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Educational_Paint987 t1_je7mjmr wrote

There are plenty of places they are just priced at 200% their actual value.

But Murphy will be happy to give people 1000$ to distract them...


Practical_Argument50 t1_je7pr4d wrote

Uh this doesn’t make any sense. Try to buy a piece of land and build a house yourself and see what it costs. It will probably be close to what houses are going for. To remodel a current cape cod to a colonial (add a level) costs over $250k that’s just to put a addition on the house.

BTW they aren’t making any more land


[deleted] t1_je7o92o wrote



Educational_Paint987 t1_je7owce wrote

They should cap or stop LLCs buying of SFH.

They should levy special tax on house flips under 12 months.

They should create a state wide system to limit landlord price hikes % at every renewal.

The list is long.


TimSPC t1_je7rqmc wrote

Eliminate single family zoning.


Deebomber t1_je85pv0 wrote

Don't give them any ideas they already tax the air we breathe