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WhichSpirit t1_javw1fd wrote

He's V. Roche in Whitehouse Station.

Bishop's supermarket started as a butcher shop. Their butchers are pretty good.

Edit: I started going to Roche because a farmer I buy beef from sends her cows to him. When I want lamb, I'll tell him and he'll call me a few weeks later when it's ready. I can be waiting a while if I'm asking for something out of season.


Cweid OP t1_jaz5sn0 wrote

Thanks! I’m certainly not at a “buy a cow/large portion of a cow and have it processed” point in my life. I have neither the freezer space to store that much, nor the mouths to feed. 99% of what I buy is day to day basic, X chicken breasts, Y chicken thighs, Z chop meat, etc.

A few times a year though I like to bbq for a few dozen people, and well, a good butcher helps with that a lot! (And the everyday stuff is that much better)

Thanks again!