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healthierlurker t1_jdjisd7 wrote

This is going to be controversial, but the favorite place for my wife and I is a couple’s resort in the Pocono’s called Cove Pocono Resorts. Totally cheesy in a lot of ways but the rooms we get have their own indoor pool and (heart shaped) hot tub. We love it there and have gone three times to their Cove Haven and Pocono Palace locations. It’s worth doing at least once.


EliotHudson t1_jdk6qdr wrote

Omfg my wife and I went there and it was…not what we were expecting, lol. After we realized we enjoyed it but holy shit, lol

I never knew how much in common young black guys and old white guys have because those were the two people who LOVED this place with a sincerity that defied kitch


healthierlurker t1_jdk8fdw wrote

Yeah it’s so low brow and kitschy but it’s our guilty pleasure. The last time we went my wife was like 6 months pregnant lol. The rooms are what make it great but we go to the events and play the games too. As far as the rooms go, they are much nicer than most other similarly priced hotels. Having an en-suite pool is awesome.


objectimpermanence t1_jdku2ju wrote

Is this place a swinger club or something? What are the people like? The decor looks so strange.


Theo_dore229 t1_jdlvagw wrote

I’ve not personally been there, but I would imagine that you definitely get more swingers there than at your typical resort, lol.

Those types of places are like the “sex motels” of resorts. Idk how to really describe it.


TimSPC t1_jdkaz6m wrote

Nothing will ever compare to beautiful Mount Airy Lodge, where all you have to bring is your love of everything.


[deleted] t1_jdkdeai wrote

Beautiful…Mount…Airyyy….Loooooodge 🎶


mataushas t1_jdkexwv wrote

How clean are the hot tubs lol?


healthierlurker t1_jdkf5nd wrote

The rooms I’ve stayed in never struck me as dirty. And the restaurant and food were fine, even for us being vegan. Mind you, it doesn’t compare to the luxury resort in Riviera Maya we stayed at last year, but for being so close it’s a nice honest escape.