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Wondering if Ridgewood skatepark is open/when it officially opens for the season? Even if there aren't obstacles, I'm a beginner so I'm just looking to skate around and get in some flatground.

Unfortunately, the only other park near me is Tenafly skatepark and it's empty. Ramapo is closed too.



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whskid2005 t1_jd11has wrote

I know ridgewood has some skateboard rec program starting mid April so if it’s not open yet, I’d assume it’s opening soon.

Dahnert lake in Garfield has a roller hockey rink that’s pretty unused

Petruska park in paramus has a roller hockey rink- I’ve seen pickup games on weekend mornings, but other times it’s unused

Old tappan technically has a skate park, but it’s in poor condition

Voorhees in Westwood has a giant blacktop basketball court that might work for just flat area use

And if you feel like paying for a session check out the shred co. They have a facility near willowbrook mall. Lessons and open sessions

Edit to add- Montclair just opened up a new feature at one of their parks. It’s sculptures that were designed to be used as a skatepark


xxlibrarisingxx OP t1_jd11t3d wrote

Ah I knew not everyone was cranky in NJ! Thank you very much for this


whskid2005 t1_jd12oz7 wrote

For some reason, it’s hard to find skateboarding information around here. It’s like a secret club or you’re looking at websites from ten years ago

The underground in nutley might have some more advice on where to go. They were really helpful setting my kid up with gear


xxlibrarisingxx OP t1_jd1343z wrote

Well both Tenafly and Ramapo were left to disintegrate, though I heard Tenafly is being revamped. Don't know how we have so many people and so fewer amenities than other more random places. It is a very strange gap.

Nutley is a little bit of a drive for me. But if I'm down there, I might as well go to the new Montclair park!


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xxlibrarisingxx OP t1_jd0b3th wrote


tysm for this 5 year old document


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xxlibrarisingxx OP t1_jdvye3m wrote

Ridgewood Skatepark is open and has obstacles all ready to go as of 3/27/2023 :-)


celcel t1_jd0fhzi wrote

Its an ordinance. It hasn't changed unless the town changes it. If you really wanna know call the Parks Dept.