmc t1_jddvdv7 wrote

You've got two murders and a maybe, none of those even qualify as mass shootings due to the highly targeted nature. None are indiscriminate, and at least one of the two was almost certainly gang related, proving my point.


nicklor t1_jddm3tp wrote

Exactly it is a problem but it's more like monthly than when weekly


febrewary t1_jdc610m wrote

Yeah I really don't understand the people who were saying they heard stuff? I guess they were paranoid??


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I was like WHY ARE THEY JOKING ABOUT THIS, come to find out they were telling the truth😂



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Jesus christ this post gave me a heart attack.


jarrettbrown t1_jdcncta wrote

This would happen only at Monmouth. Source: I went there.


tjbowman t1_jdbqgkd wrote

No gun at all, it was a curling iron


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Us new jersians love our hair more than guns. Glad everyone is safe.


BlissfulGreen2 t1_jdc5tm3 wrote

It’s in our Constitution…”The right to big hair shall not be restricted in any way”


timhamilton47 t1_jdbi2ni wrote

My daughter has been sheltering in place with a group of people in the Great Hall. She said SWAT was there, but told them to stay there. They’ve been there for four hours.


febrewary t1_jdb43jd wrote

To clarify we don't know if it's actually an active shooter situation yet. Lot of people reporting they've heard gunshots but no actual confirmation of anything


EmbracedByLeaves t1_jdbk3qp wrote

Pretty sure no gunshots. Was down the street all night.

People that have never heard gunshots think everything is a gunshot.

Reports are some dickhead with a gun. Same with police scanner. Nobody has confirmed anything.


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Oh, dear. Dangerous hair styling implement.


Rog3rRoach t1_jdb7zut wrote

This is wild. Following for updates


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How many shots were fired from a curling iron?


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Why am I getting downvoted? I was just saying what I heard at the time


mattemer t1_jdd3mzt wrote

I think maybe bc you confirmed there were shots.

If you were sharing what you heard, maybe "rumor is..." Or "i heard..."

I dunno. I actually didn't down vote you just made a stupid joke.


beltalowda_oye t1_jdbba3a wrote

That's terrifying man. Stay safe.


SapphireLungfish t1_jdbbh0y wrote

I will be. I’m in the dorms, which are very safe. I would worry about the people who are outside of the dorms.


beltalowda_oye t1_jdbbvn8 wrote

Yeah man really hoping this turns into a "gun was there but they talked the shooter down and no one got shot" scenario.


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Stay safe!! I have several friends in the LBPD. They are great!! I am sure they will catch them in no time. I live a few blocks away and my cousins house is across the street. We have heard no sirens or anything. A friend of mine messaged me about it a little while after it started. Praying for everyone on campus and everyone in LBPD responding to this situation.


SapphireLungfish t1_jdbd663 wrote

The police are here. I trust them generally, they were very cooperative when I had to be transported to the hospital last week.


Beneficial-Back-8013 t1_jdbfvpl wrote

Sorry, I forgot to say, I hope your visit to the hospital was nothing serious and you are feeling better now :)


SapphireLungfish t1_jdbga7m wrote

I mean it was pretty serious, it was a suicide attempt. But I am feeling better now ig


Beneficial-Back-8013 t1_jdbfsld wrote

They are very good, it won't take them long to find the person responsible!! I am talking to a coworker of mine she lives on campus, but she has been at work tonight and will be staying there until this is over. Hopefully it will be soon.


SapphireLungfish t1_jdb9mku wrote

I go here. No idea what’s actually happening though.


s55555s t1_jdcjfpo wrote

I was up all night over this. It is bizarre.


s55555s t1_jdcjqd7 wrote

I was on Twitter the whole night. The feed was infested with bots. Horrible.


Beneficial-Back-8013 t1_jdb8b4p wrote

I live literally three blocks away. I just found out about this from a friend. I dont hear any sirens or anything right now so I am praying its under control and nobody got hurt. I have friends in LBPD and friends that live on campus, praying that they are all safe and sound. Trying to get info.


Unknown_Species666 t1_jdcfqfc wrote

Glad some can get this message even if there was nothing to worry about. Better safe than sorry


dolomanc t1_jddf3rk wrote

Someone possibly armed is not an active shooter


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alert … when you want to see a Sasquatch it’s a lot easier to see one


tjbowman t1_jdbi1gc wrote

From what I know from my sources, no one is shot it's a female with a revolver. Multiple departments on site and they are searching building by building.