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littlelaws232 t1_javxs1a wrote

I have a friend who pulled their kid out of a very affluent school district in NJ because their kid was being hit by another child the school did nothing about it and they wound up moving


Primary-Cap-3147 OP t1_jaw2874 wrote

Yeah, I’ve been hearing individual stories like this from all over. I have friends in NYC/westchester area that are both parents and teachers describing similar problems in affluent districts. I haven’t heard much from Jersey folks, so I wondered if the state is a bit more immune to these problems.

Which district were your friends in? We moved from the SOMA district and I still wonder how things are going there.


littlelaws232 t1_jaw3ryp wrote

I’m originally from westchester, I personally think the schools are better but maybe I’m biased my husband is from here this happened in central NJ