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wafflove t1_jasvmbp wrote

Perottis Quality Meats in Cranford.


Cweid OP t1_jasxvyh wrote

Ooooh. That place looks exactly like what I’m looking for.


lsp2005 t1_jatppsd wrote

I came here to recommend Perottis as well. They are also in Basking Ridge and Far Hills. We particularly enjoy the chicken chili, chicken Marsala, eggplant parm, chicken tenders, and all of their steaks.


katfromjersey t1_jatf0to wrote

Nick's Meat Depot, Edison


JusticeJaunt t1_jatupd6 wrote

Staff are very knowledgeable, they carry a good range of high quality meats, and will order things in on request.


Imalawyerkid t1_jaupc30 wrote

I moved from Metuchen to Spotswood and still go back to Edison to go here for meats.


dillon_biz t1_jats04v wrote

Monmouth Meats in Red Bank is solid.


Flappy-tit t1_jatwfle wrote

The German Butcher in Forked River


onelten t1_jau8geh wrote

phenomenal place!

it’s a bit of hike from ob, but awesome spot-esp for traditional german dishes.


SomeoneFetchAPriest t1_jauzs1o wrote

The Hind & Fore on rt28 in Bridgewater


Bram24 t1_jb9eiel wrote

Very good butcher based on past experiences. Last time I was there (pre-pandemic) they only sold Prime meat so bring your wallet.


bros402 t1_jatuqic wrote

Sabatos is closing? Oh wow - they were pretty much the only butcher.


Cweid OP t1_jaulcrc wrote

Yeah man. Been my go-to for years. They shared that everyone is retiring (good for them!) on their Instagram.


h0w13 t1_jaudnwb wrote

Perrotis in Cranford or John's in Scotch plains


nj_beachlover t1_jat8t1i wrote

John’s meat market in Scotch Plains. Voted numerous times best butcher in NJ. But you pay for it, not cheap but so worth it


deenisealex t1_jau0ubf wrote

nicks meat depot in edison, nj. the best!


thesuprememacaroni t1_jaubn1r wrote

They held out with cash only. Really not wise in the credit/debit card era.


UVABob19 t1_jaw2tdi wrote

Yeah that was always frustrating. Especially because you really don’t know what you owe until they weigh and ring you up, so I always had to take out way more cash than I usually would have lol


whitelon t1_jauipxz wrote

Central jersey is like Neverland, not real!


UVABob19 t1_jasvzhm wrote

Interested for someone near Sabatos — what’s in the immediate vicinity (Red Bank maybe)?


taboni t1_jau27dp wrote

Monmouth Meats in Red Bank is excellent


Cweid OP t1_jasxqor wrote

Yeah, red bank would work. Sabato’s is down in Middletown.

Edit: I think I misread, I’m up in Laurence Harbor/Old Bridge.


[deleted] t1_jat7zj8 wrote

Arctic Butcher in Point Pleasant.


StrategicBlenderBall t1_jb0fpex wrote

Second this. Their meats are high quality. I always get my thanksgiving turkeys from them.


sugarmonkeywife t1_jatzpjz wrote

Any suggestion for Bergen/Passaic?


Dfndr612 t1_jau2n08 wrote

In Bergen it’s Carl Ehmer Meats in Hillsdale on Broadway, or their satellite shop inside of Depiero’s Farm Market in Montvale.

Prime steaks, great cold cuts, and the best hot dogs ever. They have them uncooked in their case and grilled on a bun at their hot dog wagon by the entrance at Hillsdale.


WhichSpirit t1_jau6btn wrote

What kind of butcher are you looking for? I know a guy but you buy your meat by the animal (or fraction of an animal if you're getting a cow). You can't just drive there and pick up a roast if you need one.


Cweid OP t1_jauqv89 wrote

Generally I was thinking more of a retail location.

But I kinda need to pull this thread and see about one of these roasts.


WhichSpirit t1_javw1fd wrote

He's V. Roche in Whitehouse Station.

Bishop's supermarket started as a butcher shop. Their butchers are pretty good.

Edit: I started going to Roche because a farmer I buy beef from sends her cows to him. When I want lamb, I'll tell him and he'll call me a few weeks later when it's ready. I can be waiting a while if I'm asking for something out of season.


Cweid OP t1_jaz5sn0 wrote

Thanks! I’m certainly not at a “buy a cow/large portion of a cow and have it processed” point in my life. I have neither the freezer space to store that much, nor the mouths to feed. 99% of what I buy is day to day basic, X chicken breasts, Y chicken thighs, Z chop meat, etc.

A few times a year though I like to bbq for a few dozen people, and well, a good butcher helps with that a lot! (And the everyday stuff is that much better)

Thanks again!


chelleezz t1_jau97vc wrote

Nicks meat depot , Edison


beachmedic23 t1_javadzl wrote

In OB youve got European Homemade Provisions on OBT, Continental Homemade Provisions on Bordentown Ave and Aiellos on 516. The first two are Eastern European style butchers. I get my kielbasa from Continental. Aiellos is an Italian butcher/deli and has more typical cuts.

Monmouth Meats in Red Bank, Pats in Lincroft and Palmers in Neptune are all good as well


Cweid OP t1_jaz41sp wrote

Thanks for the list! What’s your go-to?


beachmedic23 t1_jaz6ffy wrote

General butchery i go to Palmers in Neptune as its closest. When i worked in East Brunswick Aiellos was where i went for general butchering if i just wanted some steaks or ground beef for the grill. If i really want something special, Union Pork Store cant be beat. Their hot zwack is great and they have all kinds of custom and specialty sausage blends. I really like his Moroccan and Merguez lamb sausages. He does general butchery as well and his coffee bacon is incredible.


AnNJgal t1_javsl6p wrote

Monmouth Meats in Red Bank, Palmers Quality Meats in Neptune.


Ribeye_King t1_jauno4m wrote

Nick's Meat Depot and Sonny's Meat Market, both in Edison


DrGraffix t1_javoqp2 wrote

Hind and fore in bridgewater and Monmouth meats


shtarker53 t1_jb28aou wrote

Passing by Newark? Just off 78 and 22 is Do Mario, 223 Wright St, Newark... Wholesaler but also open to the public. Great quality & prices... They'll cut it how you like it. Often need to buy large size on some cuts.


ThrowinSm0ke t1_jatw0em wrote

First, Red Bank is not central jersey, it’s jersey shore and I’ll die on that hill. Secondly, what is a good butcher in Middlesex/Somerset/Mercer counties?!


Theo_dore229 t1_jatzibz wrote

That’s a stupid hill to die on, because it’s part of both. Coastal Monmouth county, is in central Jersey. I’ve lived here for 30+ years, and I’ve literally never had someone try to claim this wasn’t central Jersey.


ThrowinSm0ke t1_jau57cg wrote

I’m claiming there is a 4th part of jersey. Jersey Shore! Central doesn’t want you!!


Theo_dore229 t1_jau5dqn wrote

There’s not a fourth part of Jersey. Red Bank is solidly in central Jersey, by every single definition. It’s not even close to controversial. You sound ridiculous.


Bobby-furnace t1_javm73g wrote

It’s insulated from the beach by three whole towns, so I’d agree. The river makes it appear like a “shore town” though.


ThrowinSm0ke t1_jau5ovq wrote

I’m ready to fight you. COME AT ME BRO!!


Theo_dore229 t1_jau5wfm wrote

Sorry bud, I don’t fight with kids.


ThrowinSm0ke t1_jau6zcx wrote

Listen you SOB, it’s 9:30p and nearing my bedtime. You better be ready to pick this up tomorrow at, around 6am…maybe 8a (I have to cut the lawn).


ThrowinSm0ke t1_jau645r wrote

Jokes on you, I’m missing more hair than I have. LETS GET IT!


storm2k t1_jau57a6 wrote

you are 105% correct, red bank is the shore, which is its own region.

hind and fore in bridgewater is very good, and if you don't mind a bit of a ride, chester meat market in chester is also excellent.


ThrowinSm0ke t1_jau5mia wrote

I use to work a mile away, but never went there… hind sight I wish I did.