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commentsaplenty t1_jedzj71 wrote



Ranoro8289 t1_jefbmio wrote

Hell yeah! Really wish they'd bring back the chopped onions and spicy mustard. That and the foil wrapping. It feels wrong to just eat a Costco dog out of a brown paper bag.


Jimmy_kong253 t1_jedzyjl wrote

Destination Dogs in New Brunswick and boulevard drinks in Jersey City


Trollingyouhaha t1_jee00gj wrote

Hot dog Johnny’s


OkNegotiation6028 t1_jef1n3i wrote

I’m not a fan of Hot Dog Johnnys because you can’t get any chili or cheese. That’s lame. I want some fixings.


jotson5 t1_jee3dv3 wrote

Hot Grill - Clifton


CUTIEJUDY t1_jed6y6y wrote

BEARS HOT DOGS Bordentown Ave, Sayreville , NJ

He runs it out of a trailer. He has a Giant Statue of a Bear in the lot.


ianisms10 t1_jed9har wrote

Johnny and Hanges in Fair Lawn. In fact, I had lunch there today. It was delicious.


iamstrugglin t1_jef6w8h wrote

Every single time I go to Johnny and Hanges, I think about that scene from Do the Right Thing.

"Why there ain't no brothers on the wall?!"


BobbyFan54 t1_jeekaj7 wrote

Windmill! The original in Long Branch

Jersey freeze in freehold isn’t bad either, but I prefer their burgers haha


rxbandit256 t1_jee4z3h wrote

I haven't found a better place than Rutt's Hut, although Hiram's is a really really close second.


wheelies-n-wieners t1_jefjapz wrote

Jersey has a few styles, 3 invented here: The ripper, the Texas Wiener, and the Italian Hot Dog.

My favorite spots:

Rippers: Rutt’s. What else can be said about this place? The gold standard. Hiram’s and Jolly Nicks are similar.

People like to say Hiram’s over Rutt’s, but I think it’s due to Bourdain growing up there and shouting them out. They both use the exact same dog (Thumann’s orange label) and deep fried. Hiram’s does toast the buns and uses a size larger than Rutt’s, and usually cooks them a little less, so they seem juicer.

Texas Wiener: Hot Grill is the gold standard, but I prefer Goffle or Riverview East (RIP closed a few weeks ago). Other popular TXW’s: J&G, TXW1, White Star, Johnny & Hange’s, Jersey Johnny’s (formerly Falls View Grill), Libby’s Lunch (RIP).

There’s even a Library of Congress collection about the Texas Wiener and it’s history along the Passaic river area.

Italian Hot Dog: Jimmy Buff’s invented it and is the most famous, but give me Tommy’s in Elizabeth or Dickie Dee’s instead.

DWD: Hard to choose here cuz there’s too many options, but I love Hot Dog House. Randy the Hot Dog Guy rocks too.

Trucks: Curbside Cafe, Amabile’s, Dee’s Hut, Munce’s. JJ’s is the most popular truck in the state.

Some personal favorites: Tommy’s Carteret; Delicious food all around. Daddee Dogz, great dogs and cool dude. Maui’s Dog House, best stop around Wildwood.
Andy’s Roadside Dive, wacky creations.
Designer Dawgs. Destination Dogs, fancy bar hotdogs.
Mitch’s Roadside Grill. Paul’s Place. Boulevard Drinks, Clone of the NYC Papaya joints. Lover Dogs.

Disclaimer: haven’t hit all the spots SW of like Brunswick yet, but I’ve gotten every spot in north jersey.

Where I’ve gone:

Where I’m going:

Check out my IG/FB pages for all the pics and spots.


TimSPC t1_jed701t wrote

Hot Dog House in Carlstadt, Hank's Franks in Lodi.


ReCkreAtE t1_jedtpfi wrote

Rutts Hut - Clifton. The end.


ChestnutMoss t1_jedl00k wrote

Galloping Hill at 5 Points in Union, NJ- and I admit this is largely because I loved it as a kid.


justdan76 t1_jefdvxn wrote

This is the correct answer, I can’t believe nobody else is saying it


wheelies-n-wieners t1_jefjqe4 wrote

It’s cuz they suck lol


justdan76 t1_jefmen3 wrote

😱 heresy!


wheelies-n-wieners t1_jegb07n wrote

They are a historic spot but they have absolutely abysmal service, and very stale buns that are way too large.

They get absolutely lambasted on the Facebook hot dog pages by legit every single person.


justdan76 t1_jegmopo wrote

Ah, well it’s been awhile since I’ve been there. What a shame.


poodrew t1_jeejxlo wrote

We're fans of dirty water style dogs so; Hanks Franks in Lodi and Mike's Dog House in Oakland


beachcity t1_jef0cjb wrote

No one likes Windmill?


savi0r23 t1_jef3wfz wrote

love windmill! only good place down in monmouth/ocean county that I'm aware of


honestyseasy t1_jeefe1b wrote

Growing up in Brooklyn I never realized NJ had such a hot dog culture.


pleuvonics t1_jeejcvy wrote

Jimmy Buffs in West Orange 🌭❤️🍊


Sulaco99 t1_jefj8jq wrote

Came here to say this. Must admit I haven't eaten at any of these other places...


my_fake_acct_ t1_jeejg4f wrote

Rutt's Hut in Clifton or Johnny and Hanges in Fair Lawn depending on the level of grease I'm in the mood for.


LosesControl t1_jee6s11 wrote

Hot Grill, Rutt’s, Andy’s Roadside Dive.


UghAreWeThereYet t1_jee782l wrote

Dickie Dee's (RIP Pee Dee Vee's) and Jimmy Buffs, you don't get much more original than those two.


XenOz3r0xT t1_jees8ag wrote

Not a “traditional ” hot dog since it is in a sandwich but Dickie Dees in Newark for their Italian hot dogs always has a spot in my stomach.


PlumbCrazyRefer t1_jeexwlq wrote

Paul’s Place West Milford Mikes Dog House Oakland


justdan76 t1_jefeuue wrote

Galloping Hill Inn in Union. Known to old-timers as Peterson’s.

I’m biased because it was a childhood treat, but they did really have good hot dogs. Haven’t been there in awhile tho.


SK10504 t1_jeddmqe wrote

  • Hiram’s in Fort Lee
  • The grill at Hominy Hill Golf Course in Colts Neck. Haven’t been there in a while, but I thought their deep fried hot dog was better than Hiram’s. I looked forward to getting a hot dog coming around the front nine.

alissa2579 t1_jeebf3x wrote

Hacklebarney and Dover Grill


TheRealThordic t1_jeegmp9 wrote

I've stopped at Hot Dog Johnny's a few times and never got the hype.

Rutts is king, then Hot Grill. If I want a pushcart style dog, Big Daddys in Little Falls.


spatterson2112 t1_jeeerdr wrote

Tommy’s Hot Dogs in Carteret. IYKYK

(Not to be confused with Tommy’s in Elizabeth which is also good but not my go-to).


CampbellANDAlgar t1_jeefpsf wrote

Hot Dog Johnnys in Butzville and Hot Rods in Glen Gardner. Trout fishing power up spots


Concussionator6000 t1_jeg851y wrote

I live not too far from Hot Rods and always say “I should stop in sometime” whenever we pass it, but my wife does not care for Hot Dogs as much, and when I’m on my own, I forget all about it🤦🏼


5uck3rpunch t1_jeenuts wrote

If I still lived in Jersey, it would definitely be Rutt's Hutt in Clifton! The only place I know where you can get crispy deep fried hot dogs.


rattlesnakejones t1_jeeoi1w wrote

Growing up in Bordentown, I was always big on going to Russ Ayres for their hot dogs.


Knomp2112 t1_jeeoydj wrote

Hiram if in Fort Lee

Jolly's Nick's in Dumont since it is close by.


wolley_dratsum t1_jeeza38 wrote

Davy’s Dogs in Mount Arlington, Hot Dog Johnny’s in Buttzville, Designer Dawgs in Clinton. There are others but these are my go-to’s.


alliegal t1_jeg52s9 wrote

Rutts but I wish they would get off their dumb ass covid hours of 8a-8p. I can almost never make it there on time and who the fuck needs a deep fried hotdog at 8am


Concussionator6000 t1_jeg9575 wrote

Agreed, but if it was in my way to work, I’d probably get it for breakfast 🤷🏻‍♂️


Dirtydiscodeeds t1_jedypve wrote

2 local favorites are sals ( in Clark behind the vfw) and munces ( rahway park). I great up eating munces and there's just a nostalgia of my mom fitting a chili mustard raw onion dog that I hold fondly. Sals has these awesome spicy onions that kick your ass.


drvic59 t1_jeeiyfs wrote

it used to be Chalie's Pool Room in Alpha (RIP)

now I guess Johnny's for the scenic drive or Hirams


ccworden t1_jeenmmh wrote

Max’s Long Branch


Dk10c t1_jeeofoe wrote

The cart in front of Ehmer's in Hillsdale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dr_GhostBear t1_jeeqtbt wrote

Rutt’s is obviously the choice, but more local to me is Captain Paul’s in Lawrenceville. Super great folks who do a lot for their community.


sal_inc t1_jeevh38 wrote

Hot Dog House…Rt. 17…Carlstadt


deezee1980 t1_jef9k6i wrote

JR's on Franklin Ave in Nutley. It's a hot dog truck. The chili has a little kick, just enough. So good!


Muted_Caterpillar_80 t1_jefzhkl wrote

Rutts Hut, Hot Grill and Hirams. Best 3 IN NJ! No particular order,.


Administrative_Elk66 t1_jee4d8q wrote

I love Nikki's Dawgs, but I can't figure out her hours anymore. She used to be very active on Facebook posting her schedule changes , but seems to have gotten locked out of her account, and last summer I went by a few times during what were posted hours and she wasn't there.


BoroBagels t1_jeebwyz wrote

Has anyone ever been to that hot dog guy in Bridgewater (hot dog joe) on main street, by chimney rock road on the way to Target/Costco? Always wanted to stop by but the entrance is funky and I can't tell if the stand is open.


Pkmatrix0079 t1_jeekewe wrote

Mine's Johnny & Hanges in Fair Lawn, although when I was a kid and up until it closed it was Jimmy Jim's in Garfield. God, I still miss Jimmy Jim's...


TonyB973 t1_jeerd83 wrote

Chris Red Hots in Newark on Heller Parkway!


ARedEyeJedi t1_jeettys wrote

I’m surprised no one has said Tony’s Hotdogs in Branch Brook Park. I used to go there with my dad all the time. Even tho they’ve changed ownership, I don’t think the quality has really dipped


RUKnight31 t1_jeeu0ws wrote

I've had them all and my PERSONAL list is: Hiram's @ 1, Hot Grill is 2nd, Johnny and Hanges is 3rd.


jess-i-am t1_jeex41f wrote

Rutts Hut and Hot Dog Johnny's!


Barbarichealer t1_jeexpmq wrote

JJs hot dog in Fairfield is pretty dam good


gritty_rox t1_jef27to wrote

Dogs on First in Atlantic Highlands, obsessed with their chili dog


DG556 t1_jef4jgq wrote

Hot Diggidy Dog in chatsworth


mannyrod5 t1_jef9s1f wrote

J and G Texas Weiners in Dunellen. Best chili dogs I’ve had


MrRacso75 t1_jefcx5l wrote

Costa's Snack Bar at the Perth Amboy train station.


hcb2003 t1_jefeov6 wrote

When I'm in the area, Rutts or Hot Grill depending on which style I want.

When I'm in Monmouth county, G&G (a.k.a. Gus) near train tracks in Red Bank.


ClericOfThePeople t1_jefxu89 wrote

Russ Ayre’s in Bordentown, not the perfect dog but it is a 9/10 hot dog and when combined with the bordentown creamery 10ft away it’s the perfect combo


rwhyan1183 t1_jefzlwk wrote

Jersey Johnny’s in Pequannock. I like their chili sauce better than Johnny and Hanges.


the-camster t1_jegd2p7 wrote

Karl Ehmer in Hillsdale has a hot dog cart out front. Hot dogs from an independent butcher taste better.


patchworkskye t1_jegit93 wrote

I miss Eddie the Sabrett hot dog guy from South Ave in Westfield — soooo long ago 🌭💜


albaspotting t1_jegjga7 wrote

There's a guy by the Union City Post Office who makes a great chili with his boiled dogs.

He's more popular for his pinchos (pork skewer).


TheRealThordic t1_jeegyge wrote

I've stopped at Hot Dog Johnny's a few times and never got the hype.

Rutts is king, then Hot Grill. If I want a pushcart style dog, Big Daddys in Little Falls.