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lowtone94 t1_jbb6d4x wrote

Butterflake in Teaneck may be what you are looking for


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madfoot t1_jbgu1is wrote

thank you, bot! Sorry bout that! (sorry bot that?)


Airconcerns t1_jbaih00 wrote

I think that was a regular bakery back in the day, Great hard rolls and custard donuts with white powder sugar, every Sunday


voterobformayor t1_jbas1fv wrote

have you been to Aisle One on Brook Ave? they have a bakery


Slavic_Dusa t1_jbb9kss wrote

Taskin Bakery in Paterson is by far the best bakery in that whole area.


riem37 t1_jbeoqpu wrote

In Aisle one there's a big kosher bakery. Nearby in Lyndhurst Patis is kosher. Then you've got zadies in Fairlawn, butterflake in Teaneck, and there's on that opened recently in linden and Union