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EagleFly_5 OP t1_jd87mj4 wrote

More capacity, really helpful for the Newark-WTC route for AM/PM rush hour service. Normally they’re 8 cars per train set. Sometimes it feels like stations are crowded, even though service does come in every 10-15 minutes during that time (20 minutes off-peak). It’ll slowly be introduced this Thursday, and a goal to have almost all trains on the route become 9 cars by next year, and possibly accommodate 10 cars if needed/feasible. Some stations on the route are already seeing projects to lengthen platforms, like Exchange Place.

This is in addition to a 75 72 car order from Kawasaki that should be rolling out around now that’s been ordered around mid September 2022, increasing the PATH fleet by 20% and allowing more capacity. Ridership already is ~80% of what it was pre-pandemic.